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Saturday, May 27, 2006

an eyeliner story - and so they say its over.
You stand in the kitchen, leaning on the sink counter with your head in your hands.Tears run down your face, you don't why, he was a murder, a rapest that nearly destroyed your life and that drove your friend to attempted suicide. He killed Mike and Billie Joe how could you feel something for him???
Carry paces the hall where the body is with the cell fone to her ear.She explains to the boys what happened and there on there way home.
"_____ are you alright?" asks carry entering the kitchen.
"i just saw a man who raped me and hurt me kill himself infront of me......how do u think i feel? do u think im alright?" you reply.
You stare out the window into the darkness covering your backyard. You shake your head in disbeleave that the fear could be over, but also at the fact that when tre asked you to kill him you wanted to put a bullet square through his head but you refused. Carry moves into the living room and sits stareing at the silent t.v. She is shaking with fear and shock.
"Is it all over?" you ask her
She looks up at you,
"i don't know, it could be but theres still the possibleity of nightmares."
"Like i said it made his stop but it won't make mine."
Carry nods her head slowly the turns back to the t.v.
If it really was all over then why did you still feel his presence and still feel the pain and fear when he was around you?

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