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Monday, December 4, 2006

Monday December 4, 2006

Just a quiiicck post, hehe. Well its December! Who want's to receive a Christmas card from Vicky? If so, send your address over the PM's dont want it in the comments, free to the public ya know? Heheh, well so far, high school is sucking, really bad, too much work. And I hate the kids who are like "OMG I didn't studdyyy, I'm gonna faill!" and then get their quiz and its an 18/20 while I sit next to them frowning as ever with a 11/20, it sucks. Their all the smart kids anyway, I don't think I belong in an Honor's class, cause I'm failing anyway, need to bring it up, mann.

Anywhoo, I've progressed on my cosplay, and I added a new one yep, thats right! Debit from D. Gray Man! c'mon the Noah family needs some loveee! I'm already on chapter 23 XP I would have done Rhode, but..nahh, she's been done alot so I wanted to do Debit, since I haven't seen anyone cosplay her yet. I'm thinking about bringing that to Katsucon, along with Souma, Woz. Leona won't make it =( So uhh yeah..heheh thats about it, the con post is coming soon, I promise! In the mean while you can check out Red's post for some photos at Anime USA, yes we went to the same con and met up! So it was very much fun, I kept running into her hehe, fun hanging out with ya Red!

Oh guess what I got for my birthday? I got a Nikon D80 DSLR camera, along with a 70-300mm lenses and 18-55mm. God damn am I happy now, I've been taking photos like crazy, and I know my photography teacher will love em! Hehe, well that is all, dont forget to PM me your address! Have a good week everyone!

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