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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hello people. Um... its been over a month since I last updated. *sheepish grin* sorry. I've been pretty busy with helping out around the house, and when I'm not busy, I just.. haven't wanted to update. heh. I swear that my family would be in total chaos if I wasn't here. Every 5 minutes its "______, Can you fix this?" or "this is broken", or "i don't know how to do this", or "Can you take this down", and stuff like that. O_o. Its always either me or my dad, but because he's not here, he can't help. *sigh*.

But yeah, its been an halfway eventful summer. 3 people I know had their birthday on the same day (one I didn't say happy birthday to because he's more of an aquaintence then a friend), then one had hers 3 days after. And I went with my sister to her college town a few times, and that was fun. ^_^ I didn't get to meet her professor either time though... I think he was avoiding me (pft. 'cause he knows me */sarcasm*). And school's starting on the 28th for us, so I'm pretty excited. They didn't sent us my regristration in the mail like they were supposed to, so I sent it in late, and still got all of the classes I signed up for. ^_^ I'm so excited for the Multimedia program *dances*. The only thing I don't like about it, is that its across town and takes up 2 periods each day (days have 4 periods each, and switch off every other day). So, I don't get to see my friends ;_;. And it cuts lunch short, so i may not get to eat.

The only bad thing I think about the summer, is that my mom is constantly nagging me about being on the computer. She HATES the computers, and I don't know why. Any more than 1 hour and she's on your back telling you what needs to be done, and that you shouldn't waste you life away on the computer and junk. I'm begining to see her more as just a nag, and less as a mom. Its sad, but true.

Have any of you heard Lips of an Angel by Hinder? Its a good song. Really sad, 'specially if you watch the music video. ^_^ I really love music.

Oh! I changed the layout. It was going to look like the image at the bottom of this paragraph, but I lost intrest for some reason. So, this new one has Tetsu from PeaceMaker Kurogane. I actually haven't seen much of the show (2 funny episodes, actually), but I have a music video that has the part that this image is from in it, and I love it. Its just Tetsu screaming, but the music video makes it so yummy. Anywho, I was listening to Rooftops by LostProphets, and this image popped into my head, and this is what happened. ^_^ It looks kinda odd becuase it was really my first time trying to use grunge, so... heh. But I like it. I was wondering what color to make it, and I realized that I haven't really done a blue layout. Which is weird because its my Favorite color. I think I avoided using it because I thought I'd use it a lot. But, This is the first time. There was once when I did a blue and red layout, but... nah. There is red in this one as well though... *sheepish grin*. Don't steal please :D

Well, that about it. Over and out! *is shot*

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

I actully wrote something before this, but I guess the window was closed before I clicked submit. It makes me angry. But, what can ya do? So yeah, thank you to all those people who gave suggestions. Elves suggested DNAngel, and Daisuke said to do something with water. Which makes sense, because I'm obsessed with the element ^_^. So, a theme of DNAngel with water. Challenging, but it should be fun to try.

So, said Daisuke was over at my house with a few others, and we were playing ImagineIff.... For you who don't know the game, you land on a person's name, you insert their name in and ImagineIff card. Like: Imagine Iff.... ________ was a type of floating object. What would they be? 1) an apple. 2)a floating bomb 3) Etc. So, with all the ones that landed on his name, I only got two wrong. One because he chose at random, and the second one, the one he chose was my first thought, but then I changed it. I know all of my friends really well.

So, my sister id designing outfits for her characters in a story that she is writing. She always comes up with really good ideas. I can never seem to come up with outfits. They always seem to... bland. And ordinary. I really don't see how people come up with their outfits. One artist I saw actually went through and showed every part of the outfit. It was insane. Does anyone know how people come up with outfits?

So, my mom is bugging me again. She always ties things into religion. I HATE it. I'm technically one religion (babtized, etc.), but I really don't agree with half of the stuff it teaches. And my mom is really pushy and makes us go to all the meetings (or at least tries and nags at us to), and activities and stuff. I don't like it, but I'm afraid of saying anthing. Just because my mom is like that. And I HATE it when people are dissapointed in me, and show it. I'm so angry at her.

