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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

an eyelnier story - bad news for christmas
sorry but i told u why it was late and i still think i might have more nights. im stressed about my exams coming in jan, im stressed about christmas and im stressed about this web site.

Carry throws you the tinsill from the top of the stairs.
"here catch."you catch the long thin, sparkly string in your hands.
"good one." carry cries, gripping the banester as she trips.
"Watch yourself" you say,"don't want you in the hospital when paul comes home."
You are both in high sprits as the guys are comeing home soon.
Cash is sleeping in the kitchen while you and carry hang decorations, and wrap presents.
"Can't wait to see what billy bought you"carry hands you the duck tape.
"Cant wait to see what paul got you." you replie as you tape the tinsel in place.
Carry stands back from the stairs.
"Wonderful."she says smiling, you join her at gasing at the stairs.
"It is."
Nether of you talk for a moment or two.
"The guys will love it when the walk in through that door."you say, lifitng the box of remaning decorations,"lets decorate the living room."
You both head into the livign room when the fone rings.carry and you grap for it, but carry reaches it first.
"Hello."she says breathlessly.
"Hello, how you guys doin?" asks Benji on the other end.
"Benji!" carry srceechs,"where fine."
"Thats good."benji replies.
In the backround you are making 'letme speak' movements.
Benji talks on.
"When are you guys coming home."carry asks excited.
"Well thats the thing....we won't be home till christmas night."
"What."carrys face fell.
"What?"you whisper.
"Sorry."benji says."see you then bye."
The fone gos dead and carry slams it down.
"What."you repeate.
"They won't be home till christmas night."
You look at her.
"What no..."
Carry and you head to the living room.
"I don't feel like decorating anymore do you?"carry says.
"Not really."
You both sigh and put your feet up on the coffee table.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Im sorry guys.
Hey guys. i can't write on today coz my dad has work to do on the computer. And things are really screwed on my website at the moment im copying everything into a folder so u guys who want to can go read the storys in the order, all you have to do is go to the bottom and find the name of them which i will give to you when i can.

anyway i am really hating my family right now, things are shit and i think im gonna stop eating again, totally lost my apatite.
Though i am deadly thristy, maybe that has something to do with my salt intake....okay im back.
anyway i sorry guys, i really wanna write on but i have work to and so does the other bastards in my family, god i really need my own computer.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

an eyeliner story - the one where though gets the vote.
1st off i have a question and i want a half sane answer. Where the hell am i to get insprition for some out of this life art, i need some anythingggggggggggg!

You listen to Cash backing, and you figured because your awake you might as well get up too.you walk into the hall only to meet cary on the landing.
"Shit head of a mutt."she mutters rubbing her forehead.
"Whats he barking at anyways?"you ask following her down the stairs.
"God only knows."
You shrug agreeing with her.
You head to the kichen wile carry takes a detour to the livign room where the dog is.
"What are you barking at you son of a bitch."she says.
"Leave Him alone, he's just doing his duty."
"What and barking, waking us up and trying to eat the window is his duty, sometimes i wonder."
Carry reaches for the mugs in the cupboard.
"Carry, he didn't wake me up i was already awake, infact iv been awake for 2 hours."
"Been thinking again."replies carry.
"Yeah, but a girls gotta think."
Carry laughs.
"You miss mike huh."she hands you a coffee mug.
"Of course i do.And as for billie joe, well i feel bad for the guy, he's lost mike to murder and tre to rapest/murder/stalker."
"true but billie joes strong, and so are you, besides tre's propably forgot about you anyways."
You smile.
"Ether that or he's planning."she adds.
"You just had to ass that didn't ya."
You trun and head for the living room.
"Oh come on i was kidding."
"Yeah well don't."
YOu sit down on the coach and carry sits beside you.
"Im sure nothing will happen to any of us or the guys cheer up."
YOu look at her.
"Not everythnig turns out for the best these days...does it."

sorry guys thats all i have but the next chap is so disi pointing.
Not for you guys but for you know carry and your woman.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

an eyeliner story - the one where you girls are left in charge #1.
im sorry i haven't updated iv been of skool with a mean virus (which means the don't have a balls what it is)but im okay now, well no im not but il get through it.

