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Thursday, April 27, 2006

an eyeliner story - anybodys game.
The guys have been told what to do in a bad situation and as the officer said it was 'good' First billy tried to hit the target and instead hit the wall next to it. Infact they nearly all missed the target all except for paul. He shoot the targets very well.So with practise they all became a little better not alot but better than what the where.

Carry and you sit at the top of the stairs.
"This is only a new house it shouldn't be noisey and creepy!" you say
"Maybe it was just the wind."
"carry there was no windows open!"
Carry shugged.
"lets go and get a drink down stairs everyhting will be fine." carry takes your hand and leads you down the stairs.
"What u think im blind or somit." you laugh
"No...of course not!" she shifts her eyes as something comes crashing dwon the stairs.
Its a guitar?
"How did that!" asks carry without finshing her sentence.
The guitar lands at your feet, it fell down all the stairs and was damaged (by damaged i mean DAMNAGED)
Suddenly the door opens and in walks the guys billy in front.
"My guitar!!!!!!!!!!" he screeches.
"we didn't do it!" you both say together.
Something else smashes bumps upstairs. Everyone stares at the top of the stairs and benji lifts out his gun.
Joel looks at his brother.
" put it away fool!"
"DO YOU WANT TO DIE." he says
"What if its tre!" says carry edging back
"Point it higher benji and keep that aim!" says billy.
"don't encurage him!" replies paul ," if anyone should do it its me!"
"ohhhhhhhh mr. i know everything about guns and i can aim better than everyone else the first time things he can shot tre!" says benji.
"Tres not there thats the wall!" you say ," don't shot my walls!"
"IM CONFUSSED!" says joel
"would everyone please shut up and listen"carry says
Upstairs there is whisling (s/p) as if a window is open. A door slams but there is no doors open.
Suddenly a voice whispers, it fills the hallway. it whispers.
"Tre must die! he killed mike and me and must pay!"
is it billie joe, but hes dead how could it possible be.....find out next time.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

an eyeliner story - plz don't give billy and benji a gun
sorry for the wait maybe its the fact THAT NOONES COMMENTING plz guys comment. i wanna get this finished and start a new series on my angelfire (unless you guys want it here)

Paul,Benji, Joel and carry made it home the next day. The atmosfer was sad and depressing.

"So it was really that horrible" you ask looking carry in the eye.
"Yeah it was just terrible. Billie joes wife was crying and his boys were just so depressed.Mike X was there and so was his kid and...god...even tres X and his boys were there."
You shake your head.
"Do they have any idea to what a monster Tre hs become?" you ask no one replies knowing it wasn't that sort of question.
"I said i was gonna go to the cops today and well im going to the cops." says billy ," come on guys!"
They all get up, they have decused this.
The 'men' leave the house. It suddenly feels really unsafe and creepy.
"Do you feel cold?" you ask carry
Carry looks at her.
"No. Why?" she relpies.
You wrap your arms round yourself.
"Im freezing!" you say
"Maybe theres a window open upstairs?" carry says fear in her voice.
Something smashs upstairs, cashdogg starts barking.
You look at carry.
"Do you think?" carry starts.
"Don't even think."
Something else falls upstairs in yours and billys room.
You get up and head upstairs, carry follows not even trying to stop you.

At the station

"Okay so what your saying is you wanna find this guy and lock him up?" says the officer.
Billy,joel,Benji and paul look back at him.
"Well he's already wanted so whats the big deal. I mean hes a murder, a rapest and god knows what else..." says joel
"..And i wanna kick his ass!" finishes paul.
"Yeah me too!" says billy.
Benji says nothing.
"Fine, fine. Well give you guns, walke talkes and all the other crap. But we need to know that you can use the gun if you need too."
They look at each other.
"Sure." replies joel.
"right if you'll follow me."
The officer lead them to a grey room with targets on the wall and hand guns on a metal tray.
"Ohhhhhhhhh." says benji eyeing the guns.
"Do we have to give him a gun?" asks paul
"Duh!" says benji acting important.
"Right if you would each take a gun."
They walked forward and took a gun. Benji held it out infront of him
"Wonder if its loaded." benji says
He pulls the trigger, he shots the wall.
"Benji!" billy says suddnely his gun goes off and hits the wall beside pauls head.
"Shit..watch it man! you could of killed me!"
"oh boy this is gonna be good!"

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Monday, March 27, 2006

an eyeliner story - lay him to rest
i don't care that none of you have commented but im just back form a funeral and am fresh with gref and poetry.

The police, and ambulance arrived with a morge team. Billy, paul,Joel and Benji helped the team with the body and were appregeated for there help.you and carry stayed out of the way and sat at the top of the stars watching down on the team. Carry put her arm round you and coforted you as you did her.

