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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cause Grimmy, makes me feel all fuzzy inside~It's fucking cold. I can't feel my fingers as they are frozen like woah.

Jeez, anyway, I haven't updated for while, think I should. School is school and a pain, but we gotta keep on going. I got nothing too interesting to say but:


I want to fangirl on certain guys, I've become attatched too, feel free to skip this part if you dont like it. I understand. Sooo:
Walter from Hellsing, GOSH..DEAR GOSH..LOOK AT HIM. OMG :humps:
I love Hellsing, I loove Hirano, it does me so much justice. Hahah, well srsly, look at him. Vest's on men is hott.
Tiki from D.Gray-Man. Cause he's just hott, c'mon. I instantly loved him since this chapter, and his ability, turns me on even more. Phasing? Yep. I thank Tiffany for handing him over to me, God bless you for this gift. DAMNIT.
Maxi from Soul Caliber II and III. *DROOLS* Wahh, favorite male, out of all the guys, cause YEAH. YEAH. Look. I'm pretty good at him actually, I can kick some butt, but I'm god with Taki, anyway, favorite male, and that quote! "Like that? That's called getting wooped", OH YEAH I LIKE THAT.
Hidan from Naruto, (Manga)
I LOVE him, you guys have NO idea, I dont care if he's an Akatsuki, they rock, but still, he's LOVEEE. Now with the recent chapters, I love him even more, yes I know, you can hate me for it, but its done for, exsistance is gone, I LOVE YOU. *Makes out with photo*

There, the fangirling is done, I HAD to get it out my system and share with you guys. Soo, how's life? Tell me? Oh and new theme should be up soon, if I can get to making it. Now some icons for you all (Right clicking is available if you wish to take):

[EDIT]: I need help guys, I'm starting a Matrix fanfic, cause its love, anyway, its between Sparks and my original character, cause Spark's needs love too. Anyway heres a bit of a summary:

As an operator with humor, he valued his life on board the Logos, She did not, living a low life. Unaware that being unplugged would soon open her eyes and he would show her to value her life.

I need help, I dont know what's going to be her name, I wanted it to be either Ivy or Rev, but any ideas you have, please say so, Matrix-ish too.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hidan, got mad love and hate for you~Hello all. Short update, I'm still alive and thriving. Nothing so important besides cosplay progress for Debit. Pants are almost done!! and finished reading Blood and Chocolate Easily one of my favorite books now, heh. I love fantasy, like shape shifters, yeah. Anywho, I don't have the Hawaii pictures like I said, next time. Hahah.

Been playing some more Castlevania COD, cause..Hector's just sexy and even more is his voice actor, Crispin Freeman. Ahhaaa, I'm officially nuts for him. Stopped being an icon whore, for the time being of course, I dont feel like going on the laptop for photoshop and instead new computer. Laptop's been used greatly, lets give it some rest. I'm glad everyone likes the theme :D Saw the recent BLEACH episode, good stuff. Seriously Hiyori and Hirako? My OTP. Finally sat my bum down and read to catch up on Naruto, goshh, Hidan's a hott man. Yet, he's under the fire and is wished to be killed *tears*
I'm off to read Bleach now.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hiro's my Hero~Good evening/morning whatever, to you all. New theme, because of winter. I took this shot, image above, when it had started snowing, it was really cold, but then again, I was wearing my slippers and a thing jacket. Anyway, Heroes!! Oh man it so rocked, me and Brandon were so fangirling/fanboying over it, and when it aired, we zoomed to the TV. Good stuff!

As promised, photo of new computer, high speed, and all, I am happy. It doesnt have photoshop, so theres a problem. Back to school and new classes, my A classes are pretty okay, I'm kinda lonely in most of them because there is only one person I know. The rest are shit heads with a GPA of 1.60 and lower. You know what I mean. I did not mention, I saw Letters from Iwo Jima, excellent film, putting aside that I love learning about WWII. Ken did a fairly good job, in my opinion. Progressed more on my Debit cosplay, I've cut the right side of her pants, now I need to do is get around to put the eyelets to tie the strings. Then I will have completed the Hard Gay pants.

