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Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10, 2006

Okay..finally I got some time to actually resize the Friday photos. So lets begin, I'll only post the photos and continue Saturday and Sunday afterwards. I started working yesterday and it was good, better than I expected. Heres my timing- Every week I switch times, so this week I work Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday, part time. Next week-Monday, Wednesday, Friday part time too. From 2-9. And it will keep going like that. But anyway, back to what you've all been waiting for. I hope Enin gets this cause I know he's been waiting for this since forever. So everyone, get a snack or something, enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them. Otakon is over..and I'm sad, but hey..next year and next year for sure, I'll be cosplaying all three days.

First up, for all the Trinity Blood fans, here you go: click here. I thought this was just genius. I think on the left is Esther? Abel Nightroad and Sister? Catarina? I'm not familar with the names @_@

Then theres Aerith with Cloud and Cid, these three were just simply nice. Click Here

Hmm..I dont think is is actually cosplay anime..or not..if I haven't seen it, but I thought it was bloodly dark coolio. Click Here

Huzzaah! Its Browser..and..I forgot the chicks name, though its from a bad angle, I though this was just completely cute. Click Here

Its George and Miwako from Paradise Kiss!! Woo hoo! I actually know these two, from cosplay.com, I just didnt say hi to them or tell them anything cause-I'm a pussy.

Now..this was cool, its from Dynasty Warrios and of course, the princess of Wu, Sun Shang Xiang. This girls weapons looked soo accurate, and it looked heavy cause she had problems holding it up. She pulled it off soo great, I almost cried. I wished Sai was still around, I'm sure she'll love this.

Magna Carta chick Man..why do I keep forgetting her name...AHH! But shes form Magna Carta, not to mention this is my favorite character. I was actually waiting for a little while for her to realize that I wanted a photo, but no blaming cause I was in her blind spot. She was really nice too.

Why the hell not? Ergo Proxy is such a good anime, and Real is a sexy bitch.

My mom kept telling me snap a photo of these girls in kimono but I always missed them, but not now. But I wishe I could of gotten the other one next to her, they looked so pretty. Click Here

To all the Hellsing fans, including me. Seras Victoria!! This girl pwned completely. Her gun looks so real, I wished though she had put it side ways so we can see it a little better ;__;

We can use a little Hinata and Naruto, plus notice the guy in the back in the blue and white, he was getting stoned with Anime. Its the dealers room, no one wants to leave!! Of course, the baby in the left, wanted to be in the picture too. Click Here

To all my lovely Canadians, I did think of you all during Otakon. I needed to prove it. So much love to em, this idea was genius. Click Here

The Sexy No Jutsu of Kakashi, I know this girl too over cosplay.com..I just..didnt say hi and let her know who I was..I know I suck ass. Click Here

The FAT SUMO GUY!! Hahah he pwned. And fighting..umm? one of the dudes from Mortal Kombat, priceless sight. Click Here

Browser behind the scene!! Haah Click Here

Another Miwako along with Yukari. I really loved this! Click Here

What the fuck! She isnt cosplaying!! Take her out of the photo!! I thought I could show myself a little? No.Yes? First person to PM me, guessing who is in my Otakon badge will win something of your choice!! Muwahah. Click Here

Gundam Seed chick..if I'm wrong. Got her at the bad time though, trying to eat a pretzle..hahah that was funny. And she was about to close her eyes..boo but she still rocked anyway!!! Click Here

Its Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War!! I totally loved this! So great and the ears..<3 Click Here

This is just Friday evening folks, Yeah Otakon is the second biggest con. The largest in the east coast. Click Here

Aeon Flux, I wanted to glomp her..too bad Trevor wasnt around.. Click Here

Click Here Oh boy..I went straight into fangirl mode when I saw this band that was actually at Otakon. I love MUCC, they are hot, their music is great. The girls can have Yuke..I want Tatsurou for my own <3 <3 <3 (He's the one with the glasses) and heres a better angle of my love..*purrs* Click Here