Billie joes body has been takin home to Oakland California where his family will be waiting to lay him to rest. You can not fly as you are over 4 months prganant so you and billy stay at home and let everyone else go to Oakland.Billy is standing in the kitchen of your new home making coffee for you both.
"you okay ?"he asks
you nod.
"how bout you honey are you okay?" you replie wiping your eyes.
You walks in with the coffee, hands it to you and sits down.
"why is tre doing this? i mean hasn't he had his laughs? raping carry and driving her to attempt suicide, raping me and almost killing me, killing mike.." you stop there you can't go on with the desritption you choking up.
Billy puts his arm round you.
"it'll be okay." he says
"no its not!! tre will get me and you and everyone else if the police don't find him."
Billy moved his hand up and down your sholder.
" we'll find him Myself, Paul, joel and benji we'll all find him with or with out the police."
you look at him.
"no. if he kills you then i don't know how ill go on. and that goes for anyone else that he kills."
Billy kisses your forehead, he knows your not the sort of person who would say something and not mean it.
" ill always be here for you in life and death. i love you but i don't want us getting married until he is caught."
you smile at him.
"thank you billy...thank you." you throw your arms round him.

Tre throw the hand gun into a backpack along with 3 knives and a box of pills.
" iv gotten billy joe all i need to do now is get past Billy and im home free to kill ____"
He throw the bag over his sholder, left the apartment and jogged down the stairs.
A police officer was standing outside.
tre pulled his hood over his head and jogged off in the opposit direction.
"shit," he thought, " pigs are gonna get me. fuck i gotta get me a hidin spot."

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

an eyeliner story - red 'paint' everywhere
Billie joe lies still as n untouched lake in the winter. No one comes in and no one cerntanly goes out.No one in the threatre even notices he's missing. So the movie ends with out him.

"That movie rocked!" says benji and joel.
"It scared the shit outta me!" you say
"ahhh babe you had me to comfort you." replies billy.
He kisses you and you kiss him back.
"Guys!" says benji
Paul gives carry a big kiss too.
"Hey wheres billy joe?" you ask after the kiss fest
" we'll go get him come on guys." joel says pulling both billy and paul with him and benji.

Benji walks in first.
They are all joking around.
"Guys are we not allowed to kiss our girlfriends." asks paul.
"Correction wife."billy says.
" hey benji wots wrong." asks joel hearing no nosie.
Benji is standing starting at the red stained floor.It drips down from the first stall into the drain in the floor.
"What the fuck." says joel.
Benji's face is white.
Joel carefully pushes open the door of the stall.
"shit." joel screams.
He puts his hand over his mouth.
He rushes for a sink and throws up.
"Billie joe." billy whispers.
Paul rushes to the door.
"whats happened." you say
"Billie joes dead."
You put your hands over your mouth.
"No" carry says.
You cry.....with fear with pain....with complete terror.
"Its just like a blooded mess of paint all over the floor. He was stabbed in the stomach...." paul continues but you fail to listen.....you are to busy thinking.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

an eyeliner story - layin on the bathroom floor
Its just a week till your wedding and every body needs some time off. So you guys are all goin to the movies. Billie joe drives you all. "So what should we see?" askes billy joe. "how about a horror." says paul "no. ill have enough of that when ____ in labour."replies billy The boys all laugh while you and carry gaze at them. "Do you want to marry me?" you ask billy. Billy stops laughing....and makes the puppy face. "Sorry!" Billie joe points to a cool looking movie called 'the hills have eyes' "How about it." he says "yeah sure." You guys head in to get your seats and wait for the movie to start. "Who wants drinks?"asks joel Everybody wants drinks. "oh joel ask if they have any peanut butter!" you say. Joel returns not to long after.hands out the drinks. "peanut butter?" you ask "nope. none.zilch. zip!" he smiles in a cheeky grin. you pout. The movie starts and half way in of course billie joe nips of to the bathroom. *bathroom* Billie joe pisses and washs his hands. "Shit." he says looking for paper towels. He uses the hand dryer instead. Someone walks into the bathroom. billie joe has his back turned so he couldn't see who it id. Suddenly he fells a stabbing pain in his stomach. He looks down.Blood flows constantly from his stomach. He can feel the blood rushing up his throat and falling from his mouth.He turns slowly round. Tre smiles back at him. "Hey buddy." Billie joe trys to speak but he can't. He falls to the ground gasping for air, and gripping his blooded stomach. Tre grips the collor of his shirt and drags him into the first bathroom stall. He slings him over the toilet. Billie joe stares up at him, tre stares back.He grins. Tre takes the kinfe out blade first. billie joe gasps in pain.Tre leaves the scene. Billie joe throws himself onto the floor and crawls.Blood dripping. He pulls himself across the cold stone floor. Until finally his eyes roll in his head. Only thing was...he didn't even leave the bathroom stall.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

no new entery just a word of wish
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i won't mind pics of my friends here. if you guys can manage it please send me some.

