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Friday, September 15, 2006

It is me or is the MyOtaku block getting lonier by the day..it frightens me. Other news, SG's post about reading has opened my eyes. I'm afraid I cant read..
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I should post today. And so I am. Not alot has happened but it has, just yesterday I got into an argument with Grecia. "I always chat with people I don't know and how might be horrible people just faking" and alot of "But you're always on the computer chatting with them" I said alot if this "They have their own life, I dont expect them to come online every fucking day so we can chat, I have my life too" and "You are just in the room that I am but you dont see what I'm doing on the computer, you never did and now your saying that chatting is all I do?" Shortly after she got on the ofensive side, she always has and enough is enough. Every argument she's made me the person who hurts the victim. I didn't step down now and cry like a little baby, I went offensive too. We kept arguing about it and my father overheard us, he said alot of "You two shouldn't right, your sisters". Its a little obvious, Sibilings fight.

I'm tired ot it.

I dont want to go over this all my life, and its like they give me two options, leave the computer or keep going on here and then get bothered. It IS a complicated thing, I'm tired of it and dont want to go over it like a million times. And the argument is over and we aren't talking.

I'm tired of it.

On another note, I am sick. Shit. I got a cold and my nose bleeds gallons like every day. My throat hurts a little and got a runny nose, I hate that. Besides school because that is a great thing, life's been pretty hard. My job isnt getting me much money..I need to start my cosplay..ohh man. Anime USA is almost here.. Well thats from me everyone. Much love.

Is it me or is our MyOTaku 'block' empty..?? No one updates, heh. Also, please let me know if you can't hear the music.

Oh and the BLEACH and Trinity Blood dub, is amazing. I love it and will be watching it from here on out. I should tell all my buds to see it.. But I'd really like to skip to Soul Society..

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Friday, September 8, 2006

Okay..I thought I should post and here I am. Sort of a little more..merely update life post. As you can see that I took down my theme, this will be up until I find out what Tsubasa Chronicle image to use before I make my layout. Speaking of graphics, I'll be thinking of joining the photography club AND the year book club. Looks promising. Also High School life, beside my babe Beck, I love my high school. My classes are okay, the friends I've made are nice. And..hell theres soo many different kind of people.

Ya know style?

Theres the gangsters, nerds, preps/jocks/, goths and the ...indie people? Ya well..there so many people. And theres a gay guy in school.
Heard that shopping with a gay guy is the best. I don't know. *shrugs* But anyway, I kinda feel bummed though. So many kinds of people with their own style..I want to talk to them but I'm shy. I'm afraid they'll be like "Who the fuck are you" or stare at me when I say hi and stuff. What a drag. Seriously theres this girl in my english class whom I try hard to be her friend. Its normal cause I'm new..but still..I want to have friends!!!

On another bad note, my stomach fat is backkk!!! *curses to the sky* I seriously look like how I left school early June. I need to stop eating..SHIT SHIT SHHHITT. This makes me depressed so I'll move on. I went this week to actually clearly to claim my glasses. Got the black bold, Guess style glasses. I'm looking forward to them alot. Also..hmm what else? I haven't started on my cosplay in which I should, which also brings I'll need to back doing 300 crunches daily to get my abs in fit.


I have been reviewing my BLEACH manga files which are in my extended hard drive, I love this manga. Oumm..oh yeah, I did some icons lately, feel free to use them or save them. These I'd like to donate to Shanny's white satin site too.

Okay these are the ones I've been doing probably all summer..well some of them are from summer but the better looking ones are done now. That will be it from me today. Hello weekend. And the BLEACH and Trinity Blood dub premiere is tomorrow at midnight, looking forward to this.

Oh yeah..about my story of pissing in my pants, I'll resize photos and the post will come along too, later. Also I tried out for Field Hocky since my cousin said I fitted in because 'I'm tough'

Last but not least, I'll wish Joshie a happy birthday, and happy meat eating <3

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Monday, September 4, 2006

Hmmm.. I woke up today..feeling unusual. Today is September 4 of 2006, well obviously. I'll remember this day forever, you can count on that for me. I've been here for two more than wonderful years at this community., I really should of posted this at midnight but they disconnected my internet, just to make sure I slept. But I didnt heh, I acutally read an entire book that night. Called "Hawksong" so anyone into the books, I strongly recomment it to you, I never had so much fun reading a book in my life. So anyway, I'm extremely happy to have made it here, and be friends with such people that I love and care for alot. Now I don't want to make this long cause I had something in mind for this day but sadly I was offinternet yesterday night. To complete my plan. Before I go to writing the love, I'll just give a few updates on my life. One is I cut my hair and its in layers and the longest is past my shoulders. I think I got Rukia's hair so yeah. Umm..had a three day weekend cause I wont work today. Ran into Alex (remember him?) Yesterday and we sorta talked things out, we didnt separate cause we wanted to. We had to.

