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Monday, July 24, 2006

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

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Friday, July 21, 2006

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I know..not visited yet, this afternoon I will. I have to go to work again boo, well atleast Josie's back so I'll have some company instead of some older people.. Okay ..nothing much to say but I started watching X TV, and knowing I'm a Clamp addict, I love it. I've been reading the manga but ya know a little anime could help it XP. Also my mom is going away to Las Vegas, again..if you didnt know me last year, I went to Las Vegas with the parents and cousin. It was fun. Okay so she's leaving tomorrow and I'll be home with my grandma.

I will be able to watch Ghost In The Shell and Eureka 7 instead of recording it XD But no, I will be picked up from my house buy my cousin's wife and brought to her home. Where I'll sleep over there until Sunday. shit Well I'll bring my laptop, lets see if I get internet signal..man this sucks. And I had ..thoughts of making plans like go see Pirates 2..bummer. I have themes..well haven't made them yet buut I know what to do, just..there three layouts. So..give your vote..and lets see what we can do. Oh and I found my cellphone, so again to Dany, nope no old grandpa giving to grand daughter..or else I would of kicked his ass.

1.Yaoi..(know some girls would appriciate this)
2.Kingdom Hearts
3.Tsubasa R Chronicle

Give your vote.. I'll still do the three, but in order of votes..And I'll be off to visit later on.

Still putting aside that my cat died in my arms last night, I was so depressed..like anything. He was already sick, his lungs were full of liquid, he couldnt breathe well. His chest would go high for him to breath. He didn't make it when we took him to the hospital. It just killed me right there. But he's better of now right.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back at work, its such a pain in the ass, after being gone for a week cause the boss got me good. Someguy there actually had the balls to talk to me about immigration and how bad its killing the USA.. I won't go into this cause I'll rant so bad that most of you people would think agaisnt me, so I'll keep that to me, it just pisses me off when people talk such shit like that..

If those who don't like it, could see how badly other countries are and they come here for a better life.. Well other than that, I've been doing well, haven't done much at all.. I've been here and there and to see that Garbo leaving, totally makes me sad. You could say she was one of the earliest people I meet when I was new to myOtaku. She's been such a sweetheart with me, I love her to bits. So babe, I'll miss you alot

Thats all for this moment. Watching The New World such a film that I love. Now. Also, sorry that I haven't visited you all lately and fairly, I know I'm such a weenie..

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mann..screw the long post.. I'm so lazy to even write it..cause I'm a lazy bum. But anyway, I've been away from home since Saturday evening. I was going to see Pirates 2 but hell I didnt..which was very pissing. But you can't win em all. I'm becoming so lame on the posting and stuff that I'm so tired to even write how my days went. Well Sunday was a keeper for sure. I went over to Virginia and spent time with the moms side family. It was soo much fun with all the cousins and kids.. Plus..we saw the finale of the World Cup. I lost a good 50 cents on that..Yes I betted..and yess I am cheap. A BBQ, Ball tag, Soccer game, Motocycle run..good stuff. I even got the pants to add to my cosplay for Gidget. Ummm what else..nothing else. I'm boring now haha. Ahh and for Shanny, thanks for the comment of the shoutbox, I'll see what I can do. And to Dany, no..after I came back on the 4th of July, I didnt go running to my computer. I am an addict but..not THAT much..

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkks shiit..I left my cellphone at this hospital..I just hope the old people and nurses save it for me for tomorrow to pick up....but I got a horrible feeling about it...booo

And thats all from me, I'm so excited for Otakon. Now that I have time, I'll go watch some anime which I have missed lately..ohh boy.

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Alright alright, no long post yet..I just wanted to give a little update that I'm doing fine now on my side, new theme is up but I'm still working on things so don't call it officially done. I just surprised out of my pants.. Dad suddendly comes in my room, "Go to expedia, look up three flights from here to Ontario.." If you don't know what that means..I was planning on meeting Enin and Tiffany (Shippo-souten) this summer, but I thought we couldnt so I gave up on the idea. Well now this pops up..I'm confused..and at the same time "OMG" so yeah. I'll be back at work next week..gosh man it sucks.. But yeah..I dont know when the long post will come and the pictures..But I just got up my theme, give me a little break. Hahaha. Thats all from my end. I know I'm forgetting something...

