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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An eyeliner story - my dreams say it all
After carrys fone call to the boys they came home and the police took the body away. Carry,Paul, Joel and Benji all went home and you and billy went to bed.

"You all right?" billy asks laying down beside you.
"Yeah" you whisper sleeply ," night"
You are asleep before billy can replie.

Xdream , 1st person as in youX
I yawned deeply and sat up.I went to put my hands on my tummy but it was flat.....no baby. I panicked.
"hey, hey ____its okay calm down." joel smiled at me.
"My babies?!! wheres my babies." i screamed.
"Over there in that cot. duh." he replied walking out the bedroom door.
I was back in our old room back at the old house.I got out of bed and moved slowly to the cot, and as sure as anything they were both in there.
I lifted one out.
"Hey sweetie."i said...
He didn't move....again i panicked. He was surly dead, he was cold and white and so was the other.
I cryed. and ran from the room to get billy.
I screamed his name as i ran down the hall.
"______ whats wrong?" she asked
"My babies are dead!" i screamed.
She was calm...not even a whimper not even a word of symphaony.She just walked of.
then she turned.
"Billys away in the car." she said.
I ran down the stairs and out to the car....
Billy sat in the front seat,he was dead white and cover in blood.
"BILLY!" i screamed even louder but no one came.
Billy was dead, he was covered in blood.My babies where dead.
I ran inside in otter panick.But no one even noticed they all just sat did waht they where doing. Cash didn't even notice.
What was going on....paul looked at me.
"Oh did u hear billies dead, suppose u dont' know what happened well u see what happened was......." he was about to tell me but i woke up.

Xout of dream back in to normal formatX
You open your eyes, light shines in through the curtains. you put your hands on your stomach.
"What checking the bumps still there." billy sits up beside you.
you sigh and throw your arms around him.
"What did i do?" he smiles
You put your head back on your pillow.
"Nothing i just..love you."

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