Played some Soul Caliber III, and just noticed that sexy Crispin Freeman does Siegfried's voice, I fangirled at this, it made me even happier that I met him. He's hott, I wanted to rape him at Anime USA. Haha, I'm a strong fangirl of this man. Next post, remember anyone back in May, I mentioned my father went to Hawaii for buisness? He just now gave me the memory to the photo's he took over there. Let me say, the scene's and beaches are beautiful. I will share with you all in my next post.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Memoirs of a Geisha~Lights go out and I canít be saved~

First, finally god damnit, Snow, you took a long time to get over here. It's finally snowing folks, happy thing. I dislike winter, it is too cold, but snow is beautiful to see. Other happy news, I GOT A NEW COMPUTER!!

Flat panel and desktop, I'm so fu*kin happy right now. Photos will come!! Also, I just mailed one package for late Christmas, I will get to everyone soon enough, I apologize that I am terribly late. Also, sister is out of the room, and I think I'll move to where she was. Photo of new room will come as well. I feel very arty right now. To open or show some graphics or photos, I'm feelin chirppy now.

Beck-I love this Yoruichi figure!! Arigatou!

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Allensexyface~HAI GAIYZ. I keep saying that, sorry. Anywho, I am back from my vacation, yes..Molly told me to stay away from the comp, and I have a bit. Exam week is over, YAY. But then its back to the regular hours and it sucks, no more sleep ins. Heh. I haven't done much but study like a mofo.

Other news, my sister, Grecia is moving out of my room and into my dads other house. This is good and bad news. First, the bad, well..I won't have anyone to talk to and all that jazz. She's really cool, and not when were arguing. We wake up in the morning at the same time, and so now I will have to put my alarm and make sure I don't sleep in. I am going to miss her, she's incredibly funn. The good news, when we argue, it is serious. And the thing she loves and is best at doing is being the victim and I end up feeling like shit, so yeah..I hope things now will clam down. We both speak our minds when we do not agree, and so thats one beginning of a few arguements. She's awesome, but she's really got to stop using her sad past agaisnt me and move on. Okkaayy, that's pretty much it.

BLEACH OMG. FINALly back to the manga, I cannot wait to see all the arrancars in the espada cause they kick some serious butt in the manga. And finally my husband Grimmy, YAAYYYA. I'm about to read the recent manga chapter right now, and see Chad kick some ass. What else news, I finished Curse of Darkness last night, awesomely awesome. I loved it :DDD

That's it from me!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trinity~HAY GUYAZ. How's it going? I'm just updating to show you all some new icons I've made. Feel free to take.


I need to stop, Photoshop has never been so much fun. I think I might open a graphics request thingy, or something. I am having way too much fun.

That is all. Have a good one yall!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Yeah, She's Hott~Good Monday everyone, Happy Birthday, MLK too. Anywho, I didn't go to school today because of that, so I got another day off, tomorrow is another exam day. I've got to take my Algebra exam tomorrow morning around 7 and will be back home by 10. I'm not confident I'll do well cause, I'm a complete idiot in math.. I played Curse of Darkness more yesterday, very interesting, I enjoy it. I saw a couple of movies Saturday night, The Descent, Scary Movie 4 and 2046. My friend had told me about 2046, and Maggie Cheungs, in it. I loved it! Really good. The Descent was a good horror movie, it reminded me alot of The Cave.. Scary Movie 4 was quite pointless. I also stumbled into Best Buy yesterday and got The Matrix Reloaded: The Album I am happy out of my pants, I love this album, and I am hoping to get Revolutions over at Amazon. Am I still obsessed? Pretty much.

I'll leave you with icons I've made. Oh and Teri, I'll PM your those icons ASAP, sorry for the long wait >____<

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yeah, What He Said~Its Saturdaay, obviously and finally. The exam yesterday was hard, but if you've studied then you would have done so much better than if you didn't study. So I'm pretty confident I got a decent grade on that. After that, I didn't really want to go home and instead went to the mall and stumbled into Game Stop, and with the money I had, I gooottt: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, if you know me, I absolutely love the video game series, Castlevania. So I'll be stuck to my game system until I finish, the joy.

