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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Posting again, nothing to report, life's been sorta the same. School's been horrible, I want to rant badly..I really do, I've wanted for so long, but not in this post, I've got something giddy to say. ~~Been reading D. Gray Man ALOT now, I've only got three more 'nights' to go til I reach where mostly everyone is at. If you've read it, you'll get what I mean by nights. Hehe, well to those whom haven't read it, please do, its really awesome. The anime came out, but I've only been reading the manga, God damn you Tiffany!! For getting me into it!! Well okay, other than that, I've also been taking alot of photos. So I'm hoping to share with you all soon..

In the end theres been too much going on for my own good AHHH I don't even know why I'm posting. I'm REALLY sorry I haven't visited everyone lately, I do you no justice, seriously.

My Padawan~ I'll upload the photos on your account later on! ^___^

Tiff-chan- I love Rabi and Tyki..but Crowley's my top favorite, hes just soo funny/random/emo/bad ass. I own him, we should do the hubbys on D. Gray Man too, Hehee~~

Again, if you'd like to receive a Christmas card for me, PM me your mailing address ^___^ I'll only ask close friends (you know who you are), cause probably everyone else will think I'm physco and want to murder, hahah. Alright, to prove to those who think which is LITTLE, that I'm not murder person and 50 year old man, I met with Red on theOtaku, shes RedTigress, check her out, she's cool!

Heres a photo of us: She cosplayed Renji while I brought back the Goddess of Flash--> Yoruichi.

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