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Friday, December 15, 2006

I destroy what I cherish~
Listening To: "Warmth Inside Of Despair, Though..." by Sato Naoki

Hello all, well its another time to post, theres quite the much to talk about. Good things I'll say first, I went to Borders yesterday and got Eureka Seven volume 3, GodChild volume 1 and BLEACH volume 16, with sexy Hitsugaya in the cover. The goodies, and I'm hoping to get X the movie, since I saw it there at a reasonable price. My friend Alyson got Ergo Proxy DVD 1, she let me borrow it, but since I've finished EP a while ago, I took it to see how the dub is. Ehhh..fairly nice, Iggy and the doctor's voice ich me alot, Real's dub voice as well but not as much, she sounds like a stuck up bitch, but its alright. I REALLY love Raul's voice though, good god that man is hott. I've been trying to clean my room, in which I major fail, I can't be ogranized and it's seriously been fustrating me. So besides that I've been at school, updating my LiveJournal and other things.. I am dying to see Solid State Society, from Ghost In The Shell, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Ilaria Graziano, she has such a beautiful voice. I have ever heard in music.

The bad news? My father's kinda sick and he's been coughing some blood, I'm a little worried, but I think its nothing too big, and to a side of that, he says that his laptop was stolen, since he mostly keeps it in his car. I won't feel bad, cause why is it in his car in the first place? Though the laptop was large, wide screen, BEAUTIFULLY built, I was pretty mad that he's that low to leave it in his car, wahh~ Umm..school, its been stressing me out, having me mostly up around 12 doing projects and other shit, I can't keep up.

I'm still in love in DGM, I'm continuing cosplays, so yeah. I'm about to see BLEACH 107 and I've gotten my lover(yeah right) Brandon to see it, he's on episode 4 and so far he likes it, yay!!

Thats about it, I'm pretty much done.. I know I'm forggeting, Oh yes!! Don't forgot to stuff my stocking if you haven't done so already
To Roxey, thanksss for the present =D Mmm some Brody..

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