Read some more manga including D.Gray-Man chapter 103, holy shizz, this chapter only made me love more Jasdero and Debit, as well with Crowley, wahh *fangirls* What else, I submitted a wallpaper yesterday, if anyone is insterest in seeing. Saw a few more episodes of Ouran and BLEACH 110. That's my Saturday for me, the rest of the day is sewing and movie watching, I need to update on my writing in FanFiction. I hope everyone has a good Saturdayy

New theme is finally up, featuring Aizen, Tousen and Gin. I love this pic, I do not know why, and so I used it. If anyone has a problem reading my font, please let me know.

Teri-Icons are complete! Will PM soon enough!
Shanny-Would it be fine if I donated some Matrix icons or something related to that for White-Satin? =P

I hope you saw this coming..Tiffany.
So it's your what anniversary, you've been so dear to me, I just can't explain how much you've helped me out those times you've been with me, I can't thank you enough. I love you dearly, thanks for hanging along with me and being such an amazing person. I remember our first chat on MSN and when you signed my guestbook, Your just too awesome for words, I really can't explain how greatful I am to have met you.

You are someone very dear to me, and without you, I couldn't share my husband outbursts with, and all the things we have in common. Thanks for being a shoulder to lean on and listening to my nonsense of ranting.
I thank you so much, I love you so much. Thanks for being my friend. I hope there are many years to come, you here on theO.

You've totally made me fall in love with alot of anime and manga titles and the music, you are definitely a star I look upon.

You've definitely made me the person I am today, I cherish you and hope that I've done you good enough justice.

Happy Two Years, Shippo-Souten, Tiffany.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Even the emo boy needs love~Heyyy yall, haha. Well today is the first day of exams, I'm about to leave in half an hour. I'm so nervous yet excited, I studied my ass off last night and was so sleep I went to bed early. Mmmazing isn't it? hehe. Well anywho, that's all I've basically done really.

I realized I have done nothing of cosplay lately, and I really should. Katsucon is next month but it's coming really fast, so after exams, I'm heading straight to the sewing machine. I also got to see again Moulin Rouge, I love that movie, for some reason I just can't stop favorting Toulouse. John Leguizamo is one of my favorite actors, so major points for him. Anywho, that'll really what's been going on. Nothing much, weekend is almost here, that means BLEACH episodes and manga chapters, wooo!

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

LMAO~So I'm abit over about my work incident, it's all his damn fault, I'm not gonna feel bad cause, in the end it is his fault. Anywho, I've gotten alot of homework lately, and have been working on it, next week is exam week, and like I said, I got my time list and all. Anyone care to see?

Friday Jan. 12
Period 1A- 7:25AM to 10:00AM (Don't have exam)
Period 1B- 10:30 to 12:30PM: Science

Monday Jan. 15 -No School

Tuesday Jan. 16
Period 2A- 7:25AM to 10:00AM: Algebra 2
Period 2B- 10:30 to 12:30PM (Don't Have Exam)

Wednesday Jan. 17
Period 3A- 7:25AM to 10:00AM: History
Period 3B- 10:30 to 12:30PM: Honors Spanish III

Thursday Jan. 18
Period 4A- 7:25AM to 10:00AM: Honors English
Period 4B- 10:30 to 12:30PM (Don't Have Exam)

Friday Jan. 19
Make Up Day (No School for Me)

When I dont have exams, I have the choice to stay at home in the morning and not come in until the second exam time begins. Like Thursday, at 10AM, I'm out the door going home. It's what I love about our county, and if every school did this, it'd so rock. Haha. Anywho, that's basically what I've since since yesterday, haha. Oh and I have a few icons for you all to see, of course, from the Matrix, I'm making my own batch here. I took these screencaps with my camera while I paused the movie XDD (It was hard pause XD)

Alrighty, I'm still making more =P
Teri-I am in the process of making your icons, if it's alright, I'll most likely have them done by tomorrow night.

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