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Thursday, November 24, 2005

an eyeliner story - boy on boy
muhahahahaahah math math!!!! okay its not that bad here you guys go a cool chap.

Billy packs your back and carries it for you. You take his hand and walk (well limp) down the corridoor.
"So wheres joel?" you ask climbing into the car next to benji and paul," and carry"
"Joels said he had something to do and carry is away home to visit her folks." says paul.
You look into the fronnt seat.
"Billy why is cash ini the front, can't he come here and let me in there!" you say.
"No cash likes up front to look at the car lights."
U roll your eyes.
"Cool." benji says as he takes a pair of your black lace panties from your bag.
"Hey there mine." you take them off him.
"Billy your a damn lucky cunt, you get to see those pantes every night."says benji.
You stare out the windw not paying attention to wot he just said.

"Home."you say as you pull up out side the house.
Benji,paul andn cash head for the house but billy keeps you back.
"____ About this morning." you look at him , " what was this about seeing hell."
"I just had a bad dream thats all, you where dead and satin murdered me, i felt like i was drowning and i had flashbacks."
Billy stares at you for a moment.
"okay." he climbs out the car and helps you with your things.
"Holy shit!" you hear benji scream as you both head for the door.
You and billy stand behind them.
"Joel dude." says paul.
Joel was sitting on the sit beside another guy.
"what!" you say.
"They where....joel was.."benji put his head in his hands," i can't say it."
"OKay listen i was gonna tell u guys sooner but...i was scared."
"What!!" yells billy," im confussed!"
"im gay." says jeol.
No one says anything.
Benji and paul eventually leave and joel shows the guy to the door.
You sit down beside him and billy as well.
"Its okay joel." you say ," its nothing to be ashamed of i have gay friends back home."
"but what about the band."says joel.
"Don't worry about it, as long as you don't try to bed any of us then it will all be okay."
You look at billy.
"yeah besides guy on guy so hotttt!"
Joel looks at you and billy.

okay => hope you like it.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

an eyeliner story - seeing hell
sorry it took me so long but i have been stressed totally out of my mind.
here u guys go.

Billy is sitting on the seat next to you sleeping. His head moving up and down as he breathes, you watch him.
*billy, my bily.* you think smiling to yourself.
You look at the celing and then close your eyes.

A dark coridoor, i was standing in a dark, broken coridoor. Doors and windows smashed, walls covered in cracks and corpses laying everywhere.I walked down to the left, almost standing on the corpse of a young girl, with black hair and a battered teddie.
I leaned down and put my hand on her white dress then i saw something horrible.Her past memories.
"Momma leave me alone please!" she screamed as here mother beat her."momma!"
You quichly withdrew my hand and continued.
I walked into a room with white all round, a man on the floor, he wasn't dead so i walked over.
"____" he breathed.
I looked into his pale face.
"Billy." i whisper.
"Hes here....run...now." his eyes rolled in his head.
I stood up and looked round, the face of satin standing from the darkness.
"Come _____ i will make u feel loved." he out streached a hand and i took it.
He grapped me throwing me into dark water and held me down, i couldn't breathe.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" you scream as you wake up.
Billy and paul rush to help you.
"Its okay, its alreight, you where having a bad dream."
You lay your head back down.
"Your not dead." you say to billy
He looks at you.
"Not that i know off." he replies.
Tears drip from your eyes.
"Iv seen hell." you cry," i swear...i have."

Thats it, by the way the middle paragraph is in frist person.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

An Eyeliner story - The day that i nearly die! and i can't remeber!
this si a grusume chapter, mainly for u..injoy.

You walk to the logal forest, a knife in your hand.A deer ran past you followed by a baby deer.
You watch them playing toget her, your eyes narrow.
*What am i doing im on a mission,*
You start to run across the grass towards a guy with a grey hoddie on.
He truns to face you.
"____" he says
"tre" you repliy.
YOu quickly take the knife a stab his chest. He falls to the ground.
"You killed mike!" you grip a hand round his throat.
"y..yes" he repliys and then his body goes limp.
"______!"you hear someone shout your name as you pull the knife out.
"_______ hello!"
Suddenly you open your eyes to see a white celing above you.
"SHIT! _____ your awake thank god."
You look at Billys face.
"What happened." you ask but billy dosen't repliy he just throws his arms round you.
"what!" you say worried.
"You where stabbed by...by someone."
"When, how what?" you asks confussed.
"You where stabbed and nearly died but you didn't and your okay and..and!"
You take billys hand.
"Sit down billy and shut up!"you say softly.
Billy sits on a chair next to you.
"I was so worried i stayed with you all night."
You look at him again, all night.
"All night!"
You put your head back on the pillow.
You start tio remember everything now.