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see ya

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

an eyeliner story - pregnacy sucks.
well this is offical the one were everything comes together. after these last few 'An eyeliner story'it will be over. But what about us the readers? you ask. No fear you can read 'and eyeliner story: secound times the charm' coming soon after this. To get details on it visit my wedsite at the bottom of the page.

three days lateer
your now into your 4 or 5 month of preganacy and your pretty big (du your having twins. You and billy are at the house decorating it. Its coming along nicly. You guys have done your bedroom, the babies room, the living room and the bathrooms (the kitchen was already done). Of course you got help from the guys and are now on the three finall upstairs rooms. The guest room, upstairs living room (u.stairs living room) and the music room.

It's now 10.pm in the morning.
"Billy!!" screams benji form the U.stairs living room ," joels getting paint on me!"
"shut up both of!" yells billy running in with a paint brush covered in red paint.
"Hey don't!" benji sreeches again as joel puts black paint down his shirt.
"muhahah.!" he laughs
Billy joins in the fight.
YOu lie in the next room in bed. You listen to them goofing around and you smile.
"What friends i have." you whispered to yourself
You get up and sit at the edge of the bed. You pu your hand on your stomach.
"Damn you babies." you joke and head to te bathroom.
YOu lean oveer the toilet and vomit.
"your early this time." you whipser.
You vomit agiain.
Billy, benji and joel sit down on bean cucions next door.
"Woo i wonder if ___still asleep?" billy asks.
" don't know we proplably woke her." says joel.
"I'll go see." billy pushes himslef up and heads next door.
"____?" he says as her opens the door.
He hears you in the bathroom and rushes in.
"____! are you okay."
"im fine." you lean over the toilet and vomit agin. Billy rubs your back.
"morning sickness?" he asks
"yeah." you vomit again.
" just think when its all over we'll have two beautiful children."
"yeah plus you."
"hey..you callin me a child?"
"You wanna go home to paul and carry?" billy asks.
"Yeah i might....but i don't wanna leave you guys to do all the work."
"don't worry about it. you just send paul out."

at home
You walk in through the front door and into the living room.
"Guys!HELLO!"you shout.
"hey_____ we're out here." carry yells from the backyard.
You walk out there.
"what are you doing home?" asks paul petting cashes head.
"I wasn't feeling to good so i came home."you sit down on a chair and cash jumps up on you.
"Hey cash get down." says carry taking cash by his coller and pulling him of you.
"thanks c." you say putting your head back,"paul would you mind helping billy , joel and benji."
"no course not. il go now."
"get changed into something old there throwing paint about."
pau looks at himslef.
"im alright. see you later." he kisses carry and heads off.
"so." carry sits down beside her ," feelin bad huh!"
you nod.
"Sickness?" she asked.
"gee is it really that bad."
"yep. i hate pregancy......i can't wait till it goes."
" yeah well wait till the birth of the babies then."says carry.
"oh great i forgot about that."

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Friday, March 10, 2006

an eyelnier story - sorry is the hardest word

Carry and you discused dresses for hours until the nurse told you to leave because visting hours were over. So you left and went home.

Billy opens the door, and hands you the flowers.
"ohh billy thank you so much. i love you." you kiss him.
"guess what else?" he asks.
You think.
"The payment on the house is complete, its ours."
You look at him stunned.
He nods.
You kiss him again this time more passonitly.
"i love u so much."
"We can get started on it tomorrow. that is if you feel well enough."
"yeah. but what about going to the studio....writing more songs."
"Done....well not really but i asked for a few days off...so i can spend them with you, these two (he points to your stomach which is quite big now) and our new family home."
"This is perfect....the four of us all together tomorrow."
"yeah. and you'v gotta ring mom." he says.
You let go of him nad look confussed.
"Me....why me?"
"why not you.?"
"because shes your mother"
"yes but shes your new mother in law.....besides you need to tell her about the babies and the new house!"
You drag off to the phone, check the number in the book and call her.
Billy gives you the thumbs up.
"Hello, mrs martin."
"yes hello."
"its ____"
"How are you dear?"
"im fine. i just wanted to inform you that Billy and i have just bought a house toget her, not far from woldorf or Dc."
"thats wonderful dear. whats it like big i hope."
"Yes it is.....just perfect for our new family. Thats another thing. Myself and billy have just found out that we're having tiwns."
There was a silence.
"Oh my god thats wonderful even more wonderful....congratulateions!"
You talk for a while longer about things and you really get to like her.

