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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'll feeling rather dandy today, so I won't rant and post all the negative I've been feeling, we don't need that right? Especially on this day, to those who know me, its my birthday, I don't expect birthday cards, but just you visiting is more than enough ^___^ So another year closer to death, older and all of that jazz, haha. I don't feel different, whatsoever. Well anyway, its been quite the week hasn't it? Monday was just down bleh, so we'll skip to Tuesday, I had an orthodontist appointment, so I went and have my retainers fixed, now my doctor says I need to wear braces in the back, in the molers because one tooth is moving out of its place. Fuck. I've had braces for 5 years now, I don't need anymore plzthx. I got them, its jus three, but one of them snapped off, oops. And then I went through HELL, HELL I SAY!! Well those things they put in your mouth to keep it widely open, yeah those, I had them on and then it was like..DRILLING INTO MY GUMS. No one has an idea how much it hurt, it was like for five minutes straight, strong pain for 5 minutes, I almost cried, and its hard for me to cry but I almost did and oh you could so feel my reiastu, wanting to punch my doctor in the face and send him to Mars. I made up new curse words and probably repeated alot, forgive my dirty mouth, but the pain was too much.

Then I went to school and had a field trip to the AFI center, we saw a Hitchcock film, WOOERS! I'm a fan of his movies, and we saw North by Northwest, good film I must say, I enjoyed it. So after the movie, we all scattered around the strip of Downtown Silver Spring and I stopped by Chipotle, I love the place, I love the buritos, wheheh. Then we went back to school, so I mostly missed all day, and didn't have to take a test in my English class, which is a lifesaver, because I didn't not study, bad me right? And so after that school was over I headed home, and found my brother cleaning his car. I saw more Host Club, episodes 4-10 and also Speed Grapher episodes 15-19. Woo-hoo! I started D. Gray Man, but like I said with Death Note, I'll read the manga first. Weds was ehh mostly fun, I have a class that bombs all my other classes and I have it in the morning so I start off in a bad mood. I had to present my film class project today as I did a research paper on director Zhang Yimou and a review on his film "Hero" it was fairly good, I didn't chicken out like I did the firs time. I'm starting to feel more comfortable there, haha. I've been taking lunch from home lately for the past week, its been good, instead of dying of hunger and being a freeloader.

Then mostly after I had Art class, I drew someone from RosenKruez. Well no official character, I decided to draw Susanne's sister, whom..is not exisiting XD Anne von Skorzeny, I think I might submit it to fanart, its been a year since I submitted art XDDD That was mostly my Weds, nothing too special, I got a load of new Bleach photos, that I MUST MUST share with Tiffany, I'm sure she's gonna love em *Drools*

I submitted a wallpaper today, D. Gray Man loveee!! Please check it out and comment if you'd like. That'l be it from me folks, have a good Thursday, hopefully I will today, I made a banner this other day, you can find it here, enjoy. Oh..well its a spoiler for thos non-manga readers, so don't clicky then.

Guess whatt? Another survey!, I have no life. Thats it for me, new theme next time I update, hopefully. Oh and to my padawan~ I have your layout ready

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