WAHH..go away busshy hair!!! I need the folks to see all four! Sshhuu!! so heres the order from left to right. Yukke, Miya (Whom I also claim for myself), Satochi and Tatsurou. Heres another photo. This photo made me laugh..probably Miya found out about con funk..haha. Get it? XD One of the questions to me was what kind of undies did the wear. Most of em said boxers (Woo-hoo!)..but I bet wears a speedo..>P Click Here Click Here Click Here

Quincy Ishida, I know this guy too over at cosplay.com..but I'm a chicken. His six pack is..soo wahh. Yes I saw it. I spend probably most of my time at cosplay.com then on theO XD I lurk in the galleries. Click Here

Yuffie!! I asked if I could glomp her, and I did. Click Here

Okay..this wins the top prize. Wow its two large wings..Wow. Thats not it. The wings are so large and wide, cool. But this guy was different. Like..all mechanic work. Whenever the guy like..moved his arms or something to do something, the wings would spread out and then go back in, into small wings. This was just cool. And I wished I would of recorded a video of him doing it too. But it was so amazing.. Click Here

We need a little Full Moon Wo Sagashite, this group was amazing. Funny thing, while posing and me ready to take a photo, a con attendee walked right by us and stopped. She didnt even know that I wanted to take a photo. So Takuto (the one in the blue) frowned and poked the attendee, I thought it was soooo funny and cute. Okay so from the top is Izumi (whom I say looked amazing and hott). I'm not sure who is the blonde chick..0_o and next to her is Mitsuki. Last row, its Takuto from the left and Meroko with red outfit. All of them were so nice and looked so great. Click Here

Another but in black Meroko. Good stuff, I wanted to be one too! >D Click Here

The Sailor scouts! Oh man..I think I'm back in the Sailor Moon manga obsession..just manga. Click Here

Dante form Devil May Cry series, I took this for Tiff since I heard it her game right now, I miss her. Click Here

Its that girl that works at the Urahara store, I keep forgetting her name. This was adorable. Click Here

ZOMGFGRHHEJMYHXNMCJANEZDG Z SRJ%Y#$yqwhj:: Its Momiji!!! Oh mans I loved this so bad. It was so adorable, my cute little bunny. Hmm..wonder if I could of hugged him XD Click Here

I thought this was beautiful! Though..that lady got in the way!!! >( Boo to you! Click Here

I herby claim this guy, the best Cidd at Otakon, I wanted to hug him so badly. Instead of the cig box, it was a pocky box. How awesome is that?! Click Here

This guys little ..jumbo..I dont know..thing. Was really accurate. Demyx and Ulquoirra. Two good stuff I tell you, and they were hilarious and before I asked them for a pic, they were in the information section. A Ulquoirra looking a an information map..haha. Click Here

The hugmongo crowd, to get into the video game room. Click Here

No idea where they are from, but am familar with it. Too cute. Click Here

No Idea from where this girl is, but it was great. I really liked the red hair. Click Here

Now this was mine and my mom's favorite too, It all looks so badass and great. Click Here

Another Aerith, though I caught her at a bad time XD Click Here

That chick from Dead Or Alive, looking great. Click Here

From Soul Calibur III, if I'm correct. Her whole outfit was incredible. Click Here

Don't know where she's from but it was pretty. Click Here

Where my .Hack//SIGN fans at?! Here you go! The little bunny was so cute >) And funny thing I found, was before he was on the phone..OOC but it was still funny. Click Here

Urahara and Yoruichi, haha they were soo funny, it was good knowing them. Click Here Click Here too

Lulu from Final Fantasy X. I liked this! Click Here

This was just..soo adorable!! It was so cute ..wahhhh Click Here

From Sonic, I glomped him..haha I did!! He was great. Click Here

Lupin!! This was the best Lupin ever!! Pwnage! Click Here

Eureka and Renton (hair not done to scale) The only Rention and Eureka if I'm right -_- Oh the anime is so unloved!! I could of done Gidget..but didnt finish it in time. Click Here

