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Friday, February 24, 2006

an eyeliner story - im glad i stuck with you boy

Sun beams down on sunny DC at 10.30am. Paul's at the hospital visiting Carry while benji and joel remained in bed. You and billy sit outside with lemonade and wedding invitatons.
"this si addressed to...." bily recited showing you the card.
"how about your family." you say kindly pointing to the sticke note that said 'billy's family'.
"oh yeah srry its too early for this." he laughs pushing the chair back abit and fixing his sunglasses on his nose,"there we go."
YOu shake your head and do the same.
billy puts his hand on yours,
" i love you. i always will remember that."
you look at him. Was something going to happen to him.....??
"hey guys whats happening." benji stood on the door step.
"hey benji you wanna help us write wedding invitations." yo ask
billy made 'no no' movements.
"sure is that okay billy?" benji ask
benji sits down between you two and helps.

'you have.....0 new messages not even from your mother.'
Tre swings his hand down on the machine and rups his temple.
"damn life. fuckin sucks."he pulls the covers over his face.
suddenly there is a knock on the door.
he gets up adn answers the door.
"a package for mr tre cool."
He signs for it and brings it inside.
wonder what it could be....

"guys carrys awake...." screams paul running through the house and into the back yard.
"thats wonderful." you get up and hug him.
"yeah man thats great." billy shakes his hand and was a bout to give him a hug when.
"dude hey your married." paul jokes.
"comehere." billy swings his arm round him.
you join in the hug and benji follows.
" wheres joel." asks paul when he was released.
"im here."joel replies.
"dude come and join the hug." says benji.
He joins.
Finally when the love affer was over, you sit back down on the chair.
"im glad i stuck with you guys. i really am."

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

an eyelnier story - no point in crying.
Here you go.

Billy puts his arm round your waist and you put your hand in his jeans pocket.
"im gonna be a daddy twice over."he says softly.
"Im gonna have to give birth to two babies."you replie.
"I wonder why that doctor wanted to take a scan did he know you were gonna have twins?"
You look at billy then your stomach.
"I am a tin bit big fir 3 months you have to ecmmet."
Billy nodded.
Paul and Joel came running out of a random door up head and ran towards you.
"where were you?"asked joel panting.
"Getting a scan." bily replies.
"oh..great all you two can think about is your baby while my girlfriend is laying on a bed with tubes coming outta her."says paul walking back to the room.
"gee sorry." you mutter.
Joel leads you back to the room where carry is laying with , as paul said, tubes coming outta her.
"Carry." you go to her side.
She dosen't even move.
"Whats wrong with her?" you ask.
Paul dosn't reply so you depend on joel or benji.
"drugs coma."says joel.
There's a long pause.
"So how did the scan go?" asks Billie joe from the corner.
"Carry is laying here and all you say is'how'd the scan go?"you say shaking your head.
"It went well,we're having twins."replies billy.
"TWINS REALLY."Benji and joel yell in approvel.
"Are you going to move away from us into the countryside?" asks benji
"Well yes.....we've been thinking."You walk over to billy who puts his arm round you.
"We've found a nice house on the outskirts of DC but not to far away from EPIC or you guys."replies billy.
Benji sits down.
"Can i come live with you guys too?"
Everyone laughs excipt paul.
"why are you so happy. My girlfriend is in a drugs coma."
"No point crying. its not like shes dead...besides the doctor siad she'd be awake with in a week or so."replies joel

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

an eyeliner story - not now 3
Okay heres the deal. just this once because i want to get this depressing chapter only am i going to give in to you guys. im not going soft no way i am but mearly finishing off a shitty and depressing chapter.

The doctor took yourself, billie joe,billy, Joel and benji into a long white corridor.
"i trust these gentlemen can show you the way." says the dotor joel and benji nod,"but for now would Miss and here husband please come with me."
you look at billy who takes your hand.
Benji and joel lead billie joe away.
"Whats wrong?" billy asks.
The doctor shakes his head.
"nothing at all i just think you should get a scan for that baby of yours."
You look at billy then follow the doctor .

