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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nothing to report, I'm still writing my Anime USA report, so I just wanted to update and whatnot. I come with an Anime survey I did, I'd like if anyone had the time to fill it out, I'm curious to what you write in it. Lately I've been stressing about my weight, and I got a really rude comment on my cosplay here, You'll have to open the comment window though, isn't appriciated. I get so many negativity torwards my weight that I don't need any on my cosplays, This n00b doesn't even know me..

On a happy note, regarding to what Shanny-bear said, would you like to see Eragon with me this December? So you could also meet up with a humble MyOtakuer.

Anyway, the survey is located here. That is all

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