As for now, I'm not gonna expect anything for now. School as you might say, isnt going to well but I'll bode with it. Also yesterday, spent the morning with Shannon, well almsot morning with her playing Dynasty Warriors. We love that game. Then after I went to my cousins house and ..never in my life did I laugh so hard. I pissed in my pants. Seriously, yeah its disgusting but laughing THAT BAD made me... I'll post up videos we did later.

Okay..love? Alpha order K.
AnimeFantasy-I haven't known you well enough because it was mostly comments but your a really sweet and funny girl. Thanks for the friendship :D

Nessa-I can't explain how much I love you missy, your down to eart and cool and at first I still remember your theme when I visited you, I was kinda scared you might neglect me ^_^;; but your an amazing chick and thanks for the fun conversations we've had over MSN

Bells-oh dear, your just too sweet and I cant describe how much. We haven't known each other but theres time in the world. And I love all of your themes, much love.

Gabby-Probably the only latino I've been on myOtaku or else I'm broke. Thanks for everything and its greato to work NA and WF with you :P I'm here for you and of course, its amazing talking to you.

Caprice-Shes an oldie cause I sorta signed her guestbook way back then when I was new, yet still this woman is JUST AMAZING. Older with kids and still into Anime?! Its great, Caprice my lady, thanks for letting me to get know you :D

Alexa-Girll shes just so amazing and I enjoy talking to you girl, thanks for the friendship, your comments are great and MSN conversations never stop making me laugh. One of a kind, much love. What..she likes cosplay too..SHE PWNs

Shanny-The power source of my keep going whenever I fall down. I look up to you Shanny and respect you dearly. I'm still a little intimidated by you but it will die soon heh, thanks for the conversations and time to listen to me whenever I had a problem. I know I've had times where I didnt know what to say hehe. I love you Shanny, very dearly.

Nami-Even though we haven't talk much lately, I still enjoy your sweet comments or posts and even more conversations over MSN. Dont stop being you, cause your a great chick :D

Enin-The never ending source of happiness, thats what he offers to me whenver we chat on MSN. I admire you Josh and keep smiling widely cause I always do with your comments and chats. Words can describe how much I adore you cause your just an amazing little boy. hahah.

Gray Undies-I miss you!!! Come backkk!!

Hinaru-Another male I adore, hes just too amazing to talk to and most of our converstaions include molesting ha ha ha~ Boy, keep doing great in school and prevail cause your a just too great. And he's my Bleach Buddy..oh yeah thats even more love.

Garbo-Love you and miss you dearly, I met you when I was a n00b and now I'm a little grown but I still miss you, hopefully our fun conversations will not stop. <3

Travis-Much love to you man, heheh you always make me smile ^+^

Molly-MOLLY I love you my forever friend and friend forever hehe. Hope we get to know each other better, your amazing :D

Becky-Love to you my lady, hope the school year goes great!

Petie-Your an amazing guy, you saved my life with the photo resizing at photoshop haha hope we can get to know each other better, I've heard nothing but great things from ya.

Teri-I was REALLY REALLY sad and mad when we couldnt meet..but hey..theres always a next time, love talking to you alot and your themes are beautiful! I bow to your skills and friendship.

Jess-Keep on smiling and loving, your fun to talk to and great that theres the cosplay. Woot

Shadow-Lub you greatly and never still stop, I look up to greatly, I enjoy your company to the fullest, te quiero mucho. XD

Shinkiro-Gonna miss you badly and your the only one who can harass me. Enjoyed your comments alot and hopefully we'll keep in touch.

Tiffany-I love this chick..to the end. Your just more than amazing to me and my strength. Thanks for the charming and hilarious conversations over msn. Love you greatly. <3

Ostio-Oh my lovely little bear..your far too awesome and words cannot describe how much. You never fail to make me smile and just is funny and making me laugh. Yes no one can make me laugh easily unless its hilarious but you do. So your special too :D

Milki-my lovely padawan, you are a great padawan and I'm happy that you came to me. Theres always more time to get to know eachother bit better, love ya.

Sahki-san: I miss you and wished we could have known each other better, but I'll be here :D

Okay..I'm good to go. Seriously everyone thanks for two amazing years. I will remember this day greatly. Hehe. Being here has changed my life completely, I wouldnt have watch anime or gone to a con or even met so many wonderful people. Thanks the happy moments, sad moments everything. You have my thanks. There is absolutely nothing that can describe how happy I am..

