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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rhode, quite the sex, ain't she~Time to post againn, I haven't done much my self though, I went downtown again and bought myself new boots, soo woo-hoo for that. I catched up with Monica later on whom then came Adrielle, I haven't seen the crazy woman in months so it was REALLY pwnage to see her again. Soo I'm still in DGM world, you can happily blame Beck and Tiffany for that, since I'm up to date with the manga in just three days, I'm waiting for chapter 100. I need more Debit, since I'm planning to cosplay the crazy fracko at Katsu in February =D Besides that, its what I've mostly done in the weekend so far, I progressed more on Souma's cape, a major plus. I'm incredibly happy with my new SLR camera, I have homework to due, boo-whooo's.

Thats pretty much it for me D: I forgot to mention this last post but thanks for the 6300+ hits and 500 guestbook sigs, you can thank that for the n00b signatures XP

Hmm..I should do something productive, like more icons or wallpapers..some sort..

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