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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well I think its time for another post, alot has happened besides Anime USA, like school, and other various issues. I just don't know what to say, school has been such a hard one for me right now, so much work that I quit during making 2 projects, I couldn't do it anymore, I'm so tired of it, so I probably am failing those classes cause I didn't do the project. Blah, it all sucks, but gotta keep my head up, cause I too. Fuck it all.

The Anime USA report and photos will come soon, once I'm not so tired right now, but just know that I had loads of fun. I met so many more people that I'll be seeing again at Katsucon, and more better, I got to meet Red!! So that was much much fun, we hung out for a while, welk Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating, happy stuffing! Haha, I told my teacher yesterday, "GO STUFF YOURSELF TOMORROW" haha, it was a joke, but I don't think he got the point haha, well..Oh yeah, cosplay, yo!

Katsucon is comimg up, here's my list.

  • Leona Etlin Re Elcritian from Magna Cart.
  • Woz. He's the small guy, from Eureka 7, c'mon, he's so kewl!
  • Ageha Squad, those chicks that Dewey got, I might do one of them, cause they need some love too. Also from Eureka 7
  • Souma-Tsubasa Chronicle, its the main thing I'm working on, her cape is almost done, the gold moon cresents are done, woo-hoo.

    Okay, gatta go, sorry for lame post, blehhh

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  • Saturday, November 18, 2006

    Quick update before I leave again, Anime USA begun yesterday, It was so much fun, sadly because of my strong stupidness, I forgot my camera at home, so I couldn't take any pictures, Today I'll be taking Yoruichi again to AUSA, hopefully more people will recognize me :P I got my new extentions last Tuesday, so now I'm ready to premiere her again. I also plan on meeting the friends I met at Otakon and I'm always open for new ones.

    Okay, I should be going now, report/photo later on!!

    Oh man, all my friends hate Adrien Brody, cause he's not hot..it just breaks my heart, I think he's quite the hottie..am I alone in this thought? I hope so then, so he's all mine. x___X

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    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Just a pick picka-boo. Hahah, well school is still eating my time, I've been watching alot of Ergo Proxy, cause it just kicks some serious ass. I already figured he was a proxy, there was something there, but still, it was a surprise. Pretty awesome hell series, I'm waiting to see episode 12 with my EP buddy sometime soon, or else I'll just watch it!

    Okay, well I've been working like mad crazy on my cosplay, sadly I won't premiere Souma at Anime USA, but however at Katsucon. My anime buddy at school: Alyson will be going to Anime USA with me on Sunday, which TOTALLY kicks some serious ass. Okay, well I must go now, homework and projects await, I dont mind if I don't get alot of comments, I've been sucking badly at commenting but I do visit whatsoever, I'm sorry, so I'm not expecting any comments, but if I do, thanks.

    I'll try to get to you all through out the rest of this week, I'll be posting up my report of Anime USA, good week far I guess.

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    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    Sunday November 12, 2006

    Time to post again, I haven't done so much but quite enough. I got my report card this week, I didn't do so good, well..I got three C's and four A's but still my GPA is like 2.78 while some of my friends here at my new school got straight A's and their GPA is 4.00. It sorta makes me feel like I could have done better, all those times while I was so lazy to do the homework, I certainly would like to smack myself. But homework isn't really a bunch of my grade, projects and exams are, but yeah..either way. New semester, another chance to do better, and so I will. I've been continuing my cosplay, thanks for the support guys! They really mean alot.

    Friday, I went to a concert and saw Liran 'Roll perform, their a mexican band so I will be surprised if you HAVE heard of them. It was crazy, people pushing people, people jumping, but it was funn. Photos later on, and then Saturday I went to hang out with my old friends at my other school, god have I missed them. We hung out for a good 4 hours, took alot of photos and acted like maniacs. I had some fun. Before that I had gone to Borders to just read while I waited for them. Well I had broughten my Yaoi bag, "I <3 Yaoi" cause I use it alot now, its my purse :P There was these two girls, one of them recognized my bag and "Oh my gosh! I love your bag! Can I hug you?" and I'm like "Suree" and then she hugged me, but thats how otaku's are right?

