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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dracos harry's love slave:3
Ha ha im gonna write a short passage to give you a little idea why in this oh so shitty picture draco (who looks far from draco) is wearing a dog collor.

once again im sorry its not big but its the the quitaly it gets all messed.

Harry kissed draco softly on the forehead.Draco looked up into harrys eyes. He was naked and laying on harrys bed in hogwarts. He gripped harrys arms and licked his chest. Harry pushed him aganist the bed. He knew by the way dracos legs we're spread out what he wanted. Harry pushed a finger up dracos enterence. Draco moaned and gasped wit pleassure. He was begging for another and the another. Harry bit into his non exsistenced thighs and kissed them softly. He withdrew his fingers and draco's body relaxed.
"Thank you," he whispered
"Any time Draco...."

Its not really that good. Please don't sue or ban me im just a hopeless romantic.....my writing means nothing.

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