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Saturday, November 5, 2005

an eyeliner story - i need u billy please forgive me?
hey hey! sorry i got my computer working real well and im excitied..lol.

do i look formiluer?

Tre holds you down with one arm.
"So...we meet again." he laughs ," the one bitch i could never have but guess wot that dosen't stop me."
"You'v been kicked out of your bad, youv got no wife and every one hates you especally billy."
"Whys that?"
You look at him.
"Because billy loves me!"
"Is that so then why did he take the drugs...and why are you out here?"
You look into his blue eyes but don't say anything!
"Just as i thought.
you spit in his face.
"Its your fault every things like it is i should be at home with a beautiful baby boy with billy and everyone else it wasn't supposed to be like this at all."
He punches you.
"SHUT UP BITCH! who do u think u are blaming all this on me....your the murder u where the one who killed the baby i didn't force that knife into your skin i didn't force that needle into your arm."
He puts a hand round your throuat.
"Now shut up and don't scream."
He undoes his pants and then pulls down yours.
He then forces himself into you.
you cry, the familer pain all coming back.
Tre sudenly looks up and quickly redoes his pants.
"Get away from her."
Tre dosen't run he mearly looks at you.
"Ill get you, ill get you soon."
Then he runs for it leaveing you alone with....MIKE!
"Oh thank god!" you cry weakly pulling yourself up.
Mike takes you arm and pulls you up so you can rest your head on his chest.
you cry, gripping mikes arms.
"Its okay...are you all right?"
"no...it happened again....why me mike....its always me."
Mike puts a hand on your head.
"How did you know to come looking for me."
"Billy called looking to knowe if i knew where you where...he was crying and he says if i find you to tell you that he loves you and if you go home he'll explain."
You look at mike and burst into tears again.
"This is my fault...i shouldn't have been so angrly with him..i..."
"shhhhhh pet its okay."
You stand and cry into mikes chest.
"Ill take u home...but first...did tre hurt you."
"He..he raped me again and i tried to scream out but he had my neck gripped between his fingers."
Mike hugs you again.
"It'll end i promise you.....eventually it'll all end!"

that was dramatic but i live for this sort of thing.......see yall later!

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Friday, November 4, 2005

AN EYELINER STORY - predictable
Hey, omg i had wrote the whole thing out and then the computer blinked out like seriously that was soooooooo predictable...lol.
i should really get that song on here huh.

you sit on the bed. Your legs pulled up to your chest and the stuffed bat once again pulled up to your chest.
Carry is sitting beside you.her are arm round your sholders.
"You okay." she asks.
"Yeah but i feel so betrayed and ....forgoten."
"Come on now billy didn't mean it."
You look at her.
"Oh thanks so your on his side then."
She says nothing and you just get up and stand by the window.
"Im gonna go down and see how every things goning."
You stare out the window.
"And ____ if you have a heart you'd come down and support him he needs you...even joels up and down seeing him."
You continue to stare.
She leaves the room and nearly as soon as she does you fall to the ground in tears.
What hurt you the most wasn't that billy took the drugs it was that billy took the drugs that destroyed her baby...those very drugs..herione and novicane true enough you did't sniff glue but still.
You sit clinching the poor stuffed no dount almost squished bat, crying into its fur.
You lay against the wall, trying to block the unwanted memories of...past experiences..of jimmys body in the coffen the day he was brought home from Irag (u remeber your boyfriend the ghost) and of..the time they kicked u out of the house for false evidense of you sleeping with tre.
Your head hurts...so full of memories, of dreams and of nightmares, so full of unheard screams that are your own.
"Im sorry....this is all my falut...forgive me." you whisper to yourself and to the darkness over and over.
You hear foot steps outside the room and slowly wipe your tears and stand.
you have made up your mind..your gonna leave fpr a few hours and go to mikes..just to cool off.
You grap your Level 27 hoddie from the closet and leave pushing past paul and joel on the way.
You bolt down the stairs and out the door ecnoring Carry yelling after you.You run into the city and head for mikes apartment viva a shortcut you know.
It is dark and badly cordinated.
Suddenly someone jumps at you from the shadows.
"Hey." the voices says pushing you to the ground and holding you down.
"So...we meet again." he pulls out a flashlight and puts it to his face."trick or treat." it is tre!


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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

an eyeliner story - but we promised!?
you guys never comment anymore and the storys just about to get really good.

