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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hell everyone, how are you all doing? Haha, well Iím pretty good, itís the last week until Winter break which as expected is the hardest, I just want to go home, god Iíd love to. Well anyway, my weekend was pretty swell, I sewed more and then I realized I had done something wrong in Soumaís cape. Wanting to rip out my lungs, I had to start over again, but I think Iím finally on track now.

Oh cosplay, how you determine my life, haha. Other than that Iíve been playing Santa Claus, Iíve got the address folks so to those Iíve been speaking over the PMís Iíll send your Christmas goods soon enough. I doubt itíll get there in time for Christmas, Iím sorry for that.

So Iím at school right now in the computer lab, doing my stroywriting for my Film class, bad me eh? Hahah, well I had to post, I thought itíd be okay. Because Iím at school, I wonít be able to visit until after I get home which is later on, so just an update, Iím doing fine, its all good.

I REALLY feel like Iím leaving something out.. Like seriously, lately. Gosh.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

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She's back~ Listening To: "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi
Hahah, I thought I'd say that, its finally Saturday, I haven't done much but SEW SEW SEW SEW. Yes.
I'm almost finished with Souma's cape and its pwning some butt. If you'd like some old reference here it is. So um other than that I've been lurking around LiveJournal, haha. Pretty spiffy community aswell. Thats all of I've done lately, sew and sew.

Hahah. Oh and reading some fanfictions, yes, its time again. Good ol' pervert Vicky is here, mansmut, yo. I found this Kanda x Lavi scan, I'll definitely be sending those to Beck and Tiffany for Christmas. I want me some Tiki and Allen or Labi, omg. Mansmuttt, haha. This is my blog though, so I'll ramble it all. Eragon came out, so I'm looking forward to see it, even though the mixed reviews I've heard and read about it.

ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL WINTER BREAK!! *does happy dance* Although I only get a week of, it's still going rock. I FINALLY saw An Inconvenient Truth, we rented it and my gosh, see this movie, all of it is true, make sure its on your list next time your at the movie store.

To answer some questions from lasts post, My dad's car WAS locked, someone broke through the window though, bummer's yes. It looks like his coughing has lowered in rate, so I'm less worried, but I still told him to check it out.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

I destroy what I cherish~
Listening To: "Warmth Inside Of Despair, Though..." by Sato Naoki

Hello all, well its another time to post, theres quite the much to talk about. Good things I'll say first, I went to Borders yesterday and got Eureka Seven volume 3, GodChild volume 1 and BLEACH volume 16, with sexy Hitsugaya in the cover. The goodies, and I'm hoping to get X the movie, since I saw it there at a reasonable price. My friend Alyson got Ergo Proxy DVD 1, she let me borrow it, but since I've finished EP a while ago, I took it to see how the dub is. Ehhh..fairly nice, Iggy and the doctor's voice ich me alot, Real's dub voice as well but not as much, she sounds like a stuck up bitch, but its alright. I REALLY love Raul's voice though, good god that man is hott. I've been trying to clean my room, in which I major fail, I can't be ogranized and it's seriously been fustrating me. So besides that I've been at school, updating my LiveJournal and other things.. I am dying to see Solid State Society, from Ghost In The Shell, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Ilaria Graziano, she has such a beautiful voice. I have ever heard in music.

The bad news? My father's kinda sick and he's been coughing some blood, I'm a little worried, but I think its nothing too big, and to a side of that, he says that his laptop was stolen, since he mostly keeps it in his car. I won't feel bad, cause why is it in his car in the first place? Though the laptop was large, wide screen, BEAUTIFULLY built, I was pretty mad that he's that low to leave it in his car, wahh~ Umm..school, its been stressing me out, having me mostly up around 12 doing projects and other shit, I can't keep up.

I'm still in love in DGM, I'm continuing cosplays, so yeah. I'm about to see BLEACH 107 and I've gotten my lover(yeah right) Brandon to see it, he's on episode 4 and so far he likes it, yay!!

Thats about it, I'm pretty much done.. I know I'm forggeting, Oh yes!! Don't forgot to stuff my stocking if you haven't done so already
To Roxey, thanksss for the present =D Mmm some Brody..

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

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Her hair, losing it, reminds me awfully alot of Eureka~Hey all the cool kids are doing it.., c'mon, stuff my stocking! =D

I have rather something personal to say, but..it won't just flow with this post, my stocking, so until next time.