Tre holds you up against the wall.
"WHORE!"he forces himself into you.
He has his hand over your mouth.
He throws you to the ground when hes done with you and takes out a knife and stabs your chest, you wince in pain.
He then cuts your body with it.
Again you wince then he finally addemts to stab your heart but only gets so far till they came running to your...then only darkness.

to be continued.....

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Friday, November 18, 2005

on hold for a while, or till tomorrow
sorz, im on hold for a while, but i will hopefully have dreamed up something to night *crosses fingers*

but heres a poem in the mean time.

Demons of the past!

When i close my eyes
all i see is darkness going insane
when i close my eyes
all i hear is monsters calling my name
people saying i won't make it through
i believed them
i didn't hear you
the voice that supported me
all the way
who held my hand
day by day
stronger than before
i rise
to fight the demons
you by my side
for-ever together
we'll never surrender
to the demons of our past.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

   an eyeliner story - the murder scene
hello peoples...geez god almighty skool is such a drang right now.....its like ' kill me qickly' *kid runs up with gun, puts it to ones head and pulls trigger*
oh now come on im joking!
anyways heres the story! =)



be on later!

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Monday, November 14, 2005

an eyeliner story - in your head
here. injoy!

Billi joe sits on the ground, a cirarette inbetween his fingers.
You standing watching them bring mikes body out in a bag, tears running down your cheeks, billys hand on your sholuder. You hear him say somthing to joel and joel replies but you don't listen..you are scared, angrey and shocked...how could this happen to such an inosent person.
Billie joe returns, a cirgerette no longer seen, he pushes past joel, paul and carry, to where you and benji and billy are standing.
"Why him." billie joe whispers," why?" he looks to the roof.
Billy takes you hand.
"We are all going to be killed by him!" you say softly.
"What?" asks benji
"Hes going ot kill us all......we'll all be dead within months."
You trun and head down the stairs, billy runs after you.
"Wait where are you going?" he asks gripping your hand.
"I need some space."
Billy looks at you.
"We arn't alll going to die okay! got it! don't be stupid....its in your head" he was yelling.
"its not..hes goingt o kill us all you'll see."
You don't answer you just pull away from him and walk off, billy retreats and leaves to join the guys.
You leave the building only looking back for a second.
"In my head....we'll wait and see."

muhahahahahahahah. What happens...tune in next time!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A big hello from the whole grue here at my house!
Hey guys. im sorry but i have writers block but ill have one tomorrow for you.

But anyways every one says hey here at my house..by every one i mean....the cast of An Eyeliner Story which i will be publishing in picture soon.

heres one of the banners i did for the favourite story things even though no ones voted..this is my fav. Suicide or murder!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

if u like that and want to see your favourite in picture then send in an entery.

for now smiles all round!

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

an eyeliner story- Oh dear god why!
sorry sorry guys i know its late but i have writers block!
but its over now...oh and im gonna have a poll soon so read my pro at the top or ill mail all you readers and u can vote here its just for a banner....your know what ever one of these storys you like the best then ill make a banner for it. so vote if you love one part and what ever one wins....then come get the prize.

Joel runs up the stairs avoding your room and heading stright for benjis room.
"Benji! BENJI!" he screams brusting through the door.
"WHAT DO U WANT!" benji yells back throwing a pillow over his head.
"Mikes...been killed or has killed himself but HES DEAD!"
Benji looks up.
"Don't joke like that its not funny!"
"Im not joking."he yells back.
Joel looks round as a pauls door opens.
"What the hell is all the shouting about."
"Mikes dead!" joel screams," and im NOT joking!"
Paul looks horrifid.
"What...by who...."
"I don't know but we gotta get down there," joel looks at benji,"Now so don't just lie there get your ass out of bed!"
Joel head for his own room nad paul his.
"oh..paul would wake up billy and...whathername please."