Paul goes down to the hospital with the flowers.
Visiting hours are over but he's 'family' so he gets through.
He stands by her bedside until she wakes.
"Paul?" she says rubbing her eyes.
"Hey." he smiles and hands her the flowers.
"What are these for."
"just coz its wednesday."
carry smiles at him.
"thank you."
Paul sits down.
"Paul....i lvoe you." she says.
Paul dosen't reply.
"I really do and the baby i didn't know it was yours....i..i was scared...and im really..well sorry."
Paul smiles again.
"Its okay i overreacted. I know you where scared i shoudn't have been like that."
He takes her hand.
"so what kind of dress are you getting then."

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

an eyelnier story - just becasue its wednesday.
hey sorry for late reply

Its 2 weeks until the wedding, you'v got your wedding dress now all you need is carrys cheif brides maid dress. And the boys well there handeling there side of things.(we'll go to them in a mo but you first)
You guess visiting carry wuld be the nicest thing to do and the quickest way to get her a brids maid dress. so you vivsit carry.
She is laying there with tubes still sticking outta her and she looked deader than usual. you it down by her bed and take her hand.
She wakes with a start and looks at you.
"_____?!" she says as if confussed.
"hi. how are you feeling?"
"omg im so sorry...i really am."
You look at her.
"Don't be iv done it plenty of times and for me dictate you would be hypogritcal."
She smiles slithy.
"well your the only one that isn't mad at me."
"what so you mean? pauls not mad at you." you repliy
"yeah he is...."
"...i took abortion pills because i was pregant...and i didn't know whos child it was but the doctors told me it was pauls and.....i upset him. i don't want him to be mad...i love him."
You gripped her hand.
"im here for you..and right now we'll talk about something happy. I talk to paul later and smooth things out."
Carry smiles
"Its fine ill talk.." you cut her off
" yes but ill help."
there was a silence.
"so whats the happy talky thingy?" asks carry
"your brides maid dress."

" so are you buying a cool suit?" asks paul.
" well im hardly gonna seal one." replys billy.
"you could hire one"
"nah i have plety of suits but i just wanna you know get ____ something."
Billy looks at the flowers in the water tub.
"how aboout roses?" he asks himself ,"nah....tulips."
" why are you getting her something?" asks benji
"becasue they love each other dum ass?" repliys joel.
"yes..that and just becasue its wednesday."billy repiys finally picking up some lilys.
"there really nice." says paul.
"why don't you get carry something."
paul looks at him.
"paul what have yu done." asks joel.
"nothing its just.....neer mind....would these do." he asks lifting roses.

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

an eyeliner story - planning a wedding and a funeral.
hey sorry for ,late response.

same day

Billy and you continued to write invitains outside in the yard with cash at your feet while Paul, and benji stayed in the kitchen making tea and coffee for every one (macho men lol)

present time
" you have to get out of here without them knowing your here okay!" joel says to his boyfriend peter.
"Dude whats the big deal i mean they knnow your gay so whats the big deal sleeping with me?"he asks lifting his clothes from the bedroom floor.
Joel sits down on the bed, and thinks hard.
"i don't know...i guess im still coming to terms with it its hard you know, you think your stright all your life and then you turn out to be gay."
Peter looks at him.
"i know its hard, ill give you some space."
Peter gos into joels bathroom to get changed.
Joelsits on the bed and thinks hard.

down stairs
Paul takes the coffee and tea out to you and billy while beji trails behind with the biscuts (yeah there real punk)
"thanks guys your so sweet." you say setting down the invitaions on the grass.
"no sweat. billy you wanted coffe right."
"yep." billy grins and takes the coffe from paul and then puts on his sunglasses.
"Daddy cool indeed." you say
billy grins.
finally benji comes out with the biscuts.
"Thats great benji thanks" says billy
"yeah thats great....but is there any peanut butter?"

Tre takes the package from the delivery guys and sets it on the kitchen conter.
'mr tre cool, use these with pride and may all you vitums be holy'
Tre open a drawer and a spider crawled onto the counter. Tre pounded his fist on top of it .Blood sacttered everywhere. He smiled wickedly.
He then lifted out a large knife and ramed it into the top of the box. In no time it was open and tre was peering down into it.
Yet again he smiled wickedly.
He put his hand in and lifted out a small hand gun then he lifted out the bullets and magazine.
As if this wasn't enough he also lifted out a small but sharp knife.
He laughed wickedly.
*they'll pay....ohh yes they'll pay*

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