A young nurse put a cold gel on the bump in your stomach.
"oh thats cold."billy grips your hand and kisses you.
"it'll be okay."
The doctor enters and lifts the untrasound piece.
"this won't take very long."
He places it on your stomach and moves it around.
Theres no heart beat just a shoosw sound.
"it takes a miniute."
But theres no sound until all hope is lost.
You hear not one but two heart beats.
You can feel tears in your eyes and you can hear billy crying too.
"just as i thought. Twins mr and mrs..."
"we're haveing twins."

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

an eyeliner story - not now #2
sorry for the delay i couldn't be arsed putting it on the other day.

Billie joe, billy and yourself arrive at the hospital and ran into reseption.
Billie joe scammers to the lobby.
"im looking for a Carry summers....we need to see her."
The respetionest looks at him.
"im sorry sir but are you family?"she asks.
"ah...no."he replies.
"then you can't see her."
"please." says billy."my wife shes preganat and we want to see a doctor."
The reseptionest looks at him.
"nice try.im sorry please sit down."
Billie joe and billy go and sit down. You follow them and grab a seat beside billiejoe.

~30 minites later.~ the waiting area is toally deserted.
You grip your stomach.
"Are you okay."aks billy rushing of his seat to your aid.
"My stomach. it..it hurts."
Billy rushes to the resteption table again.
"Miss we...need to see a doctor."
she looks at him
"its not going to work."
You yell in pain.
"Please." billy says.
"okay..okay wait here."
She rushes off to get a doctor.
Billy rushes back.
"good job you can stop being in pain now."
you look at him.
"please stop."asks billie joe.
"GET A FUCKING DOCTOR!!" you scream.
Billy looks at billie joe.
The nurse comes back with a doctor.
"over her doctor."
The doctor looks you over.
"its okay....calm down."he says
"im going to lose my baby arn't i."you say
"no..no..its only hexly contractions"
you look at him.
"they arn't really that painful."he says getting up.
you look at him.
"not pain ful ha!"
Suddenly joel and benji rush through the doors.
"whats happened."they scream.
"she had hexly contractions."replies billy.
"oh. most women don't evemn fell them."
"NO UTERUS NO OPINION!" you scream.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

An eyeliner story - lets all so to the hospital.
heres the next bit i was planning to write it yesterday night but my head was banging so badly.

The ambulance arrvied and wisked carry away. She was barly breathing. Paul went after them along with joel and benji. You and billy figured that they didn't really need anymore company so you didn't follow.

~in the living room at 11.00pm~
Billy has his arm tightly around your sholder.
"This is how bad i felt when you did this, and when at the beginning me and you fought."he says quietly.
Billie joe sits in the corner watching the clock.
"i must be a bad luck charm or something."
"your not if anyones a bad luck charm its me."you replie," ever since i got here tres takin a loop and billys been depressed not to mention now carrys comited suicide."
"shes not dead yet." billy says.
You stand up and look at him.
"Oh come on billy, shes half dead already and by the time they figure out whats shes taken she'll be dead..and another thing.." you're cut of by the fone ringing.
Billy looks at you.
"you answer it." you look at him
Billy reahes for the fone.
"billy...shes takin abortion pills."joels voice says.
"Seriously..is she okay.."
"no...not really...i don't think shes gonna make it."
Billy looks down.
"call us with any news okay. bye."
billy sets it down.
"shes takin abortion pills. she must have been preganant."
You look at your feet.
"Poor C. Is she okay?"
billie joe gets up.
"we can't just sit here. we have to go down there."
"no billie joe we can't theres already enough."you say.billy agrees.
"oh come on. iv known you guys for a long time since i had to come to DC and i would do anything in the world to help you out, so come on."
You finally agree and head of to the hospital.

short chapter i know but the next is gud.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

an eyelnier story - abortion pills and vodka.
this is sligtly more deprerssing.

