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Friday, October 13, 2006

Actually, today is no school day for me. I'll be going to The Photoshop Seminar, here at the Baltimore Convention Center. What's it really about? All of photoshop, I'll tell you that. Dave Cross, Dave is an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS, a contributing writer to Photoshop User magazine, and Lead Instructor for the Photoshop Seminar Tour. So I'm totally looking forward to it. I'm REALLY happy about this, sooo its about from 11:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. All about photoshop, this should definitely help. Well that's about it, and its at the Convention center, where Otakon was held, you know what that means? Hahah well probably they won't let us wander, because I would love to get shots, its so pretty in there. So I'm pretty excited about this.

Umm what else do I have to report, I've stalled my watching of Ergo Proxy because Bittorent is being a big ass to me. But I have been watching Speed Grapher. I started reading Blood and Chocolate by Annette Cutris Klause, a good book and to make it better, Klause will come to our schoo, so I'm SO trying to get her autograph. I started reading the second volume of the Kiesha'Ra Series, by Amelia Atwater Rodes, A GOOOD series..I TOTALLY recommend. XD As for cosplay, its a fustrating thing, I'm too poor to commission something, I'm too poor to have the money to buy the fabric, I'm too shy to keep asking my grandma to make it for me. I wish I knew how to sew, here I am again, discouraged. Entirely. And I was thinking of doing an artbook Esther, with the cute Pope Alessandro.. *sigh*

I won't talk about it it agian, to avoid friendly lectures. Umm..well thats it from me, nothing else is interesting, besides school. Thats eating me alive. *sigh* I'll be going to the movies with LOVED ones, Monica, Vicky ect to see Grudge II, lets hope its good...

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Time to post again, though I'll make this short. Lately my post's have been rather long. I'm not sure why..heh. Since I finsihed Eureka SeveN, I've started downloading Ergo Proxy, now my history of it? I heard of it early January and I looked forward to watching it. I heard that the people who have worked with Samurai Champloo and Eureka SeveN are in this, also the director of Witch Hunter Robin, looking forward to that, yo! Until now, I had a horrible time finding it. Thanks to Hinaru, I'm downloadng it now and finally watching ^__^ Another anime that I've been searching for and found is Speed Grapher, I am liking how it's coming out now. The ability to explode things once you take a photograph of it? Pretty bad-ass if you ask me. So I'm watching those two now. And liking them.

Also anyone heard of Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society the movie? After watching Innocence, I've been hooked, totally looking forward to that aswell. I've been progressing more of Souma actually, I got the foamies to start making her golden moon accessories. I finally got the tie and vest and shirt for Rukia, expect a change in the gallery soon enough... That's it from me today, I need to go do homework. *sigh* I always leave things til the last minute.

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Time to update again, woo-hoo. Hehe. Well I got my progress report yesterday, it aint so bad but I know I can do better.
Matter and Energy-C (I hate that teacher, and I think she hates us too, she doesnt seem to want to teach us)
Algebra I-B
Intro to Film-B
Spanish Honors III-C
Honors English-D

And like Hinaru said, I take four classes a day. So yep. Well..it's what I'm up to now, not too proud. Yesterday the school day was alright, nothing special, I miss my old friends. After that I headed to Borders and reach manga. Read Volume 5 of Tsubasa, Hellsing volume 2, I found out that the second OVA is based on that XD. God dammit, I love Alucard, son of a bastard. Read Paradise Kiss volume 1, Death Note volume 1 and met two fellow otakus. In the same ile as me. I got their AIM..heh it was so random and awkward but I think AIM will be better. So other than that..I've been progressing my cosplay. I finally cut out the moon designs for Souma, continued Gidget. I'm quite happy that I'm progressing. Also, feel free to check out my cosplay in my portfolio, I uploaded more photos of both Rukia and Yoruichi. If you want some more of the Yoruichi one, head to my cosplay gallery, its on the side links and check them out. Just when you get there, click on my Yoruichi icon, and look at the bottom photos, their the new ones. I did a photoshoot, and shall upload the photos soon. I'm not sure what else to add XD I'm getting kind of tired of school, waking up is such a pain for me now.

Oh yes! Last but not least, I've gotten on track in updating my Bleach story at FanFiction.net, though you're still alittle ahead from the chapters I've posted. I'll definitely let you know when I've posted. And if you'd like feel free to see if I've picked up where you stopped reading. It's on the side, my fanfiction link. Yes, I'm still in love with Eureka SeveN, Hinaru what episode are you on? You're my E7 buddy-to-be as well. *grins*

Oh yes, I'm back into reading fanfics..any kind. *bwhahah* C'mon..must feed the perverted side.. That was uncalled for, you may now return to your regular visiting.

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Time for another update, I've been quite lazy these past days to update and visit everyone. I do get the chance to every now and then but I don't get to everyone. Its quite depressing, I'm such a bad person. Well how did my weekend go? Saturday, I woke up like around nine in the morning and did some of my homework, from then I went to practice. Quite stressful it is. From then my mom took me home, I showered and we left to Virginia.