    I had no problem, then we hung out, talking and talking and then she went out to get something to eat, so they invited me to go with them, while I waited for my friends. I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat anything, while so I was reading this Japanese book, of course 'How to learn Japanese' it was pretty cool, I wanna get me one XD So after we three just talked about cons, like Anime USA, Katsucon and Otakon, we'll all be going to all three, so we exchanged numbers and myspaces, just to be in contact.

    I love meeting Otaku's XP

    Saturday afternoon I devoted myself to watch more Anime. I saw up to episode 8 of Host Club, episode 9 on Ergo Proxy, up to episode 13 of Speed Grapher and I'll start Ghost In The Shell: 2nd GiG cause I didn't get to see it from the beginning. I've been quite busy, on manga side, I got D.N Angel volume 10 and 11, good stuff. Trinity Blood manga!! I finally finished the RAM and ROM series, goooood stuff. I have homework to do today, laundry and then head out to my little cousins birthday. That'll be it, sorry I haven't visited much, I'll try to get to you all tomorrow.

    Anime USA is next weekend!! Woo-hoo!

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    Tuesday, November 7, 2006

    Tuesday November 7, 2006

    First, Sadly my Matrix obsession came back and I've been dying to make a theme of it. I've already done dozens of icons, wahhh its a good movie. Despite the fact that it got alot of low reviews for Reloaded and Revolutions. Oh you can bet I've been reading some fanfics of it too. If you've seen Revolutions, and like to guess where my song takes place in the movie, I'll definitely make something for you, and love ya.
    One hint: It's in the beginning, no after 20 minutes of the film.
    Thats how obsessed I am now, geez.

    Ahh well another day to post. I thought it was time to hear from me again. There is quite alot I wish to talk about, that made the week that I was absent here on theO but I don't think we'll get it covered up so much. Well first, I was thinking of posting on Saturday, cause I had a strong urge to rant on my blog here, but the feeling died. So I didn't end up posting. Instead I read BLEACH chapter 250, some great stuff right there. I also watched the episode of Bleach too, ya know the Bount arch, episode 101. I have to say that I was impressed greatly by this episode. Not only do I like Mayuri, but also that we saw him kick some ass!

    I haven't watched anything else though, Ergo Proxy, Death Note and Host Club, I've been reading alot of fanfictions and continuing writiting my own. If you all who was reading my Bleach fic, and would like be to refreshed a bit, my fanfiction profile is in my links, under 'My Writiting'. So check it out if you'd like, if you haven't read it, go ahead if you would also like. What else, oh yeah school grades, too rusty, I know I could have done better. I just hope my rents won't be really mad, though I think they will.

    Lastly, because I feel that I'm forgetting something, I finally bought the fabric to make Souma's huge cape, I'll be working on it today with my grandmother, I'm looking forward to it. I have all of her cresent moons done with Paper Clay, and have those dangling strings. The cresent moons are also in my image, on her shoulder, waist and leg. So now, I'll have to focus on her main outfit. Anime USA is next week, I don't think I'll be able to have her done, so I'll only take Yoruichi. I'll premiere Souma at Katsucon. Well that's it, hope you've all have a nice week. I know I'm forgetting something, crap.

    Ahh yeah! I finally added my Silent Hill nurse gallery on theO, please check it out and give me some opinions if you have time. Also, if your in the U.S and at age, go vote! XD

    My Padawan-I started the set up for you theme, any images you'd like, PM them to me.

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    Wednesday, November 1, 2006

    New theme! It features Helga from Trinity Blood, she's a sexy bitch, ain't she? Haha, if I was a dude, I'd so date this chick. So how was everyones Halloween? Mine was good, I didn't get so much candy but it's okay, Alot of people recognized me though, it's pleasing. "OMG! SILENT HILL NURSEE!!!" and they run away. While I grinned. It was a good Halloween, not the best but of course, theres next year, and I'll have something better with a bigger bag of candy.

    I had no school today, teacher professional day. End of the semester, yay! My grades should be in by today, so I'm hoping I did pretty well. I continued watching Host Club and Speed Grapher, both great. I also continue teh cosplay, Souma's accesories are done, I need to paint them now. That'll be it, enjoy the theme!

