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Thursday, September 8, 2005

sorry guys!
ill write on tomorrow coz todays my birthday and i don't want to be writing depresing stuff.......sorry if you guys reallly want to hear the next part.
But i had a.....pretty gud day.
I was in biology and my fone rang my dad had texed me and i nearly killed him.
lol. it was funny i didn't get in troble. WOOT WOOT.....go me.
well thanx to all u guys that come here.
Big shout out to the folloing:
Darkness godess- thanx you mate for comein by so much
Fledingvamp- dude girl you rock
ominaster- sorry i can't spell your name but u know who you are.
Love to you all so much.
and of course....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

a new life - forced leave.
hey. woo big shout out to fledling and darkness my mates HEY! love ya.
well heres the chap youv been waiting for. injoy.

"You bitch!" billy yelled in your face. you looked at him tears in your eyes. You and pauls girlfriend had gottin home not so long ago, and since then billys been asking you guestions and yelling at you.
"I didn't i swear." you cry.
"Then who was that guy that your always speking to on the fone?"
You look at him...
"Tre....." you lower you head.
"There! there it is you said it." he truned his back on you.
Tears dripped down your cheeks.
Joel looked over at you.
"Go get your stuff and get out of here."He says a pale and evil expression on his face.
You do as you are told and leave the house.

Mike opens the door to your pale and upset face. You stand with your bags over your sholder and with your hand held over your stomach.
"_____! Hey whats up."he asks
"Can i stay here, they kicked me out." you tried not to break down and cry.
Mike takes you bags and you come inand sit on the couch.
"Tre told them again didn't he." mike puts his arm round you.You nod.
"Hes a lieing basard and they beleaved him."you swear.
You sit playing with your hand. Billy had takin your ring....
You break down into tears.
Mike puts his arms round you.
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its okay....hush." he comforts you.
you cry into his chest.
You can't haddle this....its too much.
"Mike......thanx you"
Mike looks at the mirror oppossit him........
"Its okay.....i know how we are.....men are bastards." he tried to make you laugh but couldn't.
You lie there upset and in pain......

next chap continued to morrow.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

a new life- youv been to heaven..now go to HELL!
here you go.injoy. Sorz the memo an't long nothin to say!

Billie joe sat on his bed, the fone to his ear. It was now a month later and your 6 months pregant.
"Tre your joking right."he says rubbing his temple.
"No..really. please. you have to beleave me. please." tre crys pathicicly.
"Tre are you sure coz your scaring me."
"She slept with me and i can't... i can't stand this on my mind. please tell billy im scared to."
Billie joe looks at himself in the mirror.
"Tre your serious huh"
He hears tre sniff, he was crying and shaking by the souns of it.
"Yeah....sadly i am."
The fone nearly slid from billie joes hand.He hung up and rang billy.

Billy is sitting in his living room with the guys. You are away shopping with pauls girl friend.
Billy picks his fone up as it rings.
"Hello. billy here."
"Billy i have something to tell you important."
Billy looks confussed.
"Billie joe is that you."
"Yes now listen."
Billy was put back by billie joes answer but listens.
"Tre called and he was crying and shaking and hes scared to tell you.....hes scared to tell you that ____ sudused him and the baby in hir is his."
Billy's jaw dropped.
"Hes joking."
"No!no its true."
Billy grips the fone tighter, tears in his eyes.
He hangs up.
"Hey dude whats up."asks paul.
Billy looks at him and tells them the truth.
"Dude that can't be true." says joel looking stunded.
Billy nods slowly.
"It is...."he puts his hands over his face.Tears dripping from his eyes.
"Dude its okay." paul pats him on the back,"you can cry if you wanna."
Billy hits his hand away.
"Im not crying."billy says,"i have bad hey fever."
Benji looks confussed.
"Its the middle of antum...."
Billy icnores him and truns his attenion to the front door.
Waiting for you to come home so he can yell at you and tell you how much youv hurt him.....when really hes hurting you.

bit short and stupid but read next time to see what happens.

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Monday, September 5, 2005

a new life - he still gonna get you.
hey. sorry its late i had skool and u know how it is breaking the ice and all. well heres the other part injoy.

Tre walked down the street. His old, brown hoodie wrapped round him.
*Bitch* he thinks as he truns the coner to his appartment.
*Ill get her back yet...billy will never love her again.*
He climbs the stairs to his appartment taking two at a time. He reachs the black shiny door, and takes out his shiny key.
Suddenly he hears the fone ringing from inside.
He pushes the key in the keyhole and rushes inside for the fone.
"Hallo. Tre cool here." he says.
"Tre!tre guess wot!" yells Billie joe on the other end.
"Wot."tre sighs thinking that billie joe might just be getting worked up over a stupid dog again.
"Billy and ____ are getting married." he yelled.
Tre put a finger in his ear and moved it about.
"You are joking." tre says
"Nope really."
Tre forces himself to say "yeah great"
He throws down the fone and rups his temple he can feel the beginning of a long and painful headake.
"Damn this will make it harder for me." he says to himself.
He walks into his room and lies on the bed.He starts to think of a plan........