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

School? Its okay..yeah just okay. I wished I was back at Blair, I dont like it here much..but yeah I met a couple of people. I want to go back to Blair. But I'll just suck it up, can't complain, its gay.

I haven't started on my cosplay and I dont know why whatsoever, but I need to get crackin. I went and got my schoo supplies yesterday and picked up a PC Photo magazine, for professional photography, I think I might take this seriously now. I got my hair cut yesterday, I now have Gidgets hair..woot. Now I can try to cosplay her, seriously its all I'm into, anime conventions and cosplaying you should try it too. Umm..I've started school on a rough note, I wake up late mostly..I need to get used to waking up early. That is it from me, nothing new on computer world, so dont expect me to post much now. School sucks..more like Northwood..I want to go back to Blair... Umm..I dont know WHEN I'll do my theme..its all difficult for me right now- I dont visit and don't get alot of comments. Yeah I'm lame and deserve it, stupid me. I used to get like what- 27 comments? And now I get like 5 or 6..wow I suck XD Well probably its all my fault, I haven't visited..

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Though it would be better if I posted the pictures since I just finished uploading them on photobucket. But first, think you all might like a quick update on how my life is going. Hm? Well I went on Thursday to see and meet my new school and teachers. And overall this new school sucks balls, the building just re-opened but its still under construction and its old. Bleh and I only know one person but I'll make friends yeah but still. I dont want to leave my other friends. Well things sometimes don't go how you want them to. I'll later post up my class list and explain it cause it is confusing. Today I went over to my aunts house, with my nephew, cousin and other cousin. Were all about the teens. So we went to the park just to play a little. We got on this see-saw but like..for four people. And its not actually a see-saw but springers, large ones of course are in the middle and then the four poles spread out for four people to sit down. A handle to hang on and a place to put yer feet, but this is for the kiddies. Well..were four, we got on it. We somewhat chanllenged each other to see who hanged on most while someone shakes it. Like the bull ride, one arm on to handle and other in the air. In the end, only I and my older cousin, Carlos, 16, lasted. Woo-hoo! But it was soo much fun, making them corny jokes. Definitely made me forget I was all bummed about school. I still need to do laundry, clean my room, go shopping, finish reading..and my math packet. Fuck.

Well moving on to pictures, the real point to this post. So first up, my mom took this picture so thats why its all umm..blurry and stuff. And it had to be
Alucard from Hellsing, he was great, shame it came out blurry tho.

This one was cute, even though I dont think she was cosplaying someone? Correct me if I'm wrong, she was pretty. Click Here

Alright, heres mquah doing a ..weirdo pose but I mostly did that for pictures, and that pose..hurt, seriously may look easy, try it yourself. I kept murming to my mom "hurry up mom! I cant hold it!"

Kosmos from Xenogears..or saga? Donno XD This was cool, just erase the dude behind her heheh. Click Here

Supposing she's Moogle ..absolutely adorable, and I bought a Moogle hat too <3

Moondoggie and Gidget from Eureka 7, I loved the ref boards, and Gidgets hat..I wanted to steal it!!

The Ouran High School Club group/photoshoot/cast. I dont know much of Ouran so..you can find cause I dont know ^_^;;

Princess Serenity or Serena..don't know much of Sailor Moon.. Click Here

An amano wedding Lulu and amano Zidane, great I must say Click Here

Take at the Hellsing photoshoot, that Alucard on the left was awesome, we need the character personality. And off to the right, at the edge of the photo is a..Integra in kightsuit if I'm right, she was the BEST Integra.. Click Here

I forgot this girls names but shes the baddy of the cirus @ Sailor Moon, I loved the head/hair part.. Click Here

This girl is from ..Gaithersburg, if I'm right, I've spoken to her over at cosplay.com, I didnt know it was her until I was back from Otakon, it was sad. Click Here

Unohana-taicho, she was one of greatest Unohana's and VERY polite. Click Here

The Super Mario goodies, this was simply amazing and smart idea. Click Here

Not sure wheres she from or if its just an original costume but it was good. Click Here

The Naruto group, I think the bottom one and the one on the right, not the one in the far back, I though those two were most accurate and also the one on the far left. Click Here

I feel like I've seen those girls..somewhere don't know and dont know if they were actually cosplaying XD Click Here

One of the perfect Rukia's! Click Here

Ichimaru Gin, I love him. And this guy's smile was hella creepy and alike Gin's Click Here

Soi Fon, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto, that Hitsugaya was one of the best at Otakon Click Here

