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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm getting SO excited For KHII. Its like, all I talk about ((NO DER!)).

Happy belated Single Awareness Day Valentines day!!! My friends and I don't really celebrate it though....

I'm getting sick of the theme already. I thinks its the orange. And how messy it looks. :P I'll change it soon enough. Hasn't been up for a month yet. I think I have an Idea what I want the next theme to look like. Kinda more like a traditional blog site layout. *grin* if you got that.

OMG. One of my friends is doing the angsty-emo-teenager thing. Its Bugging the HECK out of me. *fume* It bugs all of my friends. As one said "I want to hit her on the head with a board that has a nail in it". *fume* Anywho...

I actually Finished Kingdom Hearts. On Saturday. I waited to get The Ultima weapon, and HOLY COW. the Wizards do NOT like to give up their Shiney Crystals. And the Defenders their Bright Crystals. But mostly the Wizards. Anywho, It was fun. I want to hug Riku. Again. Still. He's SO COOL!!! *fangirl screams* Now I have to finish COM. THATS going to be annoying. I need to do Riku's one as well... as soon as I find the GBA.... Dag. But Its a 3 day weekend, so I have time. I hope. If my mom doesn't freak. *sigh* I could bring it to school and play it at lunch..... It'd be fun ^_^. And my friend could help. And I'm off. Thats really all I have to Report Post. Ta!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

..., , ,.

On Friday, my two friends and I went to a school play. It was the Crucible, and HOLY COW, It was GOOD. I was crying my eyes out (along with one of my friends. The other one had seen it already, so she had more control of her emotions. Kinda), but it was SO good. All the Actors were SO good at their parts. I'm probably going to go see it again today or tomorrow. I was doin' pretty well with not crying until one part (Near the end) When the main character says: "BECAUSE ITS MY NAME!!!! You've already taken my soal, Let me keep my name!". Like, Oh my giddy aunt, I LOST it. I was SOBBING. I'm wanting to cry just thinking about it. *sigh* It was SO well done. People who have seen the movie said that the our play was a LOT better than the movie. I went over and shook the main character's hand afterward, and congradulated him. He said that he was sorry when He found out that I had been crying. He was SO nice. It was suprising that he played the part he did. His sister saw the play, and she was crying because she had never seen him raise his voice, and his character yells and throws girls around. *sigh* I cannot say enough good about the play. It was wonderful.

After the play, Duo and Y-chan (The friends; both girls) and I had a sleepover at Duo's house. We watched the disney movie The High School Musical, and LOVED it. We watched the end over and over again. It was WAY cute. The two end songs were cute. ^_^ And the main guy was cute as well... Anywho, we went upstairs later and giggled Histaricaly while my friend cut up a piece of a symphony bar and put it in a bowl and put it in the fridge. Then we went to sleep. It was fun.

Then stuff happened on Sunday. I got in an argument with my mom. Took a 4 hour nap, Nothing out of the ordinary. But last night, I woke up at 2a.m., and could not sleep worth monkeys. I went down an played Katamari Domashi. I didn't much like it, but it might be because i wasn't feeling the best. Went upstairs, and tried to sleep. My chest started hurting at 3:30. I felt like someone was stabing me and turning the blade. It HURT. It moved to my jaw and throat, but it stayed in my chest the whole time. It didn't stop until 5. so, 2 1/2 hours of pain in the morning. It wasnt fun. I woke up late because of it. Not horribly late, but later than usual. So yeah. Thus ends my wonderful story.

Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out the day before my birthday!!! *sings*

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

.. . .

Short post. :O <-- didn't mean to do that. Oh well. I'm reading this REALLY good book called Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith. My friend really liked it, and she wanted me to read it. Its a fantasy/mideval time story. *hearts* Its SO cool. I love the court Decoration *Laughs histaricaly with friends*. Yeah... It'd make sense if you read the book. I LOVE the Marquis. He's so... classy. But he's still really good with swords (And daggers!!!). And ... Wow. Read it. Now. Especially if you like fantasy/mideval type stories.