~next day~ You grap billys arm as you and benji hook cashdogg on the rope-think to take him for a walk.
"What?" he asks playfully
"Come on your coming with us." you say pulling him up off the couch.
"I don't wanna."
"Stop being such a baby." benji yells from the hallway.
"Okay okay ill come." he gets up and pulls on his shoes.
You go down to the park.Sun gleaming in the sky.
"Lovely day huh!" you say, your head on billys sholder.
He nods.
You look up at him, he wasn't looking at the sky he was looking at you.
"Stop it."you say but realy didn't want him to stop it at all.
"What you don't like being fussed over."
"GUYS!guys look." benji yelled.He was pointing to cashdogg who was swimming through the water after the ducks.
You laugh.
"Wow! he can swim." says billy sarcasticly.
"Shut up i think its cool" replys benji.
"And i wasn't tking that away from you."
Benji runs off to get a stick for cash to run after. Over all it was a great time.
Finally you and billy sit down on a nearby bench.And off course your fone gos off.
"Hello." you say
"Bitch!ill get you soon enough just you wait and see." it was tre and all he did was laugh in your ear and hang up. You look at the fone dazed.
"Who was that?" asks billy.
You stal for a moment.
"Ah.........no one.........wrong number."
You back and sit by billy.thinking. Will tre get you and what does he mean by soon.

muhahahahahah getting gud.

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

a new life - Birthdays rock!
hey guys. whats up. no really pm me and tell me. kidding. well here ya go!

you and billy arrive home and everyone is allready there.
you walk inside, joel and benji are mucking about in the kitchen and your happy to see paul brought his girlfriend who is a close friend. Emily is her name. Beatuiful, long brown hair and blue eyes. You decuessed music and preveous boyfriends.
Billie joe and mike are standing talking to paul and emily and tre......where is tre?
"Hey happy birthday!" says billie joe as you come over.
"Thanx."you smile and he kisses you on the cheek.
You blush.
"Birthday kiss." he says
Mike gives you one as well.
"Ahhhhhhh thanx you guys."
Mike was like a father to you and billie joe like a crazy second dad. Paul was you older an wiser brother and benji and joel where brothers as well.
Billy came over and put his arms round you.
"Hey guys wheres mr cool" he asks
Mike looks at billie joe who shrugs.
"Thats the million dollar question."
Billy looks confuessed.
"So if i can answer do i get a million dollars?"
"Ah.........billy....honey its an expression." you say patting his hand.
He makes the 'ohhhhhhhhhh' face.
It is a fyn party considering its only you,billy,mike,billie joe, benji,joel and tre who is propably waiting to scare the bejebus out of you somewhere...oh yeah and cashdogg can't forget him.
you guys talk about stuff and blare the music loud.
Then billie joe's fone rings.
"Hello." he says
"Hey billie joe i can't make it to the party see ya." then it clicks and has a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
"Tre can't make it." he says
You shrug.
"Thats okay."
So now that tre an't coming u feel better and you guys muck about and the tell stories anout each other. Hours into the night you have fun.
"Hey guys don't we have a cake or something." says benji.
joel jumps up.
"oh yeah il go get it." he goes into the kitchen and brings out a chocolate cake with strawberry iceing.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh guys you shouldn't have." you say even though you know the should."you aren't going to sing are you?"
Billie joe taps the wodden table.
"And a 1 and a 2 and a 3."and then everyone starts singing.
You blush.
"Guys i need to give _____her present now." billy says.
They all look at each other.
"We had to get presents."asks mike.
you shack your head.
Billy gets down on one knee in front of you and takes out a velvet box.He opens it reveling a beautiful ring.You have a tear in your eye.
"_____i love you, i love you more than anything in the world, i would give up anything for you, so will you make me the happist guy in the world and become my wife."
You look into his blue eyes.
"Yes." you say.
He takes the ring and puts it on your finger.Then he throws his arms round you.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" they all say in the backround.
Benji sniffed.
"Joel benjis crying...again."say paul
"Damn you paul." he sniffs and the walks into the kitchen.
you look into billys eyes and the his lips touch yours.
You and him are deep in a passonite kiss.
Paul looks at emily.
"I love you paul." shes says
"I love you too" he replys
They both kiss.
Joel, billiejoe and mike look at each other.
"I love you guys!" crys joel.
They all throw there arms round each other in a group hug.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cute.