Some hard rock guy dude..monster..don't know but it was awesome and it got alot of attention, kudos to that Click Here

Some guy from Hellsing?? I don't know cause he was kissing a Integra..? Click Here

Umm..don't know where this is from.. Click Here

This was cute, Talim..not sure if I spelled it right. I suck Click Here

The Trinity Blood gathering, it was amazing and got ALOT of love. Click Here

I mostly hung out with this Nanao and her..boyfriend I suppose as Kyouraku, my top favorite division, then comes the sixth. Click Here

I bet Sai would loved to see this- Da Qiao and Pang Tong from Dynasty Warriors 5 Click Here

Not there where this is from? Click Here

This was taken just for Dany (Sw33tz) I jus hope the loser see this..Matrix love!!!!!! Click Here

The Kingdom Hearts/Disney gathering, very huge..and I couldn't get it from another angle. Click Here

The freaky caption, Mayuri, he's still cool though but mean.. Click Here

Azel from Magna Carta, this girl was really nice and first person I talked to on Saturday, shes from Delaware, at cosplay.com. We are planning to wear more KHT/Magna Carta/War of Genesis cosplay next year and a private photoshoot, oh yeah.

More from the Kingdom Hearts gathering, Click Here and Click Here

Tira from Soul Calibur III, THIS WAS SOOO COOl! :D Click Here

I have no idea where shes from, but uniform was cool. Click Here

I know these girls are from CLAMP..but dont know the series, but it was sill awesome Click Here

Dont know where this is from..Click Here Though the smile from the black shirt reminded me of Hirako from Bleach.

Super Mario People..cute. Click Here

Umm..Taki? Dont know..Click Here

This was my ultimate favorite in all day- Squall and Axel..just..so fracking amazing!!! Click Here

That dude from Kenshin, he was cool and also Unohana in the back :D ..Click Here

This Cloud had alot of backup for the fight with Sephy..Click Here

I can and will never get his name right..ever. So I might just call him liquior..hahah seriously. If you keep up with BLEACH by the anime, this character has not appeared yet Click Here

This woman..is my idle. Not ONLY has she done magificant cosplays like Axel, Temari, Mugen, Renji, Byakuya, Hisagi, Yuna, Lulu, Hirako BUT she's a manga-ka and has her own manga published by Tokyo Pop, and I got to meet her but I knew her over cosplay.com but I didnt say hi of course. She is the best liquior..haha okay his name is Ulquiorra. So yeah she's done him. And i got to talk to her and get her sig. She is so amazing. Nyanko-chan, you fucking rock my socks!! I WaNT YOUR BABIES!!

One of the best, I mean best Yoruichi's at Otakon, she's also at cosplay.com and she's done other great cosplay, so yeah shes special too.

Okay here are the division pictures, I'm going to sleep late today... First up Third Division. And apologies for the side angle photos, after the second division photo which I dont have, I was off to the side, shame. Click Here

Forth Divison!!
Click Here

5th-Click Here

Sixth-Click Here

No seventh and its a shame so Eighth and this guy here in front of the camera actually had Kyouraku twin blades and asked me if I could hold if while he put on his pink robe. Oh yeah, Yoruichi with two huge ass blades, phear me bitch! Click Here

More Eighth cause its my favorite and even the Nanao's did the petals, wooo! Click Here

Ninth, expect alot of pictrues. Click Here
Another one, Click Here

Yet another one :P Click Here

G' one and that first Hisagi in this photo, I also know him over cosplay.com Click Here

Another ninth division photo Click Here and nother xD Click Here

But I like this one the guy is Uchiha Nick at cosplay.com and he did THIS..how awesome Click Here

A Matsumoto..with sake!!! Click Here

Not this was something I should have recorded for you all, there was a gigai Hitsugaya, in the suit and all, and he was the only one, so posing for pictures with the other Hitsugaya's in captin robes, a Matsumoto came up and WAM..smacked gigai Hitsu's bum. Yup, tapped his ass. ..or hers. I don't know. I couldn't see it right. So yeah it was soooooo funny and the gigai Hitsu just grinned at the Matsumoto. =D Click Here

THE BEST IKKAKU EVER..and with the Yachiru's Click Here

The pretty boy, so beautiful~ Click Here

The Urahara's Click Here and now doing some ..looks like a painful pose. That Urahara was hott <3 Click Here

The many Rukia's but the one in the school uniform was my favorite and accurate, notice the prisoner Rukia smashing Kon to the ground. Click Here

The Ryoka Click Here
Inoue hugging a giant Kon, this Kon was just amazing and it was in all that in the heat...Click Here