"Hey guys hows it goin."billie joe shouts.
everybody loves billie joe after all, why shouldn't they be happy.
"So you servived tre then?!" says benji.
Billie joe nods and looks over at paul.
"Hows carry then." he asks
Paul looks at him.
"Um...not so good im afrid."
"Oh..right. anyway on a lighter note i heard theres a wedding going on in the next few months."
"Yeah, me and ____. but we haven't got a date yet."
"Well im comeing anyway...arn't i."
"nah we don't want you your only billie joe." billy says sarcasticly,"kidding course your coming i think you might have to give the bride away unless of course you would rather be the victor."
"no im giving away...."
"hey guys how bout we go home, you know see how ____ and carry are."says joel

~back at the house~
You are sleeping on the couch in the living room with MTV on. cash is at your feet also sleeping. there is an issue of spring bride beside you.
Carry is upstairs looking at herself.
"Your such a tart." shes says to herself ,"getting preganat like this....you should be ashamed."
She puts 3 pills in her mouth and throws back a bottle of vadka, then she lays down on the bed and the packet in which the pills came in fall onto the ground.the label reading abortion talets
The guys walk up to the front door and quietly open it.
"wheres the girls?" asks billie joe.
"I see my girl now." billy walks into the living room quietly. he sits beside you on the couch.
"_____" he says rocking you slitly,"______"
YOu open your eyes.
"billy honey."you say exhased.
"Hey _____" says billie joe.
"BILLIE JOE!" you yell getting up and hugging him.
"Hey...nice to see you too....i can't breathe."
you quickly let go.
"sorry.Ah...where'd carry go?"
"Must be up stairs."pauls says,"ill go get her."
Paul climbs th stairs not knowing what he's about to find.
"carry."he says.
He walks in through his open dorrway, shes laying on the bed.
"Your sleeping huh." he sits on the bed next to her and rocks her from side to side calling her name.
"wake up please." he begins to get worried and looks over the side of the bed.
He spots the vodka ahd the pills.
"shit" he says picking up the packet.
Benji, who had went after paul, stood in the door way.
"is she dead"he asks.
"no...shes not dead.....she can't be." he seached for a pulse, he found one but very faint..
"will i call 911?" asks benji.
"please..."he replies."your not dead your just in a deep sleep."
Benji rushes down the stairs.
"whats wrong."asks joel.
"Carry's takin an overdose of pills."
"no." you say,"why would she do that no."
paul sat by carry hoping so strongly that she won't leave him.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

an eyeliner story - billie joes BACK!!!WOOT!
hey ho here we go!

Well billy's mother seemed to approve of you and you both didn't mind each others company. Miss madden took a shine to you as well.Carry remeanded upstairs and didn't come down at all, joel didn't tell his mother about him being gay and finally they Miss madden and Mrs martin had to go home but will be at the wedding.

~a month later~
You are now 3 mouths preganat and is begining to show.
anyways its 12 noon and the guys are away to the studio for work, you are sitting upstaris with carry.
"Come on C you gotta tell paul, and let him help."
Carry shook her head.
"i can't."she truns her head and looks at herself in the full body mirror beside the bed."theres somethinmg inside me that dosen't want me to..and i can't go aggensted it."
You look at the mirror.
"Dosen't that get annoying, looking into the mirror as you have sex?"
Carry looked round at you.
"There won't be anymore sex if this keeps up."
"You mean you guys have still been...you know...after you where raped?"
Carry shook her head.
"Oh okay...me and billy arn't having sex ether just to imform you."
She laughed slightly.
"Well duh."she said.
you laugh you had got a result. sex jokes about you and billy work.
*note to self sex jokes about me and billy work*
"im going down stairs you can come if you want or you can stay here and morun."
You get and head down the stairs, you hear carry follow you.
"Ill come too, might as well."
"Come on we'll watch MTV or something."

~at the studio~
Billy is sitting in the corner with a guitar on his knee.Paul is sitting talking to him.
"she just won't talk to me, its like shes avoding me all toether."
Billy looks up at his dieing friend.
"Well man women are complecated things, take my _____ for example, shes compliecated all over but i love."
"yeah but carry ever since tre raped her shes been hidng and it...seems like shes scared."
"she proably is."
"Yeah but ____wasn't as bad as that when she was getting raped by him and that went on for god knows how long."
"Um......ur right...maybe something happened in the past that she put to the side, but when tre raped her it brought it all back."
Paul shugged.
Suddenly benji and joel came runnig in happly.
"LOOK WHOS BACK!!!" they both sream together.
Billie joe walks round the doorway.
"hey guys."he say.
"billie joe!" yells billy.
"hey billie joe."say paul.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Im am soooooooooo sorry.
sorry but there will be no part of the eyeliner story today as i am revising. i am desperate to write on the next bit as it may make u cry or if your twisted make you...laugh inhumanly load.

