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Friday, December 8, 2006

Allen's quite the bishie~It's friday, thank the lords. I shall dedicate this humble weekend to read manga *cough*D. GrayMan*cough* and watch more of the anime. Jesus, I'm into it, its really good, I wish I would have heard of it sooner. And I reallllyyy love Debit and Jasdero. Well hopefully you've all noticed the theme change, I am once again HTML lazy so we'll stick to this now hehe. Changed the music too, hope you enjoy. Blame Evil for getting me into em =P Well like I mentioned here is the photo I though I'd share with you all, its a photo I took during a sunset, I darkened the showeds and added the orange-ness on photoshop, but everything else was left untouched. I like how it turned out, I like photography, I just sometimes think I'm not good enough.

I went out to the fabric store yesterday, to pick up some more cosplay materials that I'm hoping to finish before Katsucon. So far heres my list to what I'm going to be bringing to Katsu:

Woz- Eureka 7
Souma- Tsubasa
Debit- D. Gray Man

Yes, DGM, can I now be called a geek in a costumes? I think I'll snatch the title. It's been really cold lately, but then again, winter's here, boo-woo. I dislike winter, even though I like snow, not play in it though. Umm..what to speak with you lovelys. Well..I like this guy, named Brandon, Junior, he's quite the hottie but he's like..such an enigma, I swear.

He's like the Mona Lisa..we can't really tell whats in his mind, he's smart and kind and he gave me a $10 gift card at Borders for my birthday which I used to buy D. Gray Man volume one. He's a sweet one, I'm falling for him, but I don't think he will. *sighh*

I'm not sure what else to say. I'll be back if I can think of something. Meanwhile, enjoy the Friday!

Tiffany- NO FACKIN FAIR THATS FOUR HUBBYS YOU'VE GOT!! I claim..Crowley, Komui, Earl(what a weirdo one eh?)...

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