Aizen and his crew, like I said with that Rukia in the school uniform, she didnt get this far in Bleach so all of her friends were like covering her eyes cause it was a spoiler, GREAT friends..I want friends like that. Click Here

That BWHAHAH guy and his crew, that Jinta was hott.. Click Here

This Hanataro was the best Hana in the whole photoshoot, SO shy and anti-social, she was also shy when I came up to her for a pic. How cute and it was accurate. Click Here

Jinta picking on ..I forgot her name again..crap. Click Here

Tis was just cool, these are shinigami with their OWN shikai/bankai, I wanted to make up my own shikai and bakai!!!! Click Here

Another great Bankai Hitsugaya, it was just soo cool I wanted to take her home and put her on my shelf :3 Click Here

Her buddy, as Hinamori, though Tobiume had lost one part of the sword, she still made a great Hinamori.

So after the BLEACH photoshoot, I came back in and found a Soul Calibur gathering and I snaped away, again one two

A GREAT Naruto group Click Here

Org group you see the clear spot of that..Kadaj's bum its black and you see the reflection of the whitness..thats sexy XD Click Here

They had said that they were at that floor for three hours so I hurried to take the pic, but it came out bad..but still it was GREAT Click Here

Have no clue where hes from..but its cool Click Here

Original cosplay, yet beautiful Click Here

The crowd. at the fountains. Click Here

Heres me after the photoshoot, I look tired..cause I am ^^;; Click Here

Its Card Captor Will!!! He's also at cosplay.com Click Here

This guy fought with a girl Kadaj who did well on the costume, great fight. Click Here

Devil May Cry people Click Here

Elf? Not sure where shes from but it was cool. Click Here

Cool just, down to earth =P Click Here

Zelda people Click Here

Chii Click Here
I took this photo just for

**Shanny, love ya babe Click Here

I forgot where shes from..but it was soo accurate and cool. Even though she didnt have the guns, she was packing some serious sexy heat Click Here

The three photos that I took with that Soi Fon that I met outside. Heres the back to back style, it was hot, we were tired, the blazing son was in our face, thats why I look retarded. Look at my booty! ...eww..Click Here

The "my bitch" photo, hahah Click Here

Even though we looked tired.
Oh yeha..its going down, we didnt know what to do!!! haha we look like weirdo's well I do!! But that pose..was painfull..we two were like "hurry up with the pics..im tired!" hehe. And I look dead, the sun was right in front of my face. Click Here

Another crowd pic Click Here

MAN TIFA! Oh man this was just TOO cool. Click Here Woo-hoo!

Utena *spell?* she was beautiful Click Here

Also I just uploaded this, Tess as Urahara, also at cosplay.com and know her too, her cosplay is amazing Click Here

I didnt take a photo of this but I stole it from Al..but much love to you Al!!! Hee! Its V!!! I saw the movie again, I love it. Click Here

Another original cosplay but amazingly great! Click Here

And, is her name Hiyori? I dont know but she was the best, it was the most accurate like the mean look. Again, if you see the anime, she hasn't appeared yet.

All of you mother flowers better comment cause I wasted my whole night uploading and resizing for you viewing entertainment.... And so I read Bleach 240, holy hell! Grim is back, cheeaaaa..heh heh heh. I know. Must go to Bleach Buddy.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hmm..my two year anny is comming soon..I should like plan something or so. Okay well I've been thinking about it but on that day, I'll change my theme. Yeah I know ..lamo. But I've been cooking something up for you all so lets wait a little okay? Besides that, this week is friggin busy, I need to clean my room, clean out my clothes, wash clothes..and do my math packet. Doesnt seem to ..'enjoy the last week of summer' eh? But..without a doubt this summer was one of the best..I hope that next year is great too, now that hopefully I'll be able to join Evil and James in..AE? Not so sure XD So for this post, I'll continue the love posts also I'm gonna ask to everyone who has been reading my story to ..let me know where you left off. So we can continue it all together. Don't want anyone behind who would like to read it, after all Beck got my inspired to do this XP Also ..its official, going to Anime USA BUT I'll be meeting with Red there too, major wootness.

Hmm..this kinda messes it up a bit..I though of doing a little love for you all on my two year anny..well..its final, everyone on my list will get one..even if asked or not. ..What..its my two year anny in this..wonderous place.

