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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Okay so my art ideas.(that no will steal or they will be killed.)
So um.....Harry and Draco with bunny ears.......:3 so anime so total anime. kay maybe thats just my sickness talking i really am beginning to hate RED FRED ladys know what im talking about. LOL. the digusing word. nah its a cures so anyways. Draco in the Dark Forest....sitting infront of a tree with his scarf on and his normal clothes and maybe a title that says 'loves always over in the morninig' or summit i like that or i did last night. Well i am kinda hanging on the thoughts of Harry and Draco animal style and maybe sirus (drools at sirus in head) lmao. Well you have to tell me what you think and dont forget the ideas i have damn artest block.

and writers.

XXXXxXxXxXXXX Chloe peace love and die from the inside out!

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