We had to leave my grandmother in Manassa's so after that we stayed at my aunts house for a good thirty minutes and then off to the road agian. My mom dropped me off at downtown Silver Spring and I hung out with my friends, homecoming night. But then later our friend Mike called and said homecoming was a blast. We sorta regretting not going hah. Then from then I left home and watched the Trinity Blood and BLEACH dub, I like both, I've seen how they do both, give a little appriciation for their hard work. I also watched Eureka 7 even though I'm done, I still wanted to see the dub versions.

Sunday, woke up a little earlier than usual, I had plans to go to the store so I can make my vest and get my tie for my Rukia cosplay. I got what I needed, headed back home, stayed on the sewing machine for a good 3 hours. Once finished I headed to my aunts work place because thats where I took my photos of my Yoruichi cosplay, that awesome roof? Yes there. I took the baby again, now with the butterfly and took some great photos. I'm pleased with them. I'll upload them soon.

As well as the Rukia cosplay too. I'll have some piccies for you later on. Today there is no school, yay! I finally started on my Souma cosplay, currently drafting the crescent moons and gold decorations. Since I got some tips on how to make them at cosplay.com, I'm quite happy on how its turning out. As for my money standard, I'll have to have a word with my parents if they can give me some cash. I sound greedy..don't I? Haha. Anime USA is coming up, so I must be fast about this. I still have homework to finish up so I'll end it here.

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Helloo~ I'm definitely happy the weekend is here though I'm loaded with homework, I have Monday off. Yay! So it was a good freshman hell week, even though nothing much happened, our prep-a-rally was yesterday, it was very much cold but it was coool. Tonight is homecoming, I'm not going though but I am doing to downtown and hang out with my friends. Shall be fun. Also as you can see, my new theme is up, but I'm greatly disapointed in the scroll bars, I don't want any. It was about damn time I changed it to a pretty one, I got all happy listening to the music, which is the same in my site, check it out. That I just went and did the tmeme. This theme features Eureka from Eureka SeveN, of course. Cause I'm STILL addicted, hey don't blame me, blame the awesome show.

Since I'm done with that, the new anime's that I'll be watching are Egro Proxy, Ouran High School Club and continue Witch Hunter Robin aswell as X TV. I'm sad cause YouTube took them off, what the hell man. Umm..other plans for the weekend, I'll be going to our football game at 2, so I'm looking forward to that. Goo Gladiators! haha. I wont bother speaking of my new cosplay cause I'm far from finished and loook very ghetto. Okay that's it from me. I'm looking forward to BLEACH and Trinity Blood tonight.

I just read chapter 245 of BLEACH manga, its getting good. Nice to see Aizen-sama again. I need to contact my Bleach buddy..

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ja, time for an update? I haven't been doing so well on visiting you all but I try my best. Now that I'm currently focusing on my cosplays for coming up conventions, practice for field hockey and homework and- school, I have a hard time getting on MSN, making layouts or graphics and aswell as visiting and updating. Um something that IS worth telling you all about my boring life. I'm now working part time at the shoe store which is only Monday, Thursday and early Saturday. Hmm..what else. Nothing really..everything is boring for me that I wonder why I'm posting. Can't help it, I'm addicted. Anywho, I finally finished Eureka seveN, now since most of you all haven't seen it, I won't do spoilers, some other time yes. But not today. The show? Totally rocked, I love every episode, and you should too. I fell in love with it just after episode 12, before it was just an anime I watched Saturday nights, but then I couldn't wait, so I downloaded it on Bittorent, and for those who need ..actually you have to seee it, Google, Nanashi fansubs, they have it.

So over all how much did Eureka seveN kick ass? ALOT of ass, Like I said, I'm an addict, I'm just VERY sad that its over. Its probably the only anime putting aside Wolf's Rain and BLEACH that's made me cry alot I dont know why but it just has something, alot happens with those two. Please dont think the show sucks with the weirdo dreams and ALOT of unanswered questions, eveything gets cleared out later. I'm just..so sad it's over. *sniffs* I know I'm very lame, but hey the series is amazing. If you like mecha, this is for you. If you like romance, this is for you. If you like action, this is for you. I strongly recomend this anime to you. I really do, never have I seen an anime that's made me laugh to hellin much and cry like a little snob. Heh. I'll end it here folks, you've had enough of my addiction.

Hinaru, Teri, My lovely padawan, you should have receiven an e-mail of my next Rukia cosplay, I'm hoping to get opinions on that :D

And dear padawan who I love so much, the book I spoke about like alot of posts back is called Hawksong by Amelia At-water Rhodes, its fallen into my favorites.

Last but not least, Anime USA is coming up, and I've got NO cent..whatsoever. Shits. Viva cosplay! I think I'll end it too, I'm heading off to school now. Take care. Oh yes! Thanks everyone for the 6000+ hits!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School today in about thirty minutes, I got some time to post for you all. First, I couldn't post yesterday because MyOtaku was being a REAL dick to me, I'm not sure why. But I couldn't post the love that a 26 year old woman deserved. Though Shadow and Beck said it way better than I ever could, I hope you had an amazing day, I love you Shanny, your just too supreme and I don't deserve you.