[Edit]: How it works, its like one of those quizilla surveys, enter your username and my gift above in the box thingy.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rhode, quite the sex, ain't she~Time to post againn, I haven't done much my self though, I went downtown again and bought myself new boots, soo woo-hoo for that. I catched up with Monica later on whom then came Adrielle, I haven't seen the crazy woman in months so it was REALLY pwnage to see her again. Soo I'm still in DGM world, you can happily blame Beck and Tiffany for that, since I'm up to date with the manga in just three days, I'm waiting for chapter 100. I need more Debit, since I'm planning to cosplay the crazy fracko at Katsu in February =D Besides that, its what I've mostly done in the weekend so far, I progressed more on Souma's cape, a major plus. I'm incredibly happy with my new SLR camera, I have homework to due, boo-whooo's.

Thats pretty much it for me D: I forgot to mention this last post but thanks for the 6300+ hits and 500 guestbook sigs, you can thank that for the n00b signatures XP

Hmm..I should do something productive, like more icons or wallpapers..some sort..

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Friday, December 8, 2006

Allen's quite the bishie~It's friday, thank the lords. I shall dedicate this humble weekend to read manga *cough*D. GrayMan*cough* and watch more of the anime. Jesus, I'm into it, its really good, I wish I would have heard of it sooner. And I reallllyyy love Debit and Jasdero. Well hopefully you've all noticed the theme change, I am once again HTML lazy so we'll stick to this now hehe. Changed the music too, hope you enjoy. Blame Evil for getting me into em =P Well like I mentioned here is the photo I though I'd share with you all, its a photo I took during a sunset, I darkened the showeds and added the orange-ness on photoshop, but everything else was left untouched. I like how it turned out, I like photography, I just sometimes think I'm not good enough.

I went out to the fabric store yesterday, to pick up some more cosplay materials that I'm hoping to finish before Katsucon. So far heres my list to what I'm going to be bringing to Katsu:

Woz- Eureka 7
Souma- Tsubasa
Debit- D. Gray Man

Yes, DGM, can I now be called a geek in a costumes? I think I'll snatch the title. It's been really cold lately, but then again, winter's here, boo-woo. I dislike winter, even though I like snow, not play in it though. Umm..what to speak with you lovelys. Well..I like this guy, named Brandon, Junior, he's quite the hottie but he's like..such an enigma, I swear.

He's like the Mona Lisa..we can't really tell whats in his mind, he's smart and kind and he gave me a $10 gift card at Borders for my birthday which I used to buy D. Gray Man volume one. He's a sweet one, I'm falling for him, but I don't think he will. *sighh*

I'm not sure what else to say. I'll be back if I can think of something. Meanwhile, enjoy the Friday!

Tiffany- NO FACKIN FAIR THATS FOUR HUBBYS YOU'VE GOT!! I claim..Crowley, Komui, Earl(what a weirdo one eh?)...

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Posting again, nothing to report, life's been sorta the same. School's been horrible, I want to rant badly..I really do, I've wanted for so long, but not in this post, I've got something giddy to say. ~~Been reading D. Gray Man ALOT now, I've only got three more 'nights' to go til I reach where mostly everyone is at. If you've read it, you'll get what I mean by nights. Hehe, well to those whom haven't read it, please do, its really awesome. The anime came out, but I've only been reading the manga, God damn you Tiffany!! For getting me into it!! Well okay, other than that, I've also been taking alot of photos. So I'm hoping to share with you all soon..

In the end theres been too much going on for my own good AHHH I don't even know why I'm posting. I'm REALLY sorry I haven't visited everyone lately, I do you no justice, seriously.

My Padawan~ I'll upload the photos on your account later on! ^___^

Tiff-chan- I love Rabi and Tyki..but Crowley's my top favorite, hes just soo funny/random/emo/bad ass. I own him, we should do the hubbys on D. Gray Man too, Hehee~~

Again, if you'd like to receive a Christmas card for me, PM me your mailing address ^___^ I'll only ask close friends (you know who you are), cause probably everyone else will think I'm physco and want to murder, hahah. Alright, to prove to those who think which is LITTLE, that I'm not murder person and 50 year old man, I met with Red on theOtaku, shes RedTigress, check her out, she's cool!

Heres a photo of us: She cosplayed Renji while I brought back the Goddess of Flash--> Yoruichi.

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Monday December 4, 2006

Just a quiiicck post, hehe. Well its December! Who want's to receive a Christmas card from Vicky? If so, send your address over the PM's dont want it in the comments, free to the public ya know? Heheh, well so far, high school is sucking, really bad, too much work. And I hate the kids who are like "OMG I didn't studdyyy, I'm gonna faill!" and then get their quiz and its an 18/20 while I sit next to them frowning as ever with a 11/20, it sucks. Their all the smart kids anyway, I don't think I belong in an Honor's class, cause I'm failing anyway, need to bring it up, mann.