Heh. Sorry about that. Had to get it outa me. So I went and saw X-men III. And... um... well... It was a good action show. They REALLY deviated from the comic, and the pose Angel struck was just CHEESY. But, I liked it. My friends were making comments to each other throughout it, so it was really entertaining. Then we made fun of Hana, because she said she was positive that there was nothing at the end of the credits, and there was. So, whenever she said something, we'd ask if she was sure. It was quite intertaining.

Well, I'm off now. Oh! I got my license! *dances*

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

Well what do ya know, I'm actually here. Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I just, really didn't want to. I dunno why, but sorry. *sheepish grin*.

Gah! I really need to change the theme! I do. Grah. Its really cool, I found this site that teaches you how to change skins by using DHTML, not PHP. I'm SO excited! You can change the stylesheets in use as well. I'm so happy! But, no promises that I'll use it anytime soon.

So, any suggestions about what the next theme should be? I really don't know so, please help! Sorry for a short post, but its late. I need sleep. Ta!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

La did id... um.. yeah.
MOod: Tired .__.
Listening to: Every Time We Touch - Cascada

8D I love This song. Its one of those songs where you either want to break out the DDR pads or just go and dance. So fun. *Dances around to music* Lol.

So, I just got finished sanding some more and doing CULKING!! MY GOSH IT NEEDS TO DIE!!!!!!! I hate it. If ya couldnt tell ._. . Anywho.... I've just learned how to use Winamp Skins for my XMMS (media player on KDE *hearts*), so if you know of any really good places to get skins, please tell me. 's currently Sessy-darling looking sexy like he always does 8D. Right?

So, I went driving again with my instructor and another chick. I drove for one hour, and she did for an hour and a half. We went too far away from the school, then went back a slower way 8D it was creepy. We were in the mountians and the girl got REALLY close to the edge. The teacher had to reach over and move the steering wheel. It was kinda fun. But so, I got an hour and a half of observation time. Great eh? I only need to go out one more time and then... I can get my lisence. That is... if I pass the test. *sheepish grin*. I haven't looked at the driving handbook since second quarter. Oh well.

Well.. thus ends my wonderful stories. ._. summer's so boreing. But fun. Tomorrow I may not post because... I'm going to school and then to a town an hour and a half away to spend time with my sister. AGAIN. I swear, I'm always with Lee. Its insane. But, she wants to go to this poetry reading, so yeah. She's a WONDERFUL writer. Like, seriously. I *HEART* her stories. This is one of her poems. Called Corroded by Lee (aka Tiger--eyes)

My bloody chandelier
falling through the tattered rose.
What is this face if not a pen?
The pain behind my eyes provoked
by, not your blade, but mine.

I feel the sting, then, trickling,
your mouth into my brain.
My identity once leaned on you,
your cinderblock of fame.
That ego you had – still have, in fact –
gave strength unto my name.
And now I carry you.

Oh, slicing shards of glory,
you come to humble fields of wheat!
You promise nectar, sweet with sweat,
a seed I've yet to reap.

This tree of faces you now see
cannot uproot for you.
I stumbled o'er your stony path,
once convinced my eyes were blue.

They're green! Oh, how my eyes are green!
Like blue, but mixed in gold!
Step back into your guarded flaws,
your garden made of stone.
I'll lift myself when I'm in pain;
you're condemned to stand alone.

And I will carry you.

She's my hero. I wish I could write like her. So yeah, check out some of her works at her site (press her name at the top of the poem). Anywho... yeah. Its all good. Tata!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

not again!
Mood: Happy!
Listening to: I'm still here - Virtical Horizon

Gah! I did it again! I went for a while whithout posting. XP stupid summer. Its what happens when you throw caution to the winds and just sit around all day and spontaniously decide to do something. Or not do something. 8D either way.

So, my sister and I went out to the mall today, and I got a club-like outfit. Its red, has only one shoulder, and really cute. I really love trying on club outfits. So does Lee, so its all good. But she's more... Bad-girl then me. I like to wear them, but I'm a good girl. MOst of the time. :P j/k

Ya know... I'm really bored of this theme already. There are a few songs that I have in mind to base the next one off of; the top on my list being Return to Pooh Corner by Kenney... Something. Loggings I think....:P. But there are a few others that I'm thinking of. Some from the Tomorrow album by SR-71. There's also I'm still here; both songs. There's one by Virtical Horizon, and one by John Reznik. OH oh!! And the english version of I want to change the world. :P I always base my layouts off of songs. Ya know why? Because music is inspiring. 8DDD *hearts*. Any songs that you think would be fun for a theme? Or any of the above? Feedback welcome!

