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Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Sorry I haven't updated for a while. But, things happen. Yesterday, I had the most FUN time in math. Half the class was gone because our Drill Team was having a compititon, and the other half were the really funny ones, or the really quiet ones. I happen to sit in back of a group of 3 funny people. We were talking about EVERYTHING, and they made it SO funny. We started talking about Batman, and how he was SO much cooler than Superman because he doesn't have any super powers (Which I thought was really funny, because thats one of the reasons why I like him), and I said that he DID beat him once, and that it was in a book, and they stared at me like I was crazy. It was SO fun.

Then we had Anime Club, and I learned some Japanese (a girl there is half japanese, so she know a bit), but there was ONE thing that made me really mad. There was a girl there that may have been going to another school, and they said "Raise your hand if you want Chi to stay!". THAT pisses me off. It backs you into a corner and forces you to raise your hand, even if you don't want them to stay, because then people will think that you're a jerk. And that girl should know that we like her. We give her hugs, gifts and get happy when she's there. If she doesn't know that she's well-liked, then she's REALLY dense.

I'm working on the new Layout, and it is SO much fun. Its a Naruto one and I got the Idea from a music video. *hearts* Its so cool!

Its my sister's birthday tomorrow, and I'm getting her a game that she wants. Its Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. She's been wanting it for a while (mainly because she thinks the main guy is hot ^_^)

Well, I'm off to go work on the site.

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