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Sunday, September 25, 2005

a new life - back together again.
sorry for the delay i hads to give this some thought.....injoy this next chapter.

Billy kisses you. You can feel his wet hair over his face.You had missed his passonite kisses and from the feels of things he missed yours.
"I love you billy." you say looking into his deep blue eyes.
Billy looks back at you, a grim yet happy look on his face.
"I love you too," he runs his fingers through your hair," the baby....im sorry i wasn't there for you...was it a boy or a girl."
You look at him.
"A boy." you say grimly.
Billy puts a hand on your waste and then the other until his both arms are round you.
You look at him.
"What ar you doing." you smile at him
He looks surprised
"What you don't like it?"
You shake your head.
"Its not that." there is a touch of pain in your voice.
Billy looks at you and notices whats up.
"This is the way tre would have come on to you."he says stating the point.
"Yeah. he raped me and threted me....and thats why i was so upset and...." billy puts a finger to your lips.
"Its okay you don't have to explan anything."
You look into his eyes. so comforting and loving.
"Can i come home?" you ask him.
He nods his head.
"Course you can....and the ring....i mean i still wnat to marry you i knew that when i heard your voice on the message on the fone....." he looks into your eyes," but i want to find a good way to propse to you again...and we can make our own baby....."
You giggle at his list of 'we can's.
He gets up and pulls you up with him.
"But for tonight do you wanna stay at mikes or come home." he asks you.
"I wanna stay here just for tonight..." billy looks at you and lowers his head," and i want you to stay with me."
He lifts his head and smiles.
You start a passonite snog until mike walks in with billie joe.
"Nice to see you guys are back together."
You two jump at the sound of his voice.
"Mike can i stay for one more night its to late to start packing."
"Course." mike smiles.
"won't you wanna get your leg roundhim tonight _____" asks billie joe.
Mike hits him.
"Awwwwwwww"he moans.
Billy looks at you and then at mike.
"Axually mike can i stay here the night....but i promise no.....anything."
Mike nods
"Yeah you can...im not gonna mess with love unlike tre." mike quickly covers his month as if he had just swore.
"Its okay mike you can say his name."you say.
Then you take billys hand and you two go into you bedroom to sit and catch up on thimgs you had missed.

ahhh that was a sweet chapter wasn't it.

'i want my cookie.'

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Friday, September 23, 2005

a new life - the error of his ways.
hey. well right now i just wanna say that im brining pauls g-frined into the stroy more her names carry and shes 20. just to let you know.

Billy pulls his hood up over his head as the rain starts. thuder clouds over head as thinck as fog.
*should i go to her or leave it.* he thinks.
He shakes his head
*No your going to go to her.* he demands himself to go and what better thing to do but obey.
He runs down the street in your direaction.
Rain beating off his body, he grips his jacket closer round him and comes to the front of the apartment.
With no thought he pushes the front door and takes the elevater to the 6th floor.
As he comes to the door he stops before knocking.
*come on billy you can do this* he cheers himself on.
He knocks nad waits for a reply.
"Hello" you come to the door in your black pjs.
Billy looks at you and you look back at him.
" _____....im sorry....i love you so much please forgive me." billy says.
You stop for a moment and take in wot you just heard...then you throw your arms round his neck and cry into his sholder.
"Oh god you don't know how long iv been waiting for that billy...thank you so much...i love you more than life itself and i just want to be with you.
Billy kisses you and you both stand at the fornt door hugging and kissing and crying.
finally life was back but wot where you going to do about tre?

well there you go its not over yet though

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

a new life - do u beleave me now?
so im sorry to all u guys that had ideas and wot not but i needed time to think of something to write so i had to stall. anyways heres the continuation of where i left of.