You stand on the other side of the yellow ploice tape.
"How could this happen.." billie joe crys," Im gonna kill the bastard who killed mike!"
"Mr Armstrong please!" says a young woman ploice person," we still don't know if it was murder or suicide."
Billie joe sits on the ground his head in his hands.
"Oh come on billie joe cheer up." says billy,"its not like we didn't expected something like this to happen...."
Billie joe dosen't reply.
"Billie joe u still have us." you say patting his back.
"Thats not gud enough." he crys.
"Not gud enough...hey!" says benji.
"Leave it benji he didn't mean that." joel grips benji arm...restraning him.
"Billiejoe please don't be like this....think how i feel..mike took me in when the guys kicked me out..and he treated me like his daughter...." you begin to cry," and..i want him back too but crying isn't going to do that..and .."
"Then why are you crying?" asks paul.
"Not the point paul." you say pointing a finger at him.
Billie joe gets up.
"Im going for a smoke."
He walks off down the hallway.
"Fag"whispers benji

thats it well not it over but u get the point.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

   an eyeliner story - suicide or murder
hey im so sorz the computer internet decided that i wasn't worth living for! so it died on me.....boo hooo!

Mike lays on his cough his legs streched infront of him and his left arm laying over the side on the arm of the couch, his eyes wide open and a gun laying on the ground. The blood was all over the walls, his wrists where slit and his head was split and creaked where the bullet went through....mike was dead.

The house fone rings early next morning and since you and billy where busy (wink wink nugde nugde)
paul and carry where sleeping and so was benji, then joel had to answer.
"Hello." he yawns.
"hello is that the Madden,Marti, Smith residence?" aks a guy on the other end of the fone.
"Yeah thats us...who is this?"
"This is the DC ploice department...and we have to report an insodent."
"oh yeah."
"One of your friends i do belive has commited suicide.....or has been murdered...Mr Armstrong has already been called...so if you would all make your way to 7th street apartments.."
Joel hung up the fone and ran to get you guys up.

sorry its sort.

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Monday, November 7, 2005

an eyeliner story - ill help u and u help me
Okay sorry its late i ahven't had much time on my hands and have been so stressted.

Mike puts his coat around your, shaking body.
Taking your hand he leads you to his car and drives you home.
"Mike im so scared." you say as you pull up to the driveway.
"Don't be.....just tell billy you'll do every thing you can to help."
You look at him...and then lower your head in agreement.
Mike and you get out of the car and head for the door, but before you could knock billy opens it greeting you with a hug.
"Im so sorry please for give me." he whispers as he holds you. You place your hands aroungd his back and whisper in his ear.
"I love you dearly and shall never let you go."
Mike steps past you both.
Tears drip from your eyes as billy lets go.
"Don't cry." he says putting a hand to your face and whipping the tear away.
He takes your hand.
"We can go upstairs and talk..ill straighin everything out."
He pulls you in the direction of the stairs and you follow.

~in the bedroom~
You sit across form him on the bed.
"Let me explain myself...please."
You nod.
"i.....i have no excuse for taking the drugs....but i had been so stressed that i couldn't refuss. I took one shot of novicane..i thought i wouldn't get a ddicted but i did...and for that im sorry but i just...just.."
You put a hand to his mouth.
"Don't." you say
Billy looks back at you.
"Tres back." you say almost breaking down.
"Hes back, i met him in the ally...and he...raped me...again.." you break down.
"Where was mike." he says.
YOu don'treply..he takes that as 'i don't know'
He runs down the stairs,into the living room and grips Mike by the collar.
"WHERE WERE YOU?" he screams
"What?" mike chokes.
"i only got there to catch him.
"Billy leave him a lone." you say gripping billys arm and pulling it away from mike, he falls to the floor.
"Im sorry billy i didn't get there in time okay!" mike yells.
"Billy calm down."says benji," we can talk about this okay."
Billy truns away and heads for the kitchen.
Mike gets up of the ground.
"i think ill go home now." he says heading for the door and leaving.
You go to the kitchen and take billys hands.
"Billy, lets make a deal.Ill help u through this and you help me through this."
Billys leans down and kisses you.
"If course."

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