Well this love post will be done again..since the person I was doing it for..DIDNT SEE IT!
So were talking about Miss Color Me Evil. There are many things I like about this girl, but it first started..as usual. I clicked 'Random Member' button and soon, her page was up in my screen. And yes if your wondering, I did do the..one liner entry. Oh yeah..I was so llame. But she returned the favor and then for most of the time..it was just visiting and commenting. Last summer though I decided to taking things up to a new level. So I added to my MSN. Since then, I wished I would of done it sooner, Evil is a star. To be one. You must shine you. Don't know if that made sense. But Evil is that unique girl whom I should say will defend her friends by all costs. She'll comfort you in the best way she can and will just be there at your comfort, no matter what. And the thing that I admire about her the most is that once your her friend, she'll treat you like one but will also defend you like one. Another thing, shes got this..fucking hilarious sense of humor!!! I love her for that and it is impossible for me..NOT to laugh whenever I speak to her. She's great to be around with, she's been great to me and thats what I love about her. Since she's been there for everyone, and done such a great job. I hope sometime I'll be able to return the favor. Cause without Evil..I'm one lamo person. And yes. Its true. And Evil's one scary girl..but she doesnt bite, she's the sweet amazing lady.

And I remember she told me this::: you could tell me you hated my guts for one reason or another, but I'd rather you open up to me than close me off:::

And that I shall do. Not the hate guts. Even though were coolio, I'm still a little scared by this woman, she's just too awesome. Like I said in the other one, queen of creative swearing she is..she deserves that title fo sure And probably right now I'm repeating my self..meh.

So Evil..Alexa, Love you alot, don't ever change.. and..HOPE YOU GET TO SEE THIS ONE NOW!!

Okay..I'm done for today. I need to clean my laptops files..I got no more disk space left..jesus hellin christ.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I think its time for an update in which I am in peace. And my excuse for not being able to post about Otakon and pictures is because I'm trying to not be on the computer when my sibilings are around. Or else they will accuse me of being online all day and all the bullshit. It makes me mad cause I'm NOT ALWAYS on the computer, I dont chat all the time. I actually do things and I makes me soo mad when they say I'm useless. If I keep talking about this then I'll rant badly to you all and I dont want to, better off to deal with it by myself. And its sometimes not my sibilings but my parents too. But I wont blasme them, they are right. But its summer, I'll be in school and I'll probably be away from the computer longer. But anyways last night I went with Grecia and Griz and Daniel out to dinner, had a fun time and then we picked up 'V For Vendetta' since they haven't seen it. This movie pwns.

So overall the night was like any family night ahha, also school next week what a complete dragg.. I am NOT ready for school at all. But we'll see..jeez I am going to miss my friends SO much. Which brings us that on Saturday since my friends know it, they'll host a BBQ and pool party another get together I suppose. I'm look forward to that alot, I do hope Adrielle can make it. I suddenly stopped watching X/1999 dont know why..I need to get back in track.. Otakon/pictures will be coming soon I am soo sorry for the delay. Another thing, as for my story, I will be back so I'm just letting you know that I haven't forgotten about it. I'll start organizing my cosplay within the next two weeks or so. Hoepfully this can be done. My love posts will have to be held back a little longer and soo forry for the delay. Thats all from me now.. More things later..I can't be online in peace anymore. THE HORROR of sharing a room.. I saw Bleach 93 yesterday, major wootness for Byakuya-kun..I just love him more.

The Tsubasa theme is being constructed so be looking forward to that by the end of week, hopefully.

My padawan-I'll get back to you with that website you'd like my help with.

Hinaru-WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH BLEACH! I told you that badass Ichigo would go for her.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well today, is an update day and what not. No pictures from Otakon today, I'm too lazy to upload them on photobucket, bad me eh? Well I can give you a little update from me..how about that? As it is true, summer is closing in on me..and I'm not looking forward to school one bit, if I try to wake up at 8 just to not wake up at 11 and be a lazy bum...ITS HARD FOR ME..I got used to waking up late.. Jesus. Not only that but the school I'm going to sucks well not like that, I dont know anyone ..yeah true I'll make new friends..but I'm not so good at it. Probably I am but still. But thats how it goes, can't win them all. Other things..Oh yeah. Its offical, I'm going to Anime USA, Katsucon and Otakon for the rest of my lives..and I'm planning on cosplaying. Oh yes sir/ma'am. Well for Anime USA, I'll be bringing back the god of flash, Yoruichi and a new debut, Souma from Tsubasa Chronicle and heres a referance of Souma for those who dont know her. Pretty designs right? Though its creeping me out, I'll use my grandma cause I have NO experience in sewing whatsoever. I need to learn. Then for Katsucon..I'll bring Souma again. Otakon is the big thing though, I'm doing not one but two Magna Carta//War Of Genesis cosplays-Diene and Leona Yep.. Well other than that the place I work at is fun, like really. Maybe its cause of the people, we just talk about anything and make jokes.. But were getting more people now..probabyl cause school is comming.. I should get my stuff to..