You look at mike. shaking with fear as u do so.
"Mike." you say with no emotion wot so ever.
"I know now we have proff billy will come back to you and everything will be okay, we'll get tre under arrest and...."
You cut him off there.
You get up and weakly hug benji.
"You did it benji."you smile happly at him.
"I did wot now."he scartches his head in confuessment.
You laugh and hug him again.
"Gee im getting hugged alot today huh!"he says.
"Get your sneckers on and we'll head on over to Your place."he looks at benji.
You shake your head.
"I dn't want to go."you say.
Mike puts a hand on your sholder.
"Alright but i promise you that i wil make billy see the truth."
You lay down on the bed.
"Thanks you say." you close you eyes and just lay there.
Benji was about to go help when mike pulled him back.
"Nah don't shes just tried."
Mike pulls benji out of the room and they both head to the gc house hold.

Mike sits down in the living room.
Joel sits across from him , billy on his right , paul on his left.
"So wot is it?" says billy not sounding amused.
"We have proff that ____ never cheated on you." says benji
"Not this again." billy moans.
"Just shut and watch it." mike yells shoving the fone at him.
Billy presses the play button and the clip starts.
He, joel and paul watch in amasment of wot they are seeing.
As soon as it ends billy hands the fone back.Pain and disbeleave in his eyes.
"What have i done." he whispers.
"Alot....she tried to kill her self and the baby died because of stress, loss of blood and drug use all because you blamed her for a crime thst you had no proff of." says mike shaking his head.
Billy stands upi. his head down in shame.
"I......i didn't intend this to happen.....i love her...i love her so much that i would do anything to ake her happy nad right now she proably dosen't even want me alive." tears are running down his cheeks.
Joel pats him on the back just before he graps his jacket and walks out the front door.



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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a new life - memoto.
hey kids. anyway. today im not gonna write the story on , instead i want u guys to give me some suggestions on wot happens next....dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmmmm!
anyway youguys tell me wot u think will happen next. it can be the stubidest thing ever like cash eats benji or something. (i like that one) or you run off with mike and or the baby comes back to life what ever u can think off. darkness im counting on you.

well now that thats over heres a picture i drew its a bit teenie but have a look anyways....

the condemed stick woman. Lil broken guitar my name on vampire freaks.com check that site out its niffty. anyway guys see yall later don't forget to comment.

p.s. im off skool today coz of prize's + i wasn't getting one. thought you''d like to know.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

a new life - finally we have it.
well im not going to watse any bodys time with a memo ill get right to the story.

You stare at you celing. White as....white paint really.The doorbell rings and mike leaves his cooking and opens it.
"Hey benji. how are ya?"he exclams.
You hear them talking and what not.Hugging and all that manly stuff (cough cough).
"Hey how is she?" you hear benji say.
You hear mike say in there and roll on to your side facing the window...not the door.
Benji knocks before entering.
"Hey. how are ya this morning."he asks.
YOu mummble into your pillow 'im fine'
He sits down on the bed and puts his hand on your sholder.
"I brought u a prese."he says.
You trun to face him.
"I like preses"you weakly smile.
He holds out a bottle of iced tea and candy.
You take it from him and smile.
You hug him.
"Your welcome." benji gets up and leaves the room.
You quickly open the candy.
"Pear drops my fav." you say quietly to your self.
Mike pops his head round the door.
"Hey me and benji are going to the store."
"Benji and i!" you hear benji yell form the front door.
You lay back on the bed and nod. You are weak form all the trobble yesterday.
Mike and benji leave the buliding.

"Mike can you buy me this?" asks benji holding candy.
"Why." mike asks.
Benji hesitates.
"Um....to give to ____"
Mike looks at him in the motherly 'the truth' way.
"Okay okay there for cash."
"Benji im not thick." mike taps his skull and it makes a hallow sound.
They both continue to the check out, pay for the stuff and leave.
Benji is carrying two bags and mike three.
As they where climbing the stairs a guy runs past them.
"Benji did u lock the aparment door?" asks mike worried.
Benji looks at mike.
"I thought u did!" he says," why does it matter anyway."
Mike turned to benji.
"That was tre.!" mike yells then he drops all his bags and runs to the apartment.

