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Saturday, December 16, 2006

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She's back~ Listening To: "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi
Hahah, I thought I'd say that, its finally Saturday, I haven't done much but SEW SEW SEW SEW. Yes.
I'm almost finished with Souma's cape and its pwning some butt. If you'd like some old reference here it is. So um other than that I've been lurking around LiveJournal, haha. Pretty spiffy community aswell. Thats all of I've done lately, sew and sew.

Hahah. Oh and reading some fanfictions, yes, its time again. Good ol' pervert Vicky is here, mansmut, yo. I found this Kanda x Lavi scan, I'll definitely be sending those to Beck and Tiffany for Christmas. I want me some Tiki and Allen or Labi, omg. Mansmuttt, haha. This is my blog though, so I'll ramble it all. Eragon came out, so I'm looking forward to see it, even though the mixed reviews I've heard and read about it.

ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL WINTER BREAK!! *does happy dance* Although I only get a week of, it's still going rock. I FINALLY saw An Inconvenient Truth, we rented it and my gosh, see this movie, all of it is true, make sure its on your list next time your at the movie store.

To answer some questions from lasts post, My dad's car WAS locked, someone broke through the window though, bummer's yes. It looks like his coughing has lowered in rate, so I'm less worried, but I still told him to check it out.

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