(it involves a bottle of vodka and so headach tablets.muhahahahahahahahahah) i have really got to stop doing that.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

an eyeliner story - did i tell you im gonna be a dad?
thank u to my local visiters whom i love dearly for coming and supporting my story and me.

Billy's mom just looks at him in that motherly way.
"thats great dear, how long have you known each other?" she finally asks.
Billy looks at you.
"um.....about" he counts on his fingers " a year i guess."
No one sasy anything.
"well thats great William."says miss madden.
Billy goes red.
"William." you say under your breath.
"Hey." billy replies to you.
you smile and he smiles back.
"Who wants coffee?!" asks joel.
He takes orders.
"Joel let me help you."You offer to help and joel aggrees.
Billy sits in the living room with Miss madden, paul, benji and his mom.
"So mom what do you think of her?"
Billy's mom looks at her.
"You'v only known her for a year." she says.
"Mom i know but i love her...besides we were due to marry a while ago but something happened."
His mom was about to ask.
"I don't think he really wants to talk about it, none of us do." says paul.
Billy looks at him with a face of gradatude.
"Well shes nice, do you have a date yet?"his mom asks
"Ah.....no....you see it clashes with things...."
"Whats more important than a wedding?" miss madden asks
Billy looks at paul and then benji, they both make the 'you gotta tell her' face.
"Ah....well......a birth!"billy finally replies.
His mom looks at miss madden then at billy again.
" you mean shes preganat." billy's mom asks
Billy nods
"im gonna be a dad."
"How long, i mean how far along?" asks miss madden.
"Um...about 3 months maybe a bit more."
"this is wonderful a wedding and a baby."bill'ys mom says smiling deeply.
billy smiles, and gets up to join you and joel in the kitchen.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

an eyleiner story - i don't believe you'v met my mom.
hey. im am so bumfucked my exams are going horribly and ihave the whole day of to revise good in a way a very small way.

"can i keep a sercert? i think so."billy replies pulling his pants on.
"good coz this is important."
You close the door tight and stand up aggenst it.
"Carry,she..she had this boyfriend about 3 years ago, he was mean to her and well.......raped her...everytime she tried to leave she couldn't...and now that tre has brought back all those memories shes scared....i don't know what to do and i need your help."
Billy looks at you, with a confuessed look on his face.
"are you serious?" he asks.
"of course im serious....."
He sits down on the bed.
"wow, what are we gonna do we have to tell paul."
He heads for the door but you stand ageanst it stopping him.
"No.....thats the last thing she wants."
"but we can't just leave it."
"oh yes we can."
"but..but..why did you have to tell me...i can't keep a sercret!"
"you said you could."
"i know!"
You move away from the door but keep your hand on the handle.
"We just jave to keep this to ourselves, i only told you because i can't keep anything from you."
"awwwww really, well then why didn't you tell me when tre was raping you...instead of leading me on."
You look at him.
"thats not te point.point is we have to keep this till carry comes out with it."
Suddenly the door bell rings and you hear joel and benji greeting there mom and billy's mom.
"Shit. their here you had better get dressed."
"in what?!"
Billy throws on a t-shirt and then waits while you get dressed.
"finally." he says as you join him on the landing.
He leads you downstairs to the living room. Paul is sitting by the fire just talking, benji is beside joel and his mom and Billy's mom is sitting beside Benji and joels mom.
"Hey mom." billy kisses his mom on the cheek.
Billy sits infront of the fire and you join him.
"Its so nice to meet you again____" says miss maden.
"its nice to see you again too miss maden."
Billy suddenly clicks.
"ah...mom i don't beleive you'v met _____"
"I was wondering when you where goning to introduce me."
You shake mrs martins hand.
"Billy haven't you told your mom that you and ____ are getting married?" asks joel.
Billy looks at him with a glare.
"i guess not then."
Billy truns to his mother and smiles.
"mom we're getting married."

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