You sit on the floor of the bed room not wanting to move not wanting to go down and see him.
It was happening all over again and you new it, you new that tre would find you again and that you would be preganat again with tres child but billy was the only one keeping you from that and now hes lied and left you on your own.
"come on ____!We gotta go down and confront him about it" says carry grapping your arm and pulling you.
"No no i can't go i don't want to know anything about it." you cover you face with your arms the needle still gripped in your hand."i wanna just forget."
Carry looks at you.
"we can't we have to tell him we know, please."she keeps pulling.
"NO!" you cry.
"Carry,____ are you guys up there." Paul yells from the bottom of the stairs.
"Come on_____" carry says again,"pauls gonna come up here and think its you taking the drug."
You lift your head to look at carry, behind her was paul and benji....and billy.
"What the fucks going on here." says Paul ,"you guys haven't been taking drugs have you?"
Carry stands up holding the Novicane in her hand she gives it to paul.
"Where did you get this?"
"Why don't you ask billy." carry says shoting him a look.
Paul and benji look round, billys face is pale and emotionless.
"Billy?" asks Benji
"Yes its mine okay. im addicted. alright."he says truning and heading downstairs.
You all look at each other.
"_____ are u okay."carry asks putting ahand to your sholder.
Paul comes down to your level and takes the heroine.
"How much stuff did he have?"
"Thats all of it, but theres glue he could be sniffing it."
YOu start to cry.
*glue...hes sniffing it as well*
"We promised...we promised." you whisper
"Shhhhhhhhh. i know you guys did....i know." paul puts his arms round you in a hug.
You cry into his sholder.
How could every thing get so wong so fast...i just wasn't real anymore.....nothing was real anymore.

so thats the end of this chapter....what do u think will happen to billy and you?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

an eyekliner story - novicane, heroine and glue?
Sorry it took so long to post but im for a reply from someone for my last one.

Its been three hours since they left for the interveiw and you and carry are cleaning the house.
"omg look wot i found under joels bed." carry says holding up old socks.
"nothing compeared to wot i found under benjis." you hold up an old molded sandwich with the contents of wot looks like......peanutbutter.
Carry wrenches at the sight of the sandwich.
Cash walks in with a maxum magazine in his mouth, belonging to benji no dount.
"good cash dogg he's a good little helper isn't he...isn't he." you say in a baby voice whild rubbing cashes tummy.Carry gets up and heads to yours and billys room.
"Hey where you going thats my quarters you do your room."
"Nah way i wanna see wot stuff billy keeps in his drawers."
You both have cheeky grins on your faces.
Even though you have lived with billy in his room so long you have never looked in his drawers.Well only to get under for him or someit but thats all.
You and carry search the room.
"ohhhhhh look wot i found in his bed side drawer" she says holding up a packet of condoms.
"what sometimes we like a little pertection."
"there flavoured."carry says pointing her finger at the flavoured sign at the bottom," didn't know billy was the sort to injoy something like that."
You laugh knowing what she means.
(you know wot she means too, if you don't then you can ask me.)
"cheeky."you say.
You put you hand under the bed by accident and suddenly you feel somthing pointy.
You lift up the sheet to discover....HEROINE!
"What the fuck!" you say lifting it.
"jesus." you and carry look at each other.
Carry reaches out and lifts up the ' rolling stone' magazine to find Novicane!
" oh my god." she says looking at the drug and exsamining it.
You look horrifid, pain running through you body, pain of lies and betral.
After you had done drugs you both had swore not to take them not again......but he's lied.
"bastard." you cry, tears running down your cheeks.
"its okay." carry says lifing glue also stached under the bed.
She puts her arm around you and comforts you.
Suddenly the door opens and you hear the voices of the guys laughing and joking......

Whats gonig to happen. its too exciting to exciting!

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

an eyeliner story - interveiws.......?!
hello kids....one thing to say to u all.....never take a cold shower...it leaves you cold for the rest of the day.serious ice!
well heres the next part for those of u that have been greving for it.

"yes billie joe, no billie joe.....of course billie joe.huh huh okay see ya later....bye" billy buts the fone down.
"damn his talkitive ways."he mutters.
"yes billie joe...no billiejoe" mocks carry.
"haha.....i can still kick u out of this house you know!"
You laugh.
"stop it." you say as carry throws a pillow at billys head missing by just inces.
Benji is sitting beside you, laughing also, paul standing by the fire because its cold.
"Well she started it!" Billy says as he sits down on your other side.
"what did billie joe want?" you ask, taking that their fight was over.
"something about an interveiw and then he was asking about you and every one else."he starts fiddling with a peace on paper in his hand.
"whats that?" you say taking it from him.
"the address and what not." he puts his hands behide his head and sighs deeply,"i couldn't be arsed."
"yeah"says paul," well your gonna have to"
"but wot about joel i mean he can't go" says benji (worried brother thing going on here.)
"thats right."carry says getting up to stand by the fire."you'll have to go with out him.we'll hold the fort."
"No way." says benji," we're not leaveing you here after wot you did last time."
"which was."you ask
"you took joels money."
"did not."
"did too"
Billy puts his hand over your mouth.
"Yes you did now shut up."
"muff mumf."
"wot?"billy asks
you say nothing.
He takes his hand off.
"bastard"you say
"im sitting right here."
carry laughs.
"accident waiting to happen here."
No one says anythign for a minite then paul looks at his watch.
"i think we should go."
"yeah so do i." you say.
billy gives you a look then gets up of his seat and they all head to the door.

next bit in the next part.
it won't be tomorrow coz im going to a party so sorry.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

An eyeliner story -
OKay. if u love this series then lease take the banner, the url for it is at the bottom of the screen and so 's the pic of the banner so u can see wot your getting. ill but my banner and urls down there from now on. I need to put my name on the others i make so people know where to go to read them.
anyway heres the rest of the story.

