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Monday, January 23, 2006

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I'm so lazy with the subjects. You're not supposed to even see it anyways, so whatever. Wow. Hi. So, I'm really lost as to what my next theme should be. I'm going to do KH in March, so I don't think I'm gong to do that, and I'm just not sure what to do. *sigh* I may just search for some art in anime galleries... or maybe I'll do Teen Titans *celebrates*. Suggestions welcome, once again.

I had two friends over on friday watching Teen Titans. It was SO fun. One of my friends and I were being girls and getting excited whenever fluff scenes came, so it must of been aquard (sp?) for the other friend, being a guy and all. :P But it was fun. He had to leave at... 9ish, and my other friend stayed until 10:30. ^_^ It was SO fun. They ended the 5th season HORRIBLY. Like BIG cliffhanger, and the canceled the 6th season. GRAH! Its SO frustrating. BB ran off to join the fight and... It ended. Like that. *tears out hair* Its SO annoying. And then... I slept. and had to get up early to play the organ at church. :P ew.

So, I have today off of school, because it was the end of the quarter/semester on friday. I have my AP computer class now!!! *celebrates* Its gunna be FUN. and NO MORE GYM!!! *celebrates* Thats a good thing. VERY good. *sigh* But Now I have health. Which is gunna be interesting.

So, I've decided to get working on a website. Hosted on Geocities, of course, but what can ya do. I'm almost done with the layout.


Now all I have to do is add some text effects, code it, and put it up on geocities. The only problem is, I really dunno what I'm going to put on there. I may have it be a graphics site..

Anywho, I'm off. TA!

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