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Saturday, April 29, 2006

an eyelnier story - the chase is on
OKay so i have my commenters back go u guys i missed ya!!!!!!!!! U guys need to catch up on what happened.

Carry, you, Billy, Joel, paul and Benji all stand in the hallway. The whisper is faint and rasping but creepy and depressing all the same.
"Tre must die." Billie joes voice whispers brethlessly.
"What do u want?" asks benji the big hard man.
Billie joe didn't whisper back.
You move back and grip billys hand.Carry stays put.
"Carry come here!" says paul
She moves back to paul.
Suddenly the door to the living room closes and the front door locks itself.
"We're trapped in here!" says joel looking round," all the windows and doors have ether locked or closed themselves."
You look at billy and then at the walls.
"Tre must die on the park bridge tonight!" billie whispers.
"On the park bridge!! WHEN!" you ask.
"____Shhhh!" billy whispers ,"ur talking to a dead guy!"
"Billie joe when!! answer me!" you ignore billy.
"Midnight. take only one gun u won't be needing anymore."
"Why is it always midnight with u dead guys?" asks paul
"I don't know ask the big man upstairs!" replies billiejoe in the same whisper.
"Theres a man upstairs!" repies benji confuffled.
The doors unlock with a click and the cold errie feeling is gone.
"Hes gone.....what did he mean by the bridge and 1 gun!" you ask.
"Tre must be going to the bridge tonight we need to call the police."
Joel lifts out his cell fone and calls the office.
"Hey sargent dude get men together for tonight tres going to the park bridge at midnight. The park bridge u know where dat is! okay round 9pm we'll meet here good bye."
"Well!" says billy.
"We're all gonna meet here at 9pm and then head off.!" says joel.
"did u tell him where here was?" asks paul
"they already know."
"Im coming with u."you say
"me too!"
"Carry__ you guys can't come!" says benji," ____ ur pregant and carry....you just can't come!"
"I don't care we're coming!"carry says
"I wanna see tre die like a rat, i wanna see the bullets go into his chest and see him gasp his last breaths!" you say
billy looks at you and edges away
"Creepy homacidalness!" he says
"Right so the chase is on then!" joel says
"From rockstars to mission imposiblestar." replies paul.

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