Tre stood over you with a knife. He has one arm holding u down the other holding the knife.
He uses the hand holding the knife to pull down your pants.
"Tre please stop." you beg.
"No no way." he forces himself into you.
you nearly scream with pain but you knew that would make things worse.
Mike and came in the apartment door quietly , mike first then benji.
He heard tre yelling abuse at you and he heard you crying.
"Benji be quiet." he says.
Benji wasn't listening he was concentrating on something else.
Suddenly mike ran into the room pushing tre off you.
You lay there weak and dazed.
Mike starts punching the life outta tre.
"You bastard how dare you." he yells.
"Come on let me go." tre begged.
Mike let him drop to the floor.Tre runs from the room.
Mike comes and sits beside you.
"Jesus _____ are you okay." he asks helping you sit up.
You are crying uncontrollibly.
"shhhhhhh. we wo't let him near u again. just calm down."mike conforts you.
Benji clicks a button on his fone witch makes it beep.
"Benji what are you doning" mike asks
Benji smiles.
"I video taped the whole thing."
You and mike look at each other.
This is what you needed efedience.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

a new life - im NOT okay! okay!?
here guys. this is the next part but first let me just say that im gonna write another story after this one just not right after a sequl if i had to make it offical. but theres this other one i wnat to write about you being on tour with green day and having fun beyound words. tell me if u guys would like that.

You wake up. your throut hurting badly and head feeling like you ran into a brick wall.
"Shes awake. doctor." yells a young nurse from beside the bed. A man in a long white coat walks in.
"Ah dear. relax you'll be okay." he says. he was quite young and good looking but you had eyes for only 1 man. Billy.
"Mike. wheres mike!" you cry. throut burnning.
"Calm down hes outside."he takes you hand," we need to get you help." says the doctor.
Where you hearing him right...HELP?No way.
You look at him. You where alive. Why where you alive?
You lie back on the white bed.
"Leave me." you whisper.
The nurse and doctor look at each other.
"We can't. Do you understand what happened to you. YOu took pills and to much drink."the doctor pointed out the obious.
"Why didn't you let me die." you scream at him.
The doctor was takin back.
"I wanted to die why didn't you just let me!" you sit up in the bed.
"Now. dear sit calm down. well get you help."
"I don't want help! i want to die." you scream.
You jump out of bed.
"Get back in bed." the doctor crys," you aren't fully heled yet."
You had you pants half way on and your hoddie in your arms.
"Let me go home." tears dripping from your eyes," please."
The nurse came over and put an arm round you.
The docor leaves the room and goes out to mike and billie joe.

"Billie joe stop bitting your nails." says mike.
Billie joe looks at him.
"Your like my mother mike...stop nagging.there my nails." he replys like a spoiled child.
The doctor comes round the coner.
Mike jumps up and runs over to him.
"Is she okay?"mike asks babbling.
"Yes but she wants to go home, shes refucing help and seems to be confused." the doctor says.
Mike looks at billie joe who is chewing on his fingers...loudly.
"Can she come home well look after her." begs mike.
The doctor thinks for a moment.
"Okay okay but you'd better."
Mike jumps up and down with excitment.
"Mike its not like your getting a puppy calm down."says billie joe.

~When u guys got home~
You lie in your room, huddled on the bed in a ball with a bear that billy had won you at that fair ground. It was a grey and black bat with green eyes.
You loved it to bits.
*why am i still here* you think over and over.
Suddenly your door opens, mike and billie joe come in.
"Hey are you okay." mike asks.
He had been asking you this all day.
You look at him.
"The same question all the time and yet i tell you a lie. No im not okay i never will be thanks to tre and billy and the rest of um. they'v killed me. So no im not okay and don't ask agin!okay!" you scream then you lie back down and cry softly into your pillow and your bat. Mike and billie joe walk out of the room and leave u alone.
You cry your self to sleep and have no dreams....but plenty of nightmare.

the next ones the one i am building up to. but i won't say anything.

isn't that pic neat. oh apart from tre of course.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

a new life - 911
no memo nothing to review.