We saw this REALLY good trumpiteer (?) and His jazz band last night. My friend and I WEre screaming our heads off. I didn't like jazz before, but that was WONDERFUL. One song was an arrangement of a ballad (I think they said) and it had Clare de lune in it. *hearts* It was SO pretty. And the piano player was OMFG good. Liek, wow. and the sax and the main trumpet person and.... wow. It was WAY good. End of post.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006


This is gunna be a short post, because its almost time to go. We're supposed to be making a CD and all that graphics that go with it, but we're a bunch of slackers in my group.

So, the new theme's up. And just in time for february. Bleh. I wish the background of the post had a different opacity, but I haven't figured out that yet... Its too bad. I really had fun with the wallpaper. It looks really crappy in JPG format. The original looks TONS better. It doesn't have any of the green stuff. Its much cleaner.

I've been looking up KH2 stuff (big suprise :P) And I keeps wanting to cry, because they've grown up so much. Especially Sory *wipes tear* Its so touching. Yes, I'm a freak. But, It really makes me happy. He's much more mature now, and serious, and its SO COOL!!!! *hearts* The new date is the 30th of March, which is one day after my birthday. I'm hoping it does come out that day, and so I can tell my parents to get me that, even though it would be late for my birthday. óż_óż I want it so badly. I found a site with a whole bunch of KH stuff. YAY!

Random quote for today! Here it is:

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

^_^ Heh... who wants the last laugh now? Well, I'm off now. The period is over in 5 minutes, and I want to go look up some more _______ Stuff. Guess what's in the blank. I won't give you anything. But lets just see if you know what my obsession is at the moment.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

.... ... .. . .
Sorry I haven't updated for a while. But, things happen. Yesterday, I had the most FUN time in math. Half the class was gone because our Drill Team was having a compititon, and the other half were the really funny ones, or the really quiet ones. I happen to sit in back of a group of 3 funny people. We were talking about EVERYTHING, and they made it SO funny. We started talking about Batman, and how he was SO much cooler than Superman because he doesn't have any super powers (Which I thought was really funny, because thats one of the reasons why I like him), and I said that he DID beat him once, and that it was in a book, and they stared at me like I was crazy. It was SO fun.

Then we had Anime Club, and I learned some Japanese (a girl there is half japanese, so she know a bit), but there was ONE thing that made me really mad. There was a girl there that may have been going to another school, and they said "Raise your hand if you want Chi to stay!". THAT pisses me off. It backs you into a corner and forces you to raise your hand, even if you don't want them to stay, because then people will think that you're a jerk. And that girl should know that we like her. We give her hugs, gifts and get happy when she's there. If she doesn't know that she's well-liked, then she's REALLY dense.

I'm working on the new Layout, and it is SO much fun. Its a Naruto one and I got the Idea from a music video. *hearts* Its so cool!

Its my sister's birthday tomorrow, and I'm getting her a game that she wants. Its Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. She's been wanting it for a while (mainly because she thinks the main guy is hot ^_^)

Well, I'm off to go work on the site.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

..... ..
I'm so lazy with the subjects. You're not supposed to even see it anyways, so whatever. Wow. Hi. So, I'm really lost as to what my next theme should be. I'm going to do KH in March, so I don't think I'm gong to do that, and I'm just not sure what to do. *sigh* I may just search for some art in anime galleries... or maybe I'll do Teen Titans *celebrates*. Suggestions welcome, once again.

I had two friends over on friday watching Teen Titans. It was SO fun. One of my friends and I were being girls and getting excited whenever fluff scenes came, so it must of been aquard (sp?) for the other friend, being a guy and all. :P But it was fun. He had to leave at... 9ish, and my other friend stayed until 10:30. ^_^ It was SO fun. They ended the 5th season HORRIBLY. Like BIG cliffhanger, and the canceled the 6th season. GRAH! Its SO frustrating. BB ran off to join the fight and... It ended. Like that. *tears out hair* Its SO annoying. And then... I slept. and had to get up early to play the organ at church. :P ew.

So, I have today off of school, because it was the end of the quarter/semester on friday. I have my AP computer class now!!! *celebrates* Its gunna be FUN. and NO MORE GYM!!! *celebrates* Thats a good thing. VERY good. *sigh* But Now I have health. Which is gunna be interesting.