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Friday, September 2, 2005

a new life- 5 months later
hey guys. here you go. injoy.

~5 months later~
okay so now your 5 months preganant.
billy and you are in the mall, shopping for baby clothes and what not.
"Oh my god billy look at that" looking at a tiny black, t-shirt with 'cheer up goth' wrote on it.
"Ha ha thats cute, you have to ecmet it."
"Yeah but we don't know what it is yet so i guess we shouldn't buy anything." you say putting the t-shirt back.
He kisses you on the cheek.
"It dosen't matter what it is, as long as we're both happy."
You smile.
He takes your hand and you both walk out of the baby place.
You put your head on his sholder.
You both looked real young. You being 17 and him being 25.
"Young mom." laughs billy
"What?" you say
"Oh nothing i was just thinking thats all."
you shake your head.
"Young dad." you say
He looks at you.
"Why thank you."
You laugh.he was so funny when he wanted to be.
Then this guy walked up to you both.
"Billy martan.hey long time no see." says a guy with a smug expression and a balck 'him' hat.
"Ville valo. wow fancy meeting u here." billy shakes ville's hand.
"And whos the young lady." ville asks
"This is my girlfriend, _____"
Ville takes your hand.
"Nice to meet you."
You smile shyly.
"Is there a little buntle on the way?" he asks both of you.
Billy puts his arm round you and nods.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh. Well congrats." he says smiling to you both," see you later lil billy, bye _____" he walks off.
You look at billy.
"He seems nice." you say
"Yeah he is" billy replys
"So what are we doing later?" you ask
"Well we are having a party and billie joe, mike and tre are coming." he says.
You think for a moment.
"Why? whats the party for?" you say confussed. You didn't really care about tre now because he wouldn't rape you and your preganant.
"Happy 18th." he says kissing you on the lips.
"How......what?" you stamer.
they knew about your b-day ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
"I know your b-day trust me, im sure you know mine." he simles.
You look at you feet (well you stomach)
"umm.......ill get back to u on that."
"Well ill let that go,come on we gotta get home." billy and you make your way home.
But billy has something up his sleve but hes noth the only one.

mu hahahahahah read on u have to find out what happens.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a new life- how fucking dare you!
sory for the delay. i feel like shit right now. its along story ill tell you laters.Heres the story, excuse the shitness of it.

Billy has his arm round you. You have your hand in his jeans pocket.
"I can't beleave im gonna be a daddy."
You look at him.
"Yeah but it might not be yours remeber...."
He looks at you as if to say 'i don't care whos it is im still gonna be by your side.'
you read his look and kiss his cheek.
"You can read minds, neat." he says.
Suddenly benji runs ahead of you both and paul and joel following. Benji stopped and joel jumped on his back. They where trying jackass stunts.
you and billy laugh,Billy kissesyou and runs of to join them. You watch them mucking about like kids....and feel warm inside.
Suddenly you fone rings.
You awser it.
"_____! What the fuck to you think your donig." yells billie joe over the fone to you.
"What do you me." you say confussted (my new word)
"You slept with tre." he yells
"No i didn't why would i do that." you say......you know tres game....but your not going to play along.
"What but he...."
"Yeah, im sure he did.....haven't you forgotten hes on meaction....." you say
Billie joe pauses.
"your right," he says 'Told ya billie joe, she loves billy for christ sakes....why would she sleep with tre.' you hear mike in the background.
"Im sorry, i beleaved him, i guess he needs more medacation....sorry to bother you."Billie joe says slightly dumbfouned.
you hang up and go back to watching the guys....but they where away on ahead so you sat down on a bench and wated for them to come back.
*How fucking dare he do this to me....he won't try it again coz they don't beleave him...* you think.
Billy comes running back.
"Wow! that was good." he sits beside you.
"Always like that?" you ask
He twidles his fingers.
"No......not always..."he says
Suddenly once again your fone rings.you aswer.
"Bitch, ill get you next time," it was tre. you coldly look at the phone.
"Leave me alone, please, i don't have time for your silly games."you say
Billy looks at you.
"Who is it?" he says
"No one."
"Whore, ill get you.....because in my game you lose." he laughs and then hangs up.
You look at billy.
"Who was it?"
"Just....just a guy i know, being a gaylord,"
Billy puts his arm round you.
Billy was worried.Worried that you where with someone else and worried that you where being torrmented, he didn't know which was his prime worry but he was soon to find out.

i beleave this is getting goood. so read next time....im gonna skip a chapter and go start to 5 months pragnant....if you guys don't mind.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

sorry for the delay. iv been busy and my mam is mad at me so im banned. i might be on later and so might the story buti dount it. sorry ppl.
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A new life- he'll stop at nothing!
I haven't got any memo today. Nothing to memorise. lol. Yeah well my mood an't great so heres my best!