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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Time for yer shot, pretties. Visit me at Silent Hill by midnight.--Cut the crap. Happy Halloween folks!. I'll have photos of her for you, and you show me some. Deal? Hahahha, I'm waiting for Enin's post.. Oh and your welcome to X the music, I think it might be a bit too much, if you like, enjoy. Fits this wonderous holiday!
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    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    It’s been a while since I posted ^__^; though I'd post again. Not much has been going on, though school's still giving me a hard time, unit exams are all next week, cause the semester is over this Tuesday. Wahhh. I've been studying so I feel quite comfortable taking them. Although I miss my old friends, the new ones still are new to me. I feel like I don't belong there and then I just get sad and bahh and I fall asleep in class. When there is a sub! Cause all we do is paperwork, and I've had a sub all week for one class. So I'm not missing out on the important work. This Friday was very eventful though XD

    .Peeping Tom

    Friday, was an A-day, where I have all my A-classes, and first period is Gym. Yes I have gym first period, yuck. But the people in that class make it so much fun. I know a lot of people in the class now, so we finished our Soccer unit, were now going into Football. So yesterday was mostly 'free time' which was indoor soccer, basketball in the other gym and jump rope, ect. There’s a bit of a..Dance/stage in front of the gym. Though it's connected, but separated by a tall metal see through wall. We usually go up there, for the mats when we do our warm ups XD

    Well most people playing basketball and other things me, Ebony- the funniest girl on the world. She makes gym class fun, cause she makes us all hyper. Alycia-very funny too, same as Ebony. Mady-I know her from Middle school, so were good pals. Franny-my cousin knows her, she’s VERY sweet and nice. So we all were just doing nothing because we were lazy, suddenly no one noticed by the lights in that stage turned off and the curtain was pulled. We thought it was our teacher, scaring us, after all Halloween is near. So I and Ebony went inside and it was dark and scary but we could still see a bit, suddenly we saw a black figure, ran to hide in the piles of the mats. I and Ebony were like shouting saying "Mr. Trail! We know its you!! Get out!" and then it got up and ran to a room inside.

    You can bet, we went running out, screaming our heads off. It was that scary. But we thought it was our teacher, and then Mady said that our teacher was outside in the gym, playing basketball. !?!?!? Yep, who was it?! We were outside, sitting and talking about how I and Ebony saw it, it was a guy because the hair was short and wore baggy shorts. While Ebony and Mady went to Mr. Trail to come to that little backstage so he could investigate.

    Me, Franny and Alycia were just talking about how was it? And what we saw. Then Ebony shouted to us and said that our teacher was going in with us, there’s two doors that leads to the backstage. We were in one, our teacher and Ebony went in the other one. They went in first and then I decided to come inside too, I opened the door and there he was, he was going down, but he noticed me and threw something at me, to block my view while he ran away. Though it didn't scream like Franny did, my eyes only sprang wide. We both ran up the stairs to find him throwing himself in the dark mats, to blend in. Our teacher and Ebony noticed and ran towards us, while he went and turned on the lights. They flicked on, no one was there. Franny had stayed in the stairs and said she saw him run out. It was a guy alright. We all just were like running maniacs while our teacher just asked us what happened.

    It was scary, but at the same time, GREAT for Halloween, we should do it on Tuesday. But we really thought it was a peeping tom!

    How eventful it was.

    .My Weekend

    Today, I'll be going again to Borders with Alyson to read more manga!! I'm hoping to read more Saiyuki, Paradise Kiss and Hellsing. I'm so in love with Paradise Kiss that I made a wallpaper. It seems in my computer, not laptop I DID have installed Photoshop, the thing is. I don’t have internet on my computer, most of the time I use my mom's computer or the laptop. Have a look at it and leave a comment if you'd like! After that will be our weekly movie night with my siblings.

    I'm not sure what movie they'll pick out, but I'm definitely hoping Fight Club. I love it, they haven't seen it, and they should. If you haven't, you should too! There’s more, I'd like to say but this post is way too long. Thanks for reading!

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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Surprise! Balls in the sky!! (this is from teh famous Hirano, he's the most insane man alive, how I'd own him) it's been a while since I posted, thought it would be nice to hear from your Vicky once again. Although I didn't do much. School has been the most hectic thing for me right now, never have I gotten so homework to be in my room about six hours. It's insanely crazy but that's school life right? heheh. You haven't missed much though.


