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Monday, July 24, 2006

Harry and Dracos : DOP
Yeah ill explain what the stands for later anyway heres my picture. Well pictures.

This Harrys hand with Dracos tie and Dracos hand with Harrys glasses. Once i get my psp this will be coloured i swear.

This is Draco (shite i know) and the camera is blurry and shitty. Its better in the flesh i guess you could say. Anyway. This is a random picture i fished form my head. Theres not a story behind it yet all i can say is that he looks damn young.

Iv not bothered to post them on here at orignal size becasue the'd strech the screen and thed take for ever to load and the bigger it is the bluryer.

This is Harry, duh. Its not very good as always but i was sleepy when i drew it. It looks more like harry than draco looks like draco.lol.

Bunny harry in a scarf :3 so sexy really look at the expression.
I still need to get dracos done for that ill do that tonight.
Okay well i post more when i can.


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