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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hell everyone, how are you all doing? Haha, well Iím pretty good, itís the last week until Winter break which as expected is the hardest, I just want to go home, god Iíd love to. Well anyway, my weekend was pretty swell, I sewed more and then I realized I had done something wrong in Soumaís cape. Wanting to rip out my lungs, I had to start over again, but I think Iím finally on track now.

Oh cosplay, how you determine my life, haha. Other than that Iíve been playing Santa Claus, Iíve got the address folks so to those Iíve been speaking over the PMís Iíll send your Christmas goods soon enough. I doubt itíll get there in time for Christmas, Iím sorry for that.

So Iím at school right now in the computer lab, doing my stroywriting for my Film class, bad me eh? Hahah, well I had to post, I thought itíd be okay. Because Iím at school, I wonít be able to visit until after I get home which is later on, so just an update, Iím doing fine, its all good.

I REALLY feel like Iím leaving something out.. Like seriously, lately. Gosh.

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