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Sunday, April 30, 2006

an eyeliner story - bang bang ur dead
its just dis, then the day before the wedding, then the wedding , and then last final one unless i wanna do one in between it. but i might not.
Don't worry there'll be a second series called 'An eyeliner story - scond times the charm'. :3

Billy paces up and down the living room waiting for 9pm to arrive. Joel and benji sit beside each other nervious decusing stuff.
Carry has her head on pauls sholder.
You twidle ur thumbs while resting ur hands on ur growing stomach.
"billy sit down!" you say
"Im fine here." he replies and looks at the clock.
its only 8.30
"Billy we have half an hour relax." says joel
"I can't i just can't, i wanna get this over with i just can't belive i might have to kill a human being."
"only if it comes to that sweete" you say ," sit down."
Billy sits down beside u. He dosn't lay back he sits unright and alert.
You don't say anything nor does anyone else. Finally 9 pm arrives and theres a knock on the front door.
Billy gets up and lets the police in.
"Shall we go and get into posion?" asks the sergant.
Billy nods and he, joel,paul and benji follow him out. U and carry stay home.

You and carry sit nervously in the living room. The fire cracking and the t.v turned low.
"wonder whats happened?" u say
"don't know" carry replies.
Its not really the talking mood, so nothing else is said until theres a loud knock on the front door.
"Who could that be?" you ask carry.
You get up and go to the front door. Something tells u not to open it but something also tells u that it couldn't be tre becasue hes at the park.
You open the door.
Tre walks in.
You scream and move back, carry enters the hall.
"What do u want u bastard." carry screams.
"Im not going to hurt u" he repies
"yeah right get out!"
"i swear im not going to hurt u"
you look at him.
"Carry listen to him." u say
Theres no expression but sadness on his face.
"Tre what do u want?" u say softly.
He holds out a gun and takes ur hand. He puts it into ur palm.
"I want u to shoot me."
U look at carry who looks at the gun.
"I can't do that!" u say
"Please" he says
"no i can't" u force it back at him.
He takes it.
"I suppose i better do my own dirty work. Im sorry...for all the pain iv cost u" tears are in his eyes "theres no reason or excuse for what i have done. I sorry."
He lifts the gun to his fore head.
"No tre please." you say
He pulls the trigger. Blood splashs across the walls.
"tre" u say silenty.
"we need to call the boys." carry says almost crying.
You take a deep breath.
"This won't make my nightmares stop but maybe it'll help his."

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