That red dress was incredibly beautiful. Click Here

BANANA MAN!! He made my day. Click Here

Hahah..this was cool =D Click Here

Soi Fon and..? Not sure but these girls were awesome. Click Here

Arriving to the con! Woot woot! Click Here And once we parked we took this pic too. Click Here

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Monday, August 7, 2006

Soo..where do I start. Otakon was my first con and will never be my last, haha lets hope. So..thats where I've been Thursday until now. Thursday wasnt actually a day but it was mostly where people picked up their badges. About 8,000 made it and the line was long. But I got there a little late cause from a tip that, going later when people have already gotten their badge, its faster. So we left home around 4..quarter to five. We had already eaten a sub from Subway, so we were full. That covered food, but still we needed water. We filled up our bottles, put them in our bag and headed out the door. Since it was only me and my mom who pre-registered from my home, it was only us two. But we decided to bring along my cousin Paola, just for the fun it. We skipped rush hour in time and made in within fourty minutes.

The line was nowhere small, but all around the building. It was so hot and the line insanely long. So we got in the back of the line and waited and waited. And some people did cosplay, but I forgot my goddamn camera in my bathroom when I needed to take off my earings. Boo-hoo! And I regret it alot, there were some nice costumes. So waiting in the blazing sun, getting fried like a chicken , waiting to be eaten by some fat dude..I'm trying to get some humor up in here, folks. So when we finally made a turn in one side of the building and then we start talking to a couple behind us. Who has been to Otakon already, a veteran. I wish I were one too..how retarded. Well we chatted for a good while, got to know them, unfortuneately, they aren't over at cosplay.com but I did tell them about it and such.

So after, still in the blazing sun, the line gets shorter and we speed it up a little bit. Next thing were inside, the AC greets us, good stuff man. So after waiting in line for about two hours, we got our badges and got the chance to choose out pictures. So there was Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Samurai Seven..and some other pics. But the first one to run out for the day was of course--Hellsing. So I got Trinity Blood, not disapointed though, I love Trinity Blood. Its a good show! So after we got our little 06 member sticker, we left the convention center. It was full, yet some certain places were closed cause the real point of today was picking up our badges. So after we left for the inner harbor to get something to eat and head out for home. We stopped and eat chinese, yums. Lo mein is the way to go, motherflowers. So after that, we called it a day and went home. All happy and satisfied. Over excitedly for the next day.

Friday, day one..yes weenie heads! So I had put my alarm to 6 in the morning, good time to get ready, 7 leave and be there by 8. I got ready, did all the things I needed to do. And then I walked to my mom's room. Told her to wake up and get ready, that done, I walked downstairs to get me something to eat and quick. And what better way with Cherrios!!! Pwuahah! Yeah, I still eat cereal..fast thing for me, if you ask. So munching on my ceral, sitting on the big chairs in the table, swining my legs back and forth. A big smile in my face, and enjoying the taste. I was born ready for this, I didnt even get much sleep last night cause I was so excited. That I got online and chatted with Enin for a little bit. After I was done with my food, I quickly, yet quietly made my way up the stairs. It wouldn't be long until it was seven.

So I knock on my moms door again and walk in..what find what?! The lazy craaaazzzzzzy woman sleeping!! What in bloody mother cracker hellers!!!! No..I would just call her out and wiggler her, I completely took off the sheets, not caring if my dad was included too. Still asleep. This somewhat pissed me off and told myself to let her know the buisness were in for today. I get, my feather, and quietly walk back to her room. Soo..I slowly kneel down to her, and stuff the feather slowly in her nose. Wiggle it and the nose wiggles too. I slowly move the feather down to her armpit? Wiggles too, the wiggles, folks. I'm just trying to get a laugh. Last time, I put it in her nose too, and she gets it and rips it to pieces. There you have it, my three hours, trying to get that feather out of a birds ass-tail.