So I've been sanding and filling in holes with this fake wood stuff. Its not fun. 'specially since I'm now sanding. XP sucks. My arm is tired. But that stuff happens, right? :D

So, my dad left on sunday back up to North Carolina. Great huh? And he updated linux just before he left, and our cd/dvd burner isn't working. XP I hate it when that happenes. And I realized that I don't have my graphics program on this computer. ._. It sucks. Oh well.

Hah. I'm killing my computer. Just my profile alone has 1.4 GB, 1608 files and 236 sub-folders (funny thing is, I just got rid of a LOT of stuff). There are 4 other profiles on the computer, +root. In case that means anything to you. 8D I'm such a freak.

So, ta ta!

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Feeling: Odd.. O_o
Listening to: Protege Moi (a french song. I don't know french XD.)

Lol. If you guys could see my subjects... lol. Anywho. I'm bored. And tired. But thats really okey. So, yesterday for dinner we had meatloaf (I like how my mom makes it), and my dad was trying to serve it, but he kept on butchering the slices. I was making fun of him the entire time. My sister finally said "*insert name here*,its not like you can do better." then, to try to prove her point, she asked me to give her a perfect slice. And I did. EVERY TIME! After serving everyone, I gave my dad a HUGE grin, and he (jokingly)Glared at me and said "Oh be quiet". XD I love my family (most of the time....). But, my aunt was over, like every sunday, and getting on my nerves, like every sunday. She always complains about people that she knows that have been mean to her, but then when we complain like that, she says that they're probably all really great people and we're just seeing the bad in them. and she ALWAYS defends them. It bothers me SO much. But, My cousin who comes as well is really cool. ^_^.

So, I woke up this morning at 7. Because I told myself that I would. I then took my dogs for a 45 minute walk, and slept again for a few more hours. It sucks, because after the walk, I was REALLY tired, because I get tired easily. It bothers me a LOT, because sometimes I'm with friends and I get really tired, and then its not as fun. *sigh* Don't EVER get mono. I mean, seriously.

So, I'm playing FFX, and its great fun. I'm trying to finish it, because I want to play FFX-2. I really dunno why. But I do. ^_^

Well, see ya guys later!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hey guys! Long time no post! Sorry I just kinda dropped of the face of the earth for a while, but, It was nearing the end of the year and my grades were HORRIBLE so I decided that I was going to take a break from Internet stuff. I was going to do some Haitus layout thing to explain what was going on, but I never got a chance to. I was working on getting my grades up and staying up to 11; which doesn't seem late to most people, but it makes me tired beyond anything *shakes fist at mono*. After a few days of that, I about passed out. It sucked =_=. But, schools out for the summer. Well, actually, I'm taking summer school (political science) to get all of my credits in. I'm going to this tech center thing that our school does, and its four out of our eight class periods. Thus, my need for summer school. But I'm excited for it; I'm doing a multimedia course ^_^. We get to learn how to use a 3D rendering program. I'm excited,

So um... new layout. Its bright. It works well in Firefox and 1024x768 res. And. Its. Bright. O_o. But, summer is here so, Its okay. ^_^ Really simple layout. I used two patterns and thats about it, but I like how it turned out. Kinda.

Anywho, My dads visiting for a week (so I'm here on the computer. Figures, eh?). I'm so happy. *hears* I've missed my daddy. He says its really pretty is North Carolina, especially the ocean. -_- I'm jealous. I Love the ocean. *sigh* oh well