Other things I've been doing..IN LOVE WITH WITCH HUNTER ROBIN..I'm into it now and i'm watching all shows again..all in one. Yes. Meh..I wasn't doing too well in the morning either..I guess its the AC but my throat was hurting, but not now which is good. Oh yeah..Alex, your love is coming, second time XD Thats alll.. I know I am forgetting something. Well I'll putaside a rant that I wanted to smush up here lets just say that things aren't going well with my family and other problems..regarding to me on the computer. All that "Your on the computer all day, your useless!" will be gone once I step into my school.

Also I hope people haven't forgotten that this is the yaoi theme, and next up will be Tsubasa but that will take a while, hee. I really need to start crackin on the graphics and stuff. I remember I would stuff Tiffany with the icons I made, bwahah. Oh yes, I was thinking of giving another tour around my room since we moved things a bit? Would you guys like one? And my house too..everything. Just..don't go stalking my house..hah.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August, 15 2006

Posting about Otakon: Day Two!!

So Saturday..hmmm. Well I woke up as I wanted to, five thirty. So I quickly took a quick shower while it was still dark. I try as hard as I could so I didn't wake up anyone and I pulled it for for the first half hour. So I got read and put on most of my costume. The shirt's butterfly paint was dry by then so I quickly make the lines a bit thicker with white marker and was ready to wear it. Once I had almost everything on, I woke up my sister Grecia so she could help me with my hair. I didn't wear a wig, I used my own bangs but I did use extentions and put that into a pony tail. I forced Grecia to change into her work clothes so she could help me with the butterfly in my face and arms.

Once my hair was up and all long, it did get a little tangled and wasnt a smooth as when I bought it and it bothered me alot. I felt like going to the store and buying another one but of course that would be crazy. But then things went crashing down when Grecia didnt know what to wear and then I got a little worried and hurried her up a little bit more. I didnt want to be late and the Bleach photoshoot was at 1pm, yeah plenty of time XD So after we started drawing the butterfly in my face, after I showed her a little model we scored first try. She told me though that the ink will go away if I gets near water, in other words, if I sweat.

Then came the butterfly in my arm, that didnt come out the first time so we had a little trouble. Plus, Grecia had to leave for work less than 20 minutes. So with less than 10 minutes we got it done and it looked great. So after those hard drawings were done with, I still needed a bit more help from her to fix up a bit my hair. I wasnt so satisfied with it @_@ So after that, I got the rest of my outfit on and I ran downstairs for breakfast. I ate and we got our water ready and food to later eat if we were hungry. And off we went. My uncle was visiting the morning and was outside, great. Since as a child he would make fun of me, I got a little worried that he would laugh at me but of course in front of my parent's he wouldnt. So he just smiled and asked me where I was going all dressed up.

I shruged and said "convention". So off we went to Baltimore, I was really excited! So when we got there and parked, I already felt a little unusual in my costume but I sucked it up cause I was gonna be like this all day. So once parked we left and the people at the parking lot give me a funny look. The weekend in which they shall see costumes haha. So once I got into the con, it was a little too early so it wasnt crowded as much I knew soon it would be. I almost went every where and well-nobody noticed me. It was all good though cause maybe I looked in a hurry cause I went here and there, this floor and that floor. But then in one corner my mom insisted that she took a photo of me, and she did when I was walking to her, hoping she wouldn't take one and she did. So I walked away, heading to the water fountain and which is like behind a staircase and all of a sudden, a guy who is coming down picks up his pace and tell mes "Hey! Can I take a photo of you and your nice costume!".

First person and of course I nodded happily. He was coming along with some other people whom I guess were his friends. I think one of them too snaped a photo. So I slid my leg a bit father until I was in kombat position and there, waited. And my legs and the stretching hurt. While I waited for them to say thanks, in my head I said "Oh jeez..this hurts!! Hurry up people!!" XD but it was definitely worth it. So walking here and there, thats why I mosted did I guess. 7 people asked for my picture in total and the best one I like was when I was sitting at the fountains off to the side, sitting on a big block when some asian guy about..20's says "Yoruichi-sama, can I take your photo?!" ..how can someone not smile to that. I jumped off and posed away. Another encounter, my mom was really tried from the walking so she left me to walk here and there, she went off to the third floor outdoor terance. Which is like..a big balcony.