So, I've decided to get working on a website. Hosted on Geocities, of course, but what can ya do. I'm almost done with the layout.


Now all I have to do is add some text effects, code it, and put it up on geocities. The only problem is, I really dunno what I'm going to put on there. I may have it be a graphics site..

Anywho, I'm off. TA!

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

... . .
Yeah so, I have a project due in 55 minutes, and I haven't even touched it. Darn. I hate this. I was alseep ALL yesterday after school. Like, I slept from 3-6:30ish, then I ate, went to a group activity, left early, and went to sleep. And I slept well O.o. Weird... I'm so excited for another 3 day weekend. But I'm gunna hafta work really hard next semester. My dad said that if I get strait A's for the most part, that i can Buy my own computer. Or make one *celebrates*. I REALLY want my own computer... With Both Linux, and Windows. Windows for AMV's, and linux for everything else. *grin* I really like that OS....

So, I need to start working on my next theme, because, knowing me, it'll take me till the end of the month to get around to it.

How does a project get to be a year behind schedule? One day at a time. -Fred Brooks.

Yep. 'Tis so true.

Everyone's complaining about Finals. We don't have Finals at our school, really. But that could be because I have most of my classes Year-round. Well, I have to go now. Class is over. ta!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

. . .
Oh dear. I think I'm WAY too obsessed with KHII. I had Dream after dream of it last night. I would dream, wake up, dream about it again, wake up, repeat 5 times. I it was ALWAYS kingdom hearts II. Well, It wasn't actually what its like, but it was with the characters, and I KNEW it was KHII in my dream. It was SO cool. I want that game so badly. So, don't be surprised if my theme changes to KHII next time i change.

Talking about Themes, Thanks so much you guys for saying you like it. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. ^_^ But I really was just trying something new out so... I didn't know what it would turn out like. I think that the animals look like they were painted... But oh well. Looks better than the fuzzy Up-scaled look. ^_^

I Slept from 3-6 yesterday. And I went to sleep really well that night. O.o I think I'm getting sick or something. Maybe I just overdo it at school. oops. *sheepish grin* oh dear. I hope I don't get mono again. I've already gotten it twice. :P 3 years ago, and last year. My mom wanted to homeschool me because she was worried that I'd like pass out. I'd always get tired on weekends in the summer, so she didn't want me to be passing out :P. I think it would have been ok. I like school *is shunned by friends*. i think Its fun *glares from friends*. And I'm thinking of taking summer school, because I want to *friends faint*. So, I'm going now. Looking up stuff about Kingdom Hearts II *hearts*

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Monday, January 9, 2006

Um... New layout. I was trying something new, so I'm sorry its so horrible. Its the Wolf and Elk-thing from Princess Mononoke *too lazy to look it up*. I really don't have much to say at the moment, so... yeah. And Jigglyness, The reason I'm not posting, is because the posting link is hidden behind the text area whenever I view the site. So, I'm not not wanting to comment or anything, Its just that I cant. *sheepish grin* I'm off now. Sorry for the short post.
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Friday, January 6, 2006

Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I was really tired because I did nothing but do homework and piano practicing (with a break for dinner and a shower) the day before from when I came home from School, to when I went to bed at 10. But, I got my homework done that night, instead of when I got to school!

So yeah, I'm actually practicing an hour and a half daily. And thats not the songs that I play for fun (yep, I play piano for fun. wow). I get most of the songs off the internet, and they're arrangements of game/anime songs. I've been working on a group of Kingdom Hearts songs by a guy who's REALLY good at arranging. I'm wowed by his skills.

So, Its friday, so I'll try to make a layout after piano's done. It seems like thats all I do now, is piano. O.o Its gunna be worse if I switch to the teacher my current teacher wants me to go to. *sigh* oh dear.

Anywho, I'm still unsure of what I'm gunna do for a theme. RikuHeart suggested Mononoke, so I may do that. Still not sure though, but I have an Idea of what I could do.

I really want to go and buy things. I dunno why, and its creeping me out. I've been really opposite of what my normal personality is. I've been really mean, curt, frustrated, and I want to go shopping. O.o Its weird.

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