"Hey dude that was dum." says paul as he walks in through the door of there home.
"Nah it was funny." benji replys.
Billy dosen't laugh at there joke about joel nearly falling out of the top floor window due to his stupid impression of guy avertising coke.
"Come on billy even i find that funny." joel laughs.
"Yeah well i just have a bad feeling thats all." billy smiles at them.
They laugh....but no one knows why.
"Hey we have a message." says paul pressing the button. it beeps and then your voice.
The whole house is silent.
Then it beeps and the message stops.
"Dude did you know that she lost the baby." paul looks at billy.
Billy's face is expressionless.
"Billy. u okay?" asks joel ,"you don't still have feelings for her."
Billy turns and goes to his room.
Joel, benji and paul look at each other. They know something is going to happen..and so does billy.

Mike runs out the door of the apartment building.
*where the fuck are you?*
He runs through the street asking people have they seen you.
"Mr have you seen a young girl with long black hair and seemed depressed." mike asks the young copper.
"Yeah she went that way."
Mike looks at him then runs for dear life.
He runs in through the park gates and down to the pond.
He stops for his breath.
"_____!______!" he crys,"im not as young as i used to be."
He takes out his fone and calls billie joe.
Billie joe comes in his car and starts to help mike.
"Ill go this way and you go there and...omg i can't breath." yells billie joe panicking.
Mike pats him on the back.
"Take a deep breath.in out in out. gud boy."
Billie joe stops panicking and starts looking.
He has a stick in his hand and is poking the bushes.
Suddenly he finds an opening in the trees and goes through. There on the ground is you boby laying still.
"MIKE!" he yells at the top of his lungs. Mike comes running.
"Omg!" he says slowly.
Billie joe takes out his cell.
"Ill call 911.You help her."
Mike rushs to your side....you are still breathing but your life was just hanging...you needed help fast.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

a new life - the results.
sorry for being so late i was sick on monday,tuesday and wednesday came on so sundenly.....kool that goes... lol.
anyway here goes this one.

You sit on your bed. The doctor was on the fone to mike. You hear him in the other room ' um huh, really never knew that' or he would say ' ill talk to her, don't worry doc.'
You couldn't beleave how far you had come but yet you where going to give it up.Mike put the fone down, you hear his boots on the floor of the hallway.
You wipe your eyes, you didn't want to break down in front of him.
He opens the door and looks at you pale, ghostly face.
"Its tres." he says sadly.
You lower your head.
Mike can tell your crying.
"Also, it seems the baby would have lived but...but durgs had affected its system...."
You open your tearful eyes....
"I killed it..." you whispered.
Mike sat beside you,
"No no...you didn't.." he started to say but he was cut of by you lifting you head up.
"No i did im a murder...i killed my baby."you cryed.
You got up and went into the bathroom.
Mike followed you but you closed the door in his face and lay in the corner in a ball crying.
"PLease open the door i want to help, please don't do anything." mike cryed hammering the door.
You cryed into you arms......then got up and wreched open the door. it had only taken a few minites for it to sink in but you had it all.
"Mike wheres the fone?" you ask
Mike points to the kitchen.
"Why? _____ what are you thinking." he asks worried.
You run into the kitchen and lift the fone.

~at the gc house hold~
Cash barked as the fone rang over and over. No one was home the where at the studio. Finally the beep came and your voice left a message.
"I know none of you care and never will again but i just wanna say that if you ever come to and find that your wrong about me sleeping with tre then you'll know how much pain youv put me through and im not pointing the finger but its tres falut the babys dead he drove me to drugs and cutting....he has been raping me for the last 10 months.....and none of you never even suspected......thanx you...thanx you all so fucking much.....and if its anything i still love you billy..and i always will." the beep rang in the silent house. you had left you mark.....now it was time to go.

You ran out of the house.Mike looked out form the living room where he was and yelled 'where the hell you going'
You didn't answer. So tryed to follow you but you where long gone.
You ran through out the streets until you came to the park.You walked down to the spot that only you and billy knew about. You sit down on the damp ground and look up into the sky.
"Sorry, sorry i was ever born."
You took anti-depresset pills and a bottle of vodka that you got form mikes home.
You drank the vodka wih the pills and lay on the ground waiting to die.

sorry a bit depressing.........but wait and see the next one.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

a new life-
sorry for the delay i had alot of homework and stuff.here you guys are hope you liked the last one.