I told her to get up but she didnt, "At conventon doesnt begin until 10 AM" Haah yeah right, that maybe for you herbalife gatherings, were talking about Anime here.. So like around 8 we left, what a total disasturrr.. And I needed to get it going cause ..we were late. And we caught traffic at a good time, though it wasnt as bad as in some other places, that we were thankful for. So either way we arrived, and got our parking, not so far away yet so expensive..well my mom though. 20 bucks..I dont think its THAT much..but yeah. So we parked on the last floor cause the parking lot was already full in the lower levels. So when we parked, we were also followed by another car. Whom revealed a Integra, A chrono crusade chick, and some other guy with a white jacket covered in blood stains.

So we got in, thanks to the badge but there still was a line around the convention cause not ALL of the people picked up their badge on Thursday. But while walking inside, we noticed a crowd in one of the places where the line went into. Either way, we were going to pass the crowd so I can go into the second building cause the con is actually two. So what was the crowd about, a young girl had passed out cause of heat, she was waiting in line for her badge..and guess she just had enough. It was hot that day and I was thankful that I didnt have to wait outside again. Thursday was enough for me. And the cosplays! I saw alot of people cosplaying, Naruto, Bleach. So many things. I was prepared, yall. I brought my camera. So we got inside and since it's my first Otakon, we didnt go slowly and find out where we were.

Well atleast myself. So? We runned here and there, into this room and that room. See Vicky over there and then see her here. I was everywhere and yet, it only made me know BCC better. So I sucked up my shyness and the photo taking began. Whenever I spotted someone, I ran up to them, patted them on the shoulder and asked for a photo. So clicking here and there, going up the stairs and going down. Being surrounded by people who loved the same thing I did, great feeling. When I got the fountains, that place were mostly great for the cosplays. I ran down, snapped alot of pictures, yet I mostly was a lonely wolf cause I was too much of a pussy to speak to some people. By around 3, I had used four in totaly of batteries, I was good to go.. So after a bit, I decided to head down to the dealers room, problem is..where was the dealers room. Since I had gone here and there, I didnt want to ask people right away, so I wandered. I thought that it would probably be in the last floor. Mom and I went there for nothing. It wasnt there. So we sat down for a while in an empty room which was crowded before because of the MUCC panel. Which I wanted to see, MUCC's a j-rock band. Totally great, I say. I love their music and to see them, live was great. But I wanted to go to the dealers room so I got up and left. So at the empty wall, I looked over the map along eating some food and drinking water, to avoid passing out.

Once we knew where we could go, we departed and yet we got lost again, We gave up and just asked a nearby Otakon staff. So finally we arrived at the dealers room. It was somewhat crowded, like I said, I got there in time before there was a huge line. So walking down, we arrived at the big room. We started off at the corners, I wanted to go to every little stop and see. But like I kept telling myself when I saw the five dollar manga's, I knew that I could down load them over the net or just read them at Borders. So walking here and there, looking at every stop and the things that were being sold were so cool too. Over all, only things I bought were a white bunny ear hat, moogle hat and a 'I <3 Yaoi' bag. Took some pics too, and actually went all around the dealers room. I saw some hilarious and disturbing things in there, like a fab sumo guy, fighting..scorpion from Mortal Kombat, haha. After my feet were killing me and my mother wanted to go home, but Otakon didnt end until 2 in the morning! And it was 5 pm!!! But I guess we had to. So we left, drove home. End of day one. I never had so much fun, even if I didnt speak to anyone or make some friends, cause I'm a wussy. But..it was so much fun.

I did speak of photos, but I've been up too long..I am dead tired..I need to sleep. I'm so sorry, I'll post pictures up whenver I can. And to you, who has waited so long to see the pictures, I'm so sorry dulce, but I'm deadly tired... Tomorrow, I promise 'kay? This was BurningDeamon, signing out.

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Friday, August 4, 2006

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