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Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer time.
Hey guys im not posting an eyelnier story becasue no ones reading it so im gonig to move the whole thing to my quillza account and my free webs account which i am also writing fan fics on. Proably harry potter mostly becasue at the moment im obsessed. And maybe some .hack but we'll see. Any way its summer time over here and im bored and lazy not to mention i have late nights and can't sleep, and end up waking at like 5 in the morning and wondering the hall's like a ghost. I have to go to spain in august and i was in germany but not for the world cup did u see who won. ITALY!!! yayyyy. they desevered, the frech capton was out of line. way out of line.

Anyway you guys have a great summer!!
XxXxXx Chloe

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