You put your head back on the bed. Your baby was dead, you thought you wouldn't care but something inside hurt....like hell.
Now you had no one but mike and you baby had died......what else could happen to you.
Mike rushs in through the door and runs to your bedside.
"Where is it." he asks happly.
You look at him, tears in your deep green eyes.
"Its dead." you cry.
Mike looks at you then throws his arm round you neck.
The doctor walks over and puts a hand on mikes sholder.
"The father?" he asks.
"Ah no......the father figure."
The doctor looks at mike.
"How modern."he says," im very sorry, but there was nothing we could do,but we do happen to know what it died from."
You looked up at the doctor.
"Over use of drugs, and blood loss."
Mike looks at you.
"Im sorry....i had to do somthing,"
Mike puts his arm round you.
"Its okay, billie joes coming to see you....thats one less enemy."
the doctor leaves the room along with the nurses.

Billie joe stands over you.
"Im sorry i beleaved tre... i should have known."
"its okay." you say when really its bloody well not!
He sits down beside you and takes you hand. You are shaking.
No one had anything to say...the pain you felt was undiscripable.
The doctor ahd told you that you could leave tomorow but you didn't care, nothing was waiting for you, no loving boyfriend, no rockstar friends....well im apart from billie joe and mike and no wedding to look forward to.
Tears drip down your cheek as you think of this.
Billie joe gets up and says goodbye to mike and heads home. But mike stays with you during the night.
You didn't sleep.
And in the morning all the worry just got worse.

sorry again for the lateness....my bad.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

a new life - bye bye baby
sorry guys if u read my last post it explaned it all. but here you go without futher adue.P.S. Its been like 3 weeks.

You sit on the edge of mikes bed. Mike slept out on the couch which folded into a bed....woo.
Tears dripped from your eyes, you missed billy, and at the same time was angrey at tre. Billy beleaved tre, joel, paul and billie joe also beleaved tre....and benji well hes just dizzy.
You put your head in your hands and cryed.
You heard the door open and looked round to see mike standing watching you.
"Hey," he comes over and sits down beside you.
He puts his arm round you.
"Shhhhhhhhhh...its okay." he coos
You shake your head.
"No this is my falut, i should of never provocted tre i should of done what i was told." you cry
Mike looks horrifild.
"You mean you would let him rape you over and over, when ever he wanted and not fight back....you joking right."
You shake your head again and mike says nothing knowing it could hurt you.The fone rings and mike leaves you to answer it.
You get up to close the door and go to your back- pack.You lifted out a shrince with herion in it, you put it in your arm and injected.It wasn't enogh to make you high.
YOu put the needle back and sat on the bed. You had no knife mike had taken it from you so you couldn't cut.
You cry to yourself until you fall alsleep on the bed.

"Jesus." you grip your stomach painfully. It was now the middle of the night and you had woken up.
"Arghhhhhhhhhh." you yell in pain.
You hear a light flick and mike runs in to your aid.
"OMG! _____ stay calm and breathe ill call an ambuleance." he yells looking at you.
You grap his arm and pull him towards you.
"Don't leave me please."
"I have too, i'll be back."
He runs pff to the kitchen fone and calls an ambulance.He comes back and holds your hand until the arrive.
You are lieing on a white bed, doctors and nurses all round you. Mike outside calling Benji and billie joe.
"Come on you can do it one last push." the doctor says.
You do as you are told and the aby is born.The doctor holds it and says, "its a boy."
You put your head back and breathe.
"Hold on the beby isnt breathing well, someone get over here." the doctor took the baby to a white table and tried to bring it back. The beepy machine was on.
Beep, beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.You heard it in the coner, the baby was dead.

sprry for the crapness it was beter in my mind. if u wanna know what happens read on.

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