Hmm..oh yes! I forgot to tell you all my classes~
Period 1A. P.E
Period 1B. Physics
Period 2A. Algebra 1
Period 2B. Intro To Film
Period 3A. History
Period 3B. Honors Spanish III
Period 4A. Honors English
Period 4B. Art and Painting

So there you have it, my A and B classes. Its okay..somewhat, I'm still getting used to them. I'll avoid trying to flood you with my Eureka seveN obsession, It's a good show, I love it, I need episodes 43-50, Hurry up Nanashi!! Anything else? Umm..I'm hoping on Weds since its a half day to head over to Boarders and read manga. Hopefully I can. Oh yeah, I really really need to start my cosplays..time is running out. Homecoming is this Saturday though I have no plans in attending whatsoever, I'll prefer to head Downtown and be with my friends. The Tsubasa theme will have to wait, seriously, I'm FAR in love with E7, so thats HOPEFULLY my next theme, I've been such a lazy bum these days. Especially in visiting and returning PM's

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nothing new, I'll just give a little update. Well..I just felt like it since most of you all saw it already, I added another cosplay to my portfolio, I'd appriciate if you checked it out and gave me your opinion about it. Umm..also school tomorrow ..spirit week..also freshman hell week, I wont do anything to the little kids but still..I feel bad for em. I went to Pennsylvania to visit my other half brother, because he was in an accident last Saturday, he broke his foot, fractured his knee cap and broke his arm. And worst thing, he can't get anymore medical help because he is illegal.

This made me hate this country and our president.

Its really unfair.

But then this is my opinion, I've got nothing else to back it up. If I do, I'll probably have 10 pages of explanation. After that we had some family arguments..which will be explained later. Also went to dinner and had the laugh of the day. So much happeend today but I must be brief. To end the post on a happy note: I am truly in love with Eureka SeveN. No joke..its probably sky rocketed to my second favorite anime. This will keep me occupied from the BLEACH fillers.

I saw BLEACH last night too on Adult Swim, I love the dub, Rukia's voice, she did excellent in that episode. Also Trinity Blood. Thats my weekend post folks. School tomorrow. Ew. But its all good :D I like it and my new friends.

Oh yeha did I tell you all that I'm in love with Eureka seveN? haha I think the Tsubasa theme will hafta to wait, I'm thinking of a E7 theme here!!! :DD

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Time for another post. Another week gone by school. And its going quite well I suppose. Just some friends of mine, old ones heh, guess I wasn't alone in the switching. They're mad at me ..apparently because I'm making new friends. I find it a very stupid idea but its their loss. My new friends are amazing yet I miss my old ones so badly. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to hand out with them, if my mom lets me. Other news..I haven't started my cosplay whatsoever, Anime USA is near, I need to get on track. I got new glasses too folks! I love them though I wish they were a little much more stronger.. I'm still in love with Eureka seveN actually, I'm downloading an episode chunk right now, goo me!

Anyone check out that song I told you all about?? What did you think?

Another note, I am completely lazy in layouts, that I feel small with all yout amazing layouts, you all know who you are. Yes you all. Jeez, its made me lazy lately and I've got no time. Not to even update.

I think this is too early to decide buuut in the future probably for Otakon 2007, I'm hoping to take a Trinity Blood cosplay, why? Cause the designs fucking rock! I've also been lacking in the graphics department but I've been taking alot of 'nature' photos. Like I told you all, photography is my passion. This ending will be a rant folks..I'm just too bummed. Its September, obviously and I've gained back my stomach fat, like seriously. Two more tires. What the fuck. It depresses me so much that I give up and eat more. I love eating yet ..I keep telling myself that I'll get fat when I do. I'm always hungry, and cannot skip meals or else I'll eat alot the next time I do.

I'm really depressed in all of this, I left school with stomach fat, lost it all in the summer for Otakon, and now I regained it. Its amazing huh? Well it really depresses me and sometimes I just break down and trash my closet because theres nothing that I like looks on me. I just hate it, and the people who eat all the junkie and dont gain the weith ALL OVER MY FACE. its so desrespectfull. It makes me even more depressed and hate my body. I'm tired of my family telling me "Oh my goodess..you've..gotten big" or "Dear gods Victoria, your not skiny anymore!" ..NO ONE BUT ME..can say that I'm fat.


Because I say it harsher, and it counts and it motivates me to lose it all. I'm just lame right now. and sad. not emo tho, hell no. I'll also use my Yoruichi cosplay photos to motivate me to be like I was in there too. \

Fuck you, fat/calories.

I just needed to complain. Thanks for reading.

Also, thanks for the 10 comments I got from you all. Thats like a record in all this part of time. I've been lacking on visiting and dont have much time to visit you all back and you still come here. I can understand why I get less comments like 3 a post because I totally deserve it.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Life doesnt need me. It never did. I hate everything. Let me complain.
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