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Wednesday, February 1, 2006


This is gunna be a short post, because its almost time to go. We're supposed to be making a CD and all that graphics that go with it, but we're a bunch of slackers in my group.

So, the new theme's up. And just in time for february. Bleh. I wish the background of the post had a different opacity, but I haven't figured out that yet... Its too bad. I really had fun with the wallpaper. It looks really crappy in JPG format. The original looks TONS better. It doesn't have any of the green stuff. Its much cleaner.

I've been looking up KH2 stuff (big suprise :P) And I keeps wanting to cry, because they've grown up so much. Especially Sory *wipes tear* Its so touching. Yes, I'm a freak. But, It really makes me happy. He's much more mature now, and serious, and its SO COOL!!!! *hearts* The new date is the 30th of March, which is one day after my birthday. I'm hoping it does come out that day, and so I can tell my parents to get me that, even though it would be late for my birthday. óż_óż I want it so badly. I found a site with a whole bunch of KH stuff. YAY!

Random quote for today! Here it is:

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

^_^ Heh... who wants the last laugh now? Well, I'm off now. The period is over in 5 minutes, and I want to go look up some more _______ Stuff. Guess what's in the blank. I won't give you anything. But lets just see if you know what my obsession is at the moment.

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