So, my sister and I had a fun day two days ago. We got up and went to go swimming, but the pool wasn't open yet. So we went to get drinks at a place that was about 1/2 hour away. ^_^ It was nummy. Then we went back and to the library to get Moulin Rouge(EDIT: thanks Hana, I knew how it was spelled, I just... didn't). Then we went swimming for about an hour, and I saw a Lifeguard who was an acquaintance, which was kinda funny. My sister and I had a lot of fun in the whirlpool ^_^. We acted like secret agent people for a while, which was weird, but fun. After swimming, we went to various stores around town to get chocolate that you melt in the microwave then dip things in (which we burned accidentaly, and used white chocolate instead), cheap wine glasses (at a dollar store!), pomigranet juice (we used it as 'wine'), strawberries (for dipping), and this weird capuchino drink. Then, we went home and hung out for a while. Then I took a nap. After I woke up, we went down and watched Moulin Rouge with my other little sister and ate all the food we bought, plus home made white chocolate covered popcorn. ^_^ Great fun. Then, we put on face masques. I had a moisturizing one, because I have dry skin; Lee (older sister) used a clay one because... she did. Then Kar (little sis) had a peeling masque. I was the only one who could move my face, so I was making weird faces at them and they were glaring at me. ^_^ Great fun.

Um... Done. ^_^

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

speaking of hive minds...
So, my group #6 is officially a hive. The teacher called us hive minds because we used the excuse that we work better as the three of us to be able to be in the same group. If that made any sense. It does to me. I have this hard time with putting my thoughts to words. o.O. So, we're finally getting to the end of the quarter. I have a math final, a multimedia final, and... I think thats it. Wow. wait, no... maybe a biology final. Probably not. I have an easy teacher. *grin* I shot him. And he couldn't do anything about it, because of his HUGE ring. *laughs* So anywho....

I really need a life. I mean... seriously. All I do is look at anime art and stuff. I actually have gone on walks for the past three days. like... 2 1/2- 3 mile walks. With my fluffy dogs. ^_^ I need to show pictures. Eventually.

Argh. i have SO many missing assignments that i have to make up. Its driving me insane. Oh. I took a math placement test, and got placed in 1050. But that majorly messed things up and I have to go talk to my councelor about that. :P Maybe I won't have to take 1010 in the summer though... *hopes*

So, I'm writing some kind of evolution paper in Biology. I'm using DRAGONS!!!! *insert evil laughter*. From a Faerie dragon to a modern European dragon. Yes. MODERN. Just 'cause we don't see them doesn't mean the don't exist. XP. I'm such a freak.

So, Mark is playing DDR again. On the computer. On Heavy. ANd I really don't get how he does it. Like O_o cows. Seriously. He's playing Ready Steady Go. from FMA. *hearts* Love that song. And he has a cool layout. And Scotty it typing things without a keyboard. 'cause its nots working. He has to find words then copy and past the letters. Its so funny.

And I'm off. Sorry I haven't been for a while. I may change my theme again. Just... cause. If I get inspired. So... yeah. bye.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

hoo done it?
I gots a cellphone! I'm SO happy. and I can Call Yukina123 for free! Yay! I have Verison, and I can call anyone on the Verison Network for free aslong as they arn't paying per minute. ^_^ Makes me happy. I have a better phone than Yukina123! :P beat that!

So um.. not much to report. Something happened to Duo-chan, so she was crying yesterday. I felt really bad, because I was being a jerk and avoiding everyone today. I was in... a mood. I've been depressed all week, and I just didn't want to be around anyone. So, I think that she thought that I was mad at her. And she was having a hard enough day, so I felt really bad. So I just stayed with her while she cryed, because I didn't know what else to do. Its just been a bad week hasn't it? XP. Oh well.

So, um... thats all. ^_^

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

la di di daaaaaaaa~!
So, my mom's home. and already the stress level is higher. But I'll get over it. I'm getting a Cell Phone!!! *dances around* We got a family plan because I'm going to be getting my liscense really soon, so I need one. My little sister's really angry because... she's like that. :P.

I actually cleaned a lot yesterday! Now today, I'm going to try to move downstairs. ^_^ and I need to practice a lot, because a recital is in two weeks, and I haven't practiced all this week. I'm so skrewed ^_^.

So, I've gotten really obsessed with Marth latly. All because of Hail-NekoYasha on Deviantart. Her comics make me laugh so much. ^_^ And then I read a really good fanfic. ^_^ It made me happy. but there was one part where I was like... That is SO not Marth. There were a few other lines that made me laugh way hard as well. Like... “Hold on, we can’t just waltz up there in our regular clothing, say ‘Hello, wait just one minute while we become girls’ and expect them to hire us.". I laughed SO hard. They were trying to get into the palace, so they were going to become maids. XD. it was SO funny.

Well, I need to get off. My madre's nagging. Fare well sweet freedom of the computers!

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