Oh yeah, new shoutbox..go fill it up XD

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Birthday America..if I'm right 0_o Well if not then you can shoot me..I'm low on holidays..shame. Well I won't be around for today, going out with the family..soo much fun. I'll probably go and see what I get from the stores.. So just wanted to give a little update, new theme is coming soon, long post is coming soon. Along with many pictures..guess alot happened on my side. Well anyway, I'll be going now, made a promise to the sibilings that I wouldn't be on the net..because as I am an addict..and have internet..ITS HARD NOT TO ABUSE =P

Take care everyone, with the fireworks, have some fucking fun.

Love to all! <3

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

So much to tell but soo little fucking time..I don't know what to do first..where to go first. What to download from manga first..what to do first..why?

Cause I am back on the net..lay it all on me yall, What have I missed?

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ohhhweee. I seriously don't know when I'll be ever back on the net. But it seems to me next month, wow..I think I just became crazy from all the screaming and head banging cause..I am happy. Yes I'm so happy! ...I need my net back so badly. I'm so behind on Bleach, Fruits Basket, Saiyuki, Naruto..fuckk it. Besides that..that long post isnt near you yet and alot has been happening, I swear one long ass post..though I cannot beat the longest of the great Eninster, haha. Uhhh the main thing, I'm in such a big pain in my tailbone. I fell down the stairs, I slipped and ..bumped down six stairs. Sitting down. My tail bone is KILLING ME. I think I'm gonna go to the doctor tomorrow and see how it is. I cannot even get out of bed..it hurts so bad. Fuck I can't even bend down to use the fucking restroom!!!! What if its fracutred..I don't think I've told anyone but surgery or visits to the hospital other than check ups is hell for me. I am sooo scared of that stuff, especially surgery. I cannot take the pain anymore..well at least its keeping me from burning my eyes, watching movies or going on the computer. Not even ice, massage or pain killers will take it away...I need the pain to go away T_T

Man I cannot do anything without the net..cannot even connect with Encarta!!! My dad is gonna kill me if he finds out that I'm missing 4 assignments he left me to do it on that program. The good news..which is very little, I saw Eureka 7, Ghost In The Shell: SAC. And for those like Vanessie, Ghost in the shell:sac is re-airing. So hopefully its the same for you too. Eureka 7 is something, I love that show soooo badly, it totally kicked off my other favorites..but then again..I love em all to death. Just...the other pink look-alike seems like that's the foe..though her and Dominic are such a cute couple..I spoiled it..I know what happens. Between the two of course.. *sighs* Umm..what else? Anyone know the cast for the Bleach dub? I don't know..I might add that I'm dying to know it. Hmm I probably deserve being off the net, from all those sites and cosplay.. I am an addict, I am and I admit it. Though you already knew that, man am I going to kill my dad when he gets home.

Yesterday was very eventful, my cousins came to my house and had the balls to run my room..retards but I got em bad. Well that is all..from my post. I'd like to dedicate this little part to my little pearl. Now here is a neverending love for Tiffany, known her since she and I were a little new to this community. Ever since then to today, she's been my world. From when I heard from her brother that she was sick, I'd be gloomy, hoping that she'll recover. She knows my hard love for anime and yaoi and me. She's seen me when I'd fuck off and had to talk whenever I wanted to blast off someones head. Either when I wasn't doing to well, she would help me when she wasn't well either. I love this girl so much, cause she's she, its always been so wonderful chatting with her cause I have me some fun when I do. So Tiffany, actually this little paragraph can't even beat the amount that I love you to loads. Hope you have a good one. With that I will leave, and take the precious gold time that I have on the net and wonder off to the other sites and get my manga and anime. (at cousins computer & house)

My desktop..at home..it needs some windows..internet windows.

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