VERY peacful I must add. And so when I caught up to her in there, she had told me for the 2 hours we were away, she had fallen asleep. My mom rocks, yo! So she was feeling WAY better than the day before. And while we just chilled, a Soi Fon, off to the side, randomly sees me and waves at me. While I just ..wave back? My mom whom I had told her what Soi Fon looked like pleaded me to go snap some photos with her. So we walked up to her and we greeted each other. We got ready for photos. I ..have this never happened before, I was VERY nervous. Fot one shot she handed me her badge...which was a string all around her neck. Keri-chan..said on it..if I remember quite well. "You can hold on to it, I'm your..*low voice* bitch" and I just smile and grab away.

Yoruichi pwns all Soi fons!!! So after that, my mom just..loudly says "Fight!" and we didnt know what to do, seriously. We just..did what we though of first..and it was so akward. I think I made a fool out of myself. The sun was blazing in on us so it might look like I'm about to close my eyes. Other people too just came up for the photos too. So after the photos my mom took which was three. We..just kindly..randomly walked back. We did say the thanks and by and a huggle. Though I wished I asked for an e-mail or something. We grabbed our stuff and left, while heading to the door, another person whom is #6 askes for my photo. "Can I take your photo, before I miss you again, heheh" and I didn't do the cat pose..my legs hurt alot. So I just almightly just stood there, one had on wasit.

Oh yeah I rocked.

"Thanks" "No problem!" and I smile and am on my way. I wanted to go to the dealers room but it was closed. So..about to be 1PM, I made my way fast to fountains. At first it was so small and I was TOO shy to actually go up to someone and speak to them cause..I suck man. I'm not very social. This is long so to make it short, soon enough the gathering formed and formed..and it was WAY TO HUGE! Everyone was minding their own buisness, we needed order and people kept telling us to split into squads. But the vizards, arrancar, Yoruichi's and Urahara's were there too..what would we do? It was a little fustrating cause a Hisagi cosplayer who is Uchiha Nick on cosplay.com keep telling us we had to split into groups if we wanted to make this photoshoot.

At first I hung around with a Nanao and Shunsui, very funny and kind. Next thing we know, the staff at the con told us we had to take this outside.

OUTSIDE in the blazing sun?!

Well..good thing it wasnt litterally in the sun, we had some shade. So then there it began the HUGE shoot of Bleach. While getting a little more organized I notcied two people from cosplay.com. One.is someone I admire so much cause she's made her own manga, published by TokyoPop, and totally kills at cosplay, she was that arrancar..Ulquirrioa..I dont know how to spell his name-such a pain too. And CPhoenix, another Yoruichi cosplayer, she looked fantastic. And so the Bleach photoshoot started. First up were Divisions from the Gotei 13. As expected, first, second, third, forth,fith, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelve and thirten.

All in order and everyone from that divison stepped into the empty space for pictures. As I next to two other Yoruichis were off to the side so most of the photos I took were a little off. Its so long so I made it short, and yes we did the "BwAHAHHA" thing. Oh yeah. Bleach photoshoot done, good time. Though I didnt get any e-mails or usernames..I'm so anti-social.. We walked back in and I was back in photo mode, going to gatherings that were going on. Then out of nowhere theres a huge crowd. And then all of a sudden, girls scream. Anyone guess it? Sephy stripping.

And then came Captin Jack Sparrow!! This was cool and I HAD TO RECORD IT ..and I did. I showed it to Enin, pwuaah. Yes Captin Jack stripped for us ladies and gentlemen. That Jack was soo accurate, hand motion, drunk motion was sooo him! Then I took more photos and got asked for photos. It all came down to seven people asking me. Even though it was seven out of the trillion!! It was good. Then theres another crowd and this one was insane..the show. Random people went up there, dancing, fighting, doing these moves, trying to fight. The crossover of anime and in action. It was so dorky style yet so funny and entertaining. But once you go in the little hole of insanity..your in for it. With crazy people. Kicking..trying to fight. That kind. A girl cosplaying Termari got kicked in the face.. Yeah it was THAT crazy folks. Yet..she was okay and the show continued. It was about five minutes until security told them to stop: no fighting. Overall, it was a blast, theres WAY more to Otakon Day Two but I would blabber the whole night.

Okay thats it, I'm dead tired. Evil your love post is next post for sure babe, along with the pictures so dont miss it!!! Cause you already did =P Pictures next post folks. And updates from me. I just saw Bleach 91 and 92..I hope the fillers will end..Jesus christ. School is almost near people..and I haven't done when I've been told to do. Yes the reading and math. GOD HOW DO I HATE MATH WITH ALL MY MIGHT.

Seriously..I hate math. I'm so retarded in it!

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