10 december 10.30 am
"Joel! Hurry up we're leveving now." yells benji up the stairs.
"shut the hell up im coming!"
The guys are leaving for a last minitue request from the studio, to play at some arena place before christmas.
"Guys do you really have to go?"you and carry plead at them.
Billy and paul look at each other.
"Im sorry we have to but we'll be home after a coupple of shows."Replies paul.
"yeah that should be in like,"billy counts his fingers," a week and a half."
The pull away from you both when benji and joel call from the car.
"Bye!"you and carry yell. They yell back waving there arms out the windows.
Then there gone.
"Im bored!" you say as you sit down with penut butter.
"Why are you eating our peanut butter?"carry asks you.
"Im a pregnat woman i get cravings."
"You are only a few weeks pregant."
"Oh shut up."you stick your finger in and lick it.
"Thats wrong!"
You laugh, then cashdogg jumps up beside you and licks the jar of peanut butter.
"AWWWWWWWWW! CASH DOGG."you both scream real gurly like.
"Do you wanna call the guys."you ask lifing the fone in your hand.
"Nah they'll kill us."
Suddenly the fones rings in your hand.
"Hello."you asnwer.
"HEY!" says billys excited voice on the other end, you hear paul in the backround "letme talk to carry billy."
"Hey whats happening."
"Nothing you."
"I love you."
"I love you too."
"Hey dude letme talk to carry."yells paul
"Get off you great boar."
"Well exleast im not a lampost."
"Ohh that was soooooo bithy."
YOu and carry sit listeing to there fight and all was well.

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

an eyeliner story - i can't help but wonder.
here u go. By the way my site is gonna open soon so come visit kay.

You sit at the table downstairs for most of the night then go back to bed.
You crawl in beside billy and snuggle up to him close.he sturrs but dosen't awakin.
You lay in the darkness just staring at the back of billys head, then you cast you eyes to his tattooed left arm.
You name is on the sholder blade, you smile.
*He loves me so much he gets my name in permant ink.*
Suddenly you hear a loud bang from across the hall, and the a scream from benji.
"Shit my head."
You get up and walk into his room to see whats up.
"Benji,?" u yawn,"whats wrong."
"I fell outta bed thats all."He pulls himself back up.
You shake you head and wander back to bed.
You once again crawl in beside billy and lie close to his body.
"Night," you whisper in the darkness.

"Hey,____."you open your eyes to see billy looking down on you.
"Morning."you say yawning.
He smiles and kisses you.
He hands you a cup of coffee and climbs back into bed beside you.
"You gonna drink that or stare it away."he says when you starre into the mug for 10 mins.
"Oh no im just thinking."
"About what girly things, my ass, god forbid benji's ass." he laughs.
"None."you replie sturrly.
He stops laughing.
"Whats wrong have i said "
"No billy, it's just....i have alot to think about."
"Wanna share?"
"Not really, there kinda personal."
He drinks his coffee, and donsen't talk for a while after.
"You thinking to."you ask
"Oh yeah."
"Bout what."
"Nothing, personal." he jokes.
You smile.
(in your head)
*Mike, i miss you dearly.Why can't you be here to protect us, why can't tre be dead.Is he waiting to kill me any moment of the day, is he waiting to kill billy? This is so hard why can't it just stop.*

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Friday, December 2, 2005

an eyeliner story - if only you where here.
hey guys heres the next bit of the story and for those of you who don't know you are now prganat.

The christmas tree is up, the guys havestopped wroking for the holidays and billie joe is over one last time before he leaves to go home.
"Billiejoe its so sad you can't stay for the party."you say giving billie joe a hug.
"Im so sorry but i have to go home to my family and i might stay there i don't know, but this town gives me bad memories."
Billy walks out of the kichen two cups of coffee in his hand, he gives one to billie joe.
"Thanks billy." bilie joe falls into the chair behind him and relaxs.
"Billy wheres my cup." you say
"I forgot...but we can share."billy hands the cup to you, you take a sip and hand it back.
Paul looks at you.
"Thats just wrong."
"Shut up." billy repies.
"Yeah, theres already a bit of him inside me whats a bit more gonna do."
Benji is sitting in the corner beside joel.
You have already told billiejoe about joel and he dosen't mind he's all for that.
Billie joe set his cup on the coffee table.
"Well thank u guys for the coffee and ill see you soon."
"Bye billie."you say getting up and hugging him.
"Okay okay. Oh in case im not around inform me on any scans or births kay."
Joel shows him out and you all wave good bye.(wipes tear from eye.)