"Billy! how did this happen?" you yell
Billy puts his hand on your arm.
"it'll be okay."he says.
"No wot she asked." says paul," are u deaf?"
You push past billy and sit on the stairs beside paul.
Billy sits on the stair below you.
No one says anything.
That is until benji breaks the silence.
"Im making coffee." he walks off into the kitchen.
"Ill get this sorted out." says billy,"to save my ass and yours."
He puts his hand on your knee.
"Why don't u just blame it all on benji." says paul.
"Hey!" benji yells from the kitchen,"leave me alone."
"How could this happen." you say icnoring paul and benji," only carry, billiejoe, mike, you, benji, joel and paul know about us."
"U for got..." starts paul..but billy shots him a look,"...never mind."
"I don't know where it went wrong but ill get it fixed." you look into his eyes,"promise."
Theres another silence.
"Right! Lost is on.lets go watch it." says carry draging paul by the elbow.
You and billy follow.
"Benji." yells billy as he sits down on the couch." wheres the coffee."
"Nothing wrong with your legs." he says as he walks into the room.
Billy rolls his eyes and gets up of his set to get the coffee.
You lift he newspaper once more and look at the cover.
*jesus. what have i got my self into*

not very exiciting. but i have writers block.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An eyeliner story - times like these i hate being your girlfriend #2
well ill just start where i left off!

"Fucking hell benji what the fuck is that."yells billy as he looks at the newspaper.
"what do u think it is."benji grins,
Billy takes the paper from benji grip and looks at it.
The front cover contants the following.
'Head line reads:sex lifes of the rich and the famous:Billy martin!
There is a picture of billy and you walking down the street hand in hand and you guys kissing.
Then theres just down right porn on pages 4-6.'
Billy sits on the bottom step of the stairs.
"fantasic!"he exclams,"theyv' got my ass all over the newspaper."
Paul sneers.
"anit that bad billy boi.Its just a good thing it was your ass and not you...."hes cut of by cash backing in the living room.
"Cash shut up." yells benji,"youll wake joel."
The dog silences.
"Oh god! _____& carry are away to the store."billy puts his head in his hands.
"If you fell sick put your head beetween your knees."says benji.
"Oh thank you bearer of bad news.!" billy snaps.
Benji gives him the 'well im sorry' look.
Paul pats his back.
"Itll be okay, most gurls will like your ass all over the news."
"You are NOT helping."billys says.
Cash starts barking again.
"hey hes not a dumb mutt"
Suddenly the door opens, Carry and u walk in.
"what the bloodly hel is this." you ask holding a newspaper in your hand.
"Shit!" says paul laughing.
Billys gives him the finger,"wanna help then fuck up."

all this waiting and it was something as dumb as that but still cool.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

okay sorry gusy but no story today but tomorrow...yah might be (i love keepin u guy s guessin)

anyways. HOLY FUCK! its nearly halloween yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! i love halloween! we get off skool.....thank fuckin hell!

Another thing has anyone seen corpse bride yet....i u have please tell me if its good coz i wanna see it but i got no one to go with......my friends arn't as immature and weried as me (see my spellings crap so i must be)!

My wrist si still combusted.and it huirts like hell!

thats all bye!


the murder sence! =D

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

an eyeliner story - god times like these i hate being your girlfriend!
okay sorrry for the delay but i had writers block and i sprend my wrist/thumb and it hurts so i might not get this finished and have to cut it off. here.

Benji held the newspaper to his face and read (as if he needed to)
"hey!you gonna pay for that?"asks the casher dude.
"yeah yeah wahtever.!" benji yells back waving his hand in the air.
Benji continues reading but restarains from laughing.
*god almighty.*
He heads to the checkout with the newspaper, forgetting the coke and dogfood (i remebered wot he was to buy go me)
He pays the dude and then runs off home (and i mean runs....)
Nealy knocks over some wee kid but he shouldn't have been there.
"Hey dud watch it!" yells the kid.
"did i hurt u?"
"ill try harder next time."
The kid gives him the middle finger, but its not like benji didn't give it back. (that sounded weird..but take it in the sense i ment.)
Finally he reaches home.
Billy opens the door.
"BENJI! Wheres the dogfood and my coke!"
"Not important." says benji pushing past billy and paul.
" the cokes not important never say that!"paul crys,"don't diss the coke!"
"what ever look at dis!"benji holds the newspaper up to their faces........

haha guys you gotta find out wot happens next next time coz my wrist is sore...........bye.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

okay kids sorry but not today.
The 'an eyeliner story' is on a break so sorry dudes but i have writers block.......mayjor writers block its like blockzilla. lol.

you guys have any ideas then post to me and suggest suggest suggest.
things on this side of the world are kinda shitty ...okay that was an under statement there really shitty.
well see yall later.

always..but never forever..

the one and only

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