    I've been doing alot of that lately, I recently visited the Discovery bulding at Downtown Silver Spring, it's a really nice building and took photos. Not all of them came out right but some did, so I'll be happy to share with you all. The rest are just objects that I found around my house, and I'm pretty satisfied with my Canon Rebel XT, such a beautiful babe it is. I'm still photoshop-less but I asked my parent's if they could help me to afford it this christmas, speak of that, any plans anyone doing? I myself aren't sure :P

    .My Weekend

    I did quite alot this weekend, Friday there wasn't any school so I took the chance to chill around the house and did a bit of homework. I finished and later on headed to Border's with my new anime friend Alyson. I met her at school actually, I'm so happy! What else?! She's into cosplay and she so wants to do something for Otakon. Oh how delighted I was. I'm actually planning to take about five cosplays to Otakon. How insane are I? Seriously, it's sucked me in to it's core. Oh cosplay, I love you.

    Saturday I went to the art store, thanks to my brother who gave me a ride. I bought more plaster and things to make the mold for the golden cresent moons on Souma. I'm almost done, I just need to finish up a bit. Then I'll be free from accessories to make the actual costume. I've also taken up the other challenge to be Susanne von Skorzeny. This may be a spoiler for the Trinity Blood manga readers? I'm not sure, yes its a Trinity Blood costume, I have heard those will eat your soul. I believe so. Okay she's on the left, behind the guy in the font, the red eye. See that chick? Yes her, red hair lady. Hopefully, I can bring her to a photoshoot some folks are having at Otakon. I was to friendless this year ;;__;;

    Although I see nothing else but her hair and her hat, this gives me the liberty to make her shirt, of course I'll have to look on someone else for reference on the coat. As well as the red thing on their arms. Looks hard doesnt it? I think I can have it done by Otakon. How broke I will be.. Then Saturday night I went out to dinner with my family, and from then, saw a movie. Afterwards, I stayed up and saw Trinity Blood, BLEACH and Eureka SeveN. Good stuff. Sunday only consisted me finsihing up the cresent moons, and doing the massive amounts of homework.

    The process of the Silent Hill nurse is comming along great, I have the blood, now I need to make it all dirty and bloody, the best part. I haven't watched any anime but have read manga. At Borders I read Hellsing volume three, they didn't have volume 4. I will say it once more, Alucard pwns my soul, the most bad ass man..oh how I'd rape him. Yes. Freaky. I bought Re:Play, by Christy, whom I met at Otakon, I had a blast with her, if I can find the photo I took with her, I'll show you all. I love this book. Also Saiyuki volume 4 and 5, it only reminds of my dear Shinkiro, whom I miss so much. I really do. As well as Paradise Kiss, pretty good. I'm off now, this has been my long update, thanks for reading those who really read posts. Back to homework hell.

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    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Well I was supposed to post this midnight, cause it was the premiere of my new layout, totally dedicated to Hinaru. We've known each other for quite a long while, he's been there with me every step of the way, happy or sad. So I thought this layout would atleast show him, how thankfull I am to be friends with him. Those who have yet to meet him, do so, he's entirely someone fun to be with. Though I'm not done, just yet, theres some things I need to finish.

    .Photoshop Seminar?

    It went so nicely, I DID have a good time and learned alot of new things, but since I don't have photoshop, because I had to uninstall it from my laptop, but then I handed it back cause it was borrowed, I'm photoshop-less right now, but hopefully that'll change XD I learned new things and whatnot, be on the look out, my skills were brushed a little bit XP But I didn't take any photos for which I took my camera but forgot to change the dead batteries, go me. But it was at the BCC, we couldn't wander so much, like the fountains but it was nice being there again, definitely brought back Otakon memories ;_;

    .Silent Hill & Halloween

    Yep, for this halloween, I took up the challenge *spell?* to be a bubble head nurse, I'm still in process of making her weirdo face, but I got the outfit done, I need to make it bloodly and ugly..uhh time's almost running out. I'll be taking her to a friends Halloween party, should be fun. Anyone doing anything?

    Besides that, I've been in a mess with some personal issues but I won't bring that up. School is school, its eating me with homework. But I've already started my process for Souma, so I'll give you references once I'm a bit done. That's it from me! Oh and I FINALLY! Started watcing Ouran Highschool Host Club, its sooo funny, wahh I like it so far, not that I wasn't..c'mon yall. :D

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