Anywhoo, I've progressed on my cosplay, and I added a new one yep, thats right! Debit from D. Gray Man! c'mon the Noah family needs some loveee! I'm already on chapter 23 XP I would have done Rhode, but..nahh, she's been done alot so I wanted to do Debit, since I haven't seen anyone cosplay her yet. I'm thinking about bringing that to Katsucon, along with Souma, Woz. Leona won't make it =( So uhh yeah..heheh thats about it, the con post is coming soon, I promise! In the mean while you can check out Red's post for some photos at Anime USA, yes we went to the same con and met up! So it was very much fun, I kept running into her hehe, fun hanging out with ya Red!

Oh guess what I got for my birthday? I got a Nikon D80 DSLR camera, along with a 70-300mm lenses and 18-55mm. God damn am I happy now, I've been taking photos like crazy, and I know my photography teacher will love em! Hehe, well that is all, dont forget to PM me your address! Have a good week everyone!

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'll feeling rather dandy today, so I won't rant and post all the negative I've been feeling, we don't need that right? Especially on this day, to those who know me, its my birthday, I don't expect birthday cards, but just you visiting is more than enough ^___^ So another year closer to death, older and all of that jazz, haha. I don't feel different, whatsoever. Well anyway, its been quite the week hasn't it? Monday was just down bleh, so we'll skip to Tuesday, I had an orthodontist appointment, so I went and have my retainers fixed, now my doctor says I need to wear braces in the back, in the molers because one tooth is moving out of its place. Fuck. I've had braces for 5 years now, I don't need anymore plzthx. I got them, its jus three, but one of them snapped off, oops. And then I went through HELL, HELL I SAY!! Well those things they put in your mouth to keep it widely open, yeah those, I had them on and then it was like..DRILLING INTO MY GUMS. No one has an idea how much it hurt, it was like for five minutes straight, strong pain for 5 minutes, I almost cried, and its hard for me to cry but I almost did and oh you could so feel my reiastu, wanting to punch my doctor in the face and send him to Mars. I made up new curse words and probably repeated alot, forgive my dirty mouth, but the pain was too much.

Then I went to school and had a field trip to the AFI center, we saw a Hitchcock film, WOOERS! I'm a fan of his movies, and we saw North by Northwest, good film I must say, I enjoyed it. So after the movie, we all scattered around the strip of Downtown Silver Spring and I stopped by Chipotle, I love the place, I love the buritos, wheheh. Then we went back to school, so I mostly missed all day, and didn't have to take a test in my English class, which is a lifesaver, because I didn't not study, bad me right? And so after that school was over I headed home, and found my brother cleaning his car. I saw more Host Club, episodes 4-10 and also Speed Grapher episodes 15-19. Woo-hoo! I started D. Gray Man, but like I said with Death Note, I'll read the manga first. Weds was ehh mostly fun, I have a class that bombs all my other classes and I have it in the morning so I start off in a bad mood. I had to present my film class project today as I did a research paper on director Zhang Yimou and a review on his film "Hero" it was fairly good, I didn't chicken out like I did the firs time. I'm starting to feel more comfortable there, haha. I've been taking lunch from home lately for the past week, its been good, instead of dying of hunger and being a freeloader.

Then mostly after I had Art class, I drew someone from RosenKruez. Well no official character, I decided to draw Susanne's sister, whom..is not exisiting XD Anne von Skorzeny, I think I might submit it to fanart, its been a year since I submitted art XDDD That was mostly my Weds, nothing too special, I got a load of new Bleach photos, that I MUST MUST share with Tiffany, I'm sure she's gonna love em *Drools*

I submitted a wallpaper today, D. Gray Man loveee!! Please check it out and comment if you'd like. That'l be it from me folks, have a good Thursday, hopefully I will today, I made a banner this other day, you can find it here, enjoy. Oh..well its a spoiler for thos non-manga readers, so don't clicky then.

Guess whatt? Another survey!, I have no life. Thats it for me, new theme next time I update, hopefully. Oh and to my padawan~ I have your layout ready

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nothing to report, I'm still writing my Anime USA report, so I just wanted to update and whatnot. I come with an Anime survey I did, I'd like if anyone had the time to fill it out, I'm curious to what you write in it. Lately I've been stressing about my weight, and I got a really rude comment on my cosplay here, You'll have to open the comment window though, isn't appriciated. I get so many negativity torwards my weight that I don't need any on my cosplays, This n00b doesn't even know me..

On a happy note, regarding to what Shanny-bear said, would you like to see Eragon with me this December? So you could also meet up with a humble MyOtakuer.

Anyway, the survey is located here. That is all

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