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Monday, February 13, 2006

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On Friday, my two friends and I went to a school play. It was the Crucible, and HOLY COW, It was GOOD. I was crying my eyes out (along with one of my friends. The other one had seen it already, so she had more control of her emotions. Kinda), but it was SO good. All the Actors were SO good at their parts. I'm probably going to go see it again today or tomorrow. I was doin' pretty well with not crying until one part (Near the end) When the main character says: "BECAUSE ITS MY NAME!!!! You've already taken my soal, Let me keep my name!". Like, Oh my giddy aunt, I LOST it. I was SOBBING. I'm wanting to cry just thinking about it. *sigh* It was SO well done. People who have seen the movie said that the our play was a LOT better than the movie. I went over and shook the main character's hand afterward, and congradulated him. He said that he was sorry when He found out that I had been crying. He was SO nice. It was suprising that he played the part he did. His sister saw the play, and she was crying because she had never seen him raise his voice, and his character yells and throws girls around. *sigh* I cannot say enough good about the play. It was wonderful.

After the play, Duo and Y-chan (The friends; both girls) and I had a sleepover at Duo's house. We watched the disney movie The High School Musical, and LOVED it. We watched the end over and over again. It was WAY cute. The two end songs were cute. ^_^ And the main guy was cute as well... Anywho, we went upstairs later and giggled Histaricaly while my friend cut up a piece of a symphony bar and put it in a bowl and put it in the fridge. Then we went to sleep. It was fun.

Then stuff happened on Sunday. I got in an argument with my mom. Took a 4 hour nap, Nothing out of the ordinary. But last night, I woke up at 2a.m., and could not sleep worth monkeys. I went down an played Katamari Domashi. I didn't much like it, but it might be because i wasn't feeling the best. Went upstairs, and tried to sleep. My chest started hurting at 3:30. I felt like someone was stabing me and turning the blade. It HURT. It moved to my jaw and throat, but it stayed in my chest the whole time. It didn't stop until 5. so, 2 1/2 hours of pain in the morning. It wasnt fun. I woke up late because of it. Not horribly late, but later than usual. So yeah. Thus ends my wonderful story.

Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out the day before my birthday!!! *sings*

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