Its 2am and you are down the stairs sitting at the table.
"Can't sleep?" asks benji as he sits across form you.
You nod.
"Me nether."
You smile at him.
"Benji, i miss mike."
Benji looks at you he can feel the pain in your voice.
"Im sorry, but theres nothing we can do"he looks inot your eyes,"i know u know who killed him please tell me."
You look at him then trun away quickly.
"Ill tell you okay, but only say something when the time comes."
benji nods.
"It was tre he's the one who killed mike."
Benji gets up.
"Good now i can sleep in peace."
He leaves the kitchen you watch him walk away and listen to him climb the stairs.
*Oh mike if you where here......if only you where here.*

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

right guys
heres the deal. you wait one more day and i dish out one more poem. Kay. good. here you go anyway.

the darker ones
they can not see
the darkness thats
inside of me
the point and laugh
make up jokes
im reduced to watching
Until one night
when all is well
up to the house
i shall dwell
ill knock upon
there front door
and into there chest
a knife ill boar
they'll fall and die
'there dead' i cry
they'll leave me be
forever more
my heart be sore.

its kinda dum out of my head thing.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

nobody knows you!!
you sit alone
on the bathroom floor
you back is turned
from the bathroom door
your arms are bloody,your feeling rotten
you the one that they have forgotten

nobody knows you

you cry alone
on the bathroom floor
you turn to face
the bathroom door
you arms are bloody, you feel forsaken
your the one they'v left all shaken

nobody knows you

"help"you cry
"can't you see
there all gone,dead but me!"
you lift the knife
from the bathroom floor
and lets just say you are no more.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

an eyeliner story - early chrismas treat!!
hey guys!! its me im back had to think about this one. Anyway i hopr you like the pic of my puppy Benji at the top i love him dearly...hes better than the rest of my family.

Billy and Paul climb up the ladder to the attic.
"Paul move your ass!"says billy pushing paul up.
"Shut up i can't get the door think open."
"Why can't we have a normal attic like every one else normal?" says joelgoing through the tinsil they had in the colset.
"Because we arn't normal joel!" benji replies helping his brother.
The guys had taken to joels sexuality quite well especaily Benji he was happy for his brother, just because he came out with it and didn't hide away.
"got it!!" shouts paul climbing up into the attic.
"Thank god!" billy yells climbing up after.
"Lets go get coffee this could take a while."carry pulls you in the direction of the kitchen downstairs.
"So hows it going with u and billy?"she asks ,"any sight of a ring yet?"
You look at her.
"No..but there is sight of a new member to the family."
Carry looks at you.
"What?! really!"
You nod.
"OMG! Congrates!"
She hugs u.
Benji, joel, paul and billy all come into the kitchen dragging the boxes of tinsel and christmas tree,(they are going artificl).
"Wow." says billy wiping his brow,"god thats heavey."
"Your just weak." says paul laughing.
Billy rears to jokingly hit him but carry stops him.
"____Don't you have something to tell us all?!" says carry a grin on her face.
"Oh carry no no...."
Carry looks t you,"go on."
"Okay fine......better be room for one more in this house coz im preganat"
Billy runs over and hugs you.
"Really!" he say
you nod.
"Shit! im gonna be a daddy again."
You hug him.
"Im gonna be an uncle."says joel
"me too!"says paul and benji
"You guys an't related to billy." carry points out.
"So....this is a really good chrismas."

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

i haven't forgotten
i haven't forgotten about u guys i just need time to think and relax theres alot of stress right now...with xmas and all.
ahhhhhhh my head is spinning.
but anyway, one way i can relax is by making pictures so check out the pics i made at the top there of all the caracters out of an eyeliner story right now benjis only there but ill have mike and tre and bj and you and all there soon.
If you want them then check out my quiz resluts..but not now coz there not there yet but when they are ill tell you.

anyway see yall round....night or in some cases morning.

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