~2 weeks later~
Billy is much happer now than ever.
You and him ar having alot more fun.You guys are going to theme parks with the guys and just having fun.
Its nearly hallowen and Billie joe,mike and tre have gone home for the holidays.they all know about your baby.
Tres been acting real down.
"So what you gona be for halloween my pet." says billy kissing you.
"Don't know mybe a vampire or zombie."
He smiles at you.
"Well how about the zombie bride and groom?" billy asks
You smile at him and laugh.
"Yeah that would be fun."
Billy puts his arm round you.You guys are sitting on a park bench in the theme park while benji,paul and joel are on some rollercoster.
After the ride is over benji comes running up to you guys followed by paul and joel.
"Woo hoo that was fun." he yells with excitment.
"Yeah." pual says lening over into a bush and throwing up, joel does the same.
You look at billy then at benji.
Billy laughs.They take there heads from the bushes.
"Not funny." says joel wiping his month.
You burst into laugher.
"Try doing that every morning."
Joel shrugs.
"can't beat ya there."
"Come on lets keep gonig."Billy gets up and pulls you up with him.
He puts his arm round you and you put your hand in his jeans pocket.you black hair lieing down your back glising.
"You are so beautiful" he says kissing you.
"You are too." you kiss each other in a passonite snog.
"Get a room." yells benji.
You both laugh.
Billy and th erest of the guys are wearing hats to keep anyone from noticing them.
"That hat is sexy on you." you say
"No im just sexy all over." he laughs.

Billy joe wlks into his living room.Mike sitting tlaking to adrienne, and helping joey (billie joes oldest son joseph) with his homework.
"Dad can you help me mike's crap at math." says joey
"Hey!"mike says acting hurt.
"Listen to the boy hes smart...you are crap at math."says billie joe.
Billie joe starts to help joey with his homework when the doorbell rings.
Adrienne gets up to answer the door.
"Hello." she says
Tre is standing there,with a grim expression.
"Hey tre come on in."
Without a word tre pushes past her adn into the livnig room.
"Billie joe, mike i need to talk to you."
Billie joe looks at mike,
"Sure come on tre."
Billie joe leads tre into the kitchen.
"What is it." asks mike.
Tre sits down
"You know the way ____is preganat,she.....she...suedusted me into sleeping with her."
Billie joe and mike looked stunned,but mike really didn't beleave a word he said but billie joe rings you sart away to tell billy....you happy new life has just been shattered...by a rockstar rapest.

muhahaha im leaving it there im am so evil......

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

a new life- what ever it takes to make you happy!
a big shout out to darkness. hope you like this one my friend.
ill say nothing else here you guys are.

You sit beside paul in the car. you are twling your thumbs.*oh gud here we go* you think as the car comes up to the house. Paul parks it round the back.
"Oh look miss maddens here." paul says pointing at the blue cleo sitting outside.
"mom!" yells benji jumping out of the car.He runs into the house to see his mother.
"Wonder if your kid will be anything like him." laughs paul.You both get out of the car and paul escorts you into the house.
You both go into the living room, benji and joel are sitting beside there mother.
"Wheres billy?" you ask
"I think hes up stairs." says joel getting up and walking towards you.
"Mom, this is ____, shes billys girlfriend."says joel
"Hi nice to meet you." you say shyly.
There mother smiled at you.
"Its a pleasure to meet you dear."
you smile back.
Suddenly the door of the living room opens, billy is standing in the doorway, his eyeliner running and a tiny blood stain on his shirt.He looks from you to joel and benji's mom.
"Hi mrs madden" he says in a depressed tone.
She smiles at him.You look at billy, a tear is in your eye.
"Excuse me i think i had better go up stairs."
you push past billy and run up the stairs.
you run into your room and cry on the bed, billy comes and sits beside you.
"Whats up." he says
You look at him.
"You, whats wrong with you billy your depressed over me...of all things."
"I love you and im upset to see you hurt"
"Billy i need help nad you need help nad we can get it together, i don't care, i just hate seeing you like this."
He looks at you then lowers his head.
"I have something to tell you."
You say putting your hand on his.
he looks up at you.
"What" he says
"Im preganant."
He looks at you for a second.
He throws his arms round you and kisses you.
"Thats great news."
"It is" you say dumbfouned (i luv that word)
"Course it is." he smiles at you. Finally he smiles, after a week. You cryed, you where so happy.
He cryed he was so happy.
"I love you....and ill do what ever it takes to make you happy."
He says as he holds you.
"Thanx you, i love me to....i mean i love you." you both laugh.

Every thing was gonna be okay,or was it?tre is still an evil bastard and will still rape you. Billie joe and mike are on to him but haven't quite got him in a corner.Keep reading its just getting fun. *evil grin*

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