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Friday, October 14, 2005

^.^ My good friend Mark (y'all know him) Gave me a copy of Advent Children. I love him!!!! *happy*
Mark: *laugh*
Me: *grin* YAY!!! yeah... SO... its all good. Just made my day. ^.^ But I have to be careful with my backpack now. No throwing it across the hallway while ditching "The study of Japanese Animation" club. ^.^ TOo bad. And I still need to find some CD's I lost earlier this week... Maybe I'll check the lost and found... hm.... *thinks*.
Oh! I saw a cool show on the science cannel. It was.... erm.... Something about the future. But anyways, They had this car that changes into a boat, and It might be lisenced soon! and their making a four wheel drive one. O.o I want one.... Then there was this thing that they have in japan. its for bald and balding people. They shave your head so its really smooth, and then they put this wig on, and it has this thing thats 3x thinner than paper, and its sticky, and it makes it so the hair looks real. It was cool! I was like O.o dude... cool. Kinda wish I was a guy now... nah. I like being a female. ^.^ So much more fun.
One of my friends (who I call my twin sister, because we're a lot a like(our birthdays are even 3 days away from each other!)) is thinking about cutting her hair. But she's scared to because she's been growing it out for so long. Its down to the middle of her back (like mine O.o). I've been thinking of cutting my hair as well, but I don't think I will. I dont wanna... I like long hair. I've always wanted long, black hair. And i have Long, brown hair. But I don't want to dye it black, because I have this thing with unnatural hair... >.< Oh giddyness. I'm rambling. Oh dear...
So... erm... GAMES!!! I want That Star Ocean game. It looks way good. And Fate Lingod it soooo cute. ^.^ Radiata Stories looks... interesting, but I think its more a rental game. unless someone's played it and says otherwise...? Tales of Legendia Might be good, because after all, its a Tales game. Its suposidly really popular in Japan... So I might want to check that one out. But the two games I'm REALLY waiting for are Kingdom Hearts II and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I can't wait! But I need to finish a WHOLE BUNCH of games first. >.< I start a game, and then watch my sister finish it, and I don't get a chance to play it much, so I never finish them. I have a list somewhere of all the games I need to finish.... Hm... Time to start working on them!
Um.. Gamer rant over, so.. I had bester go. Ta!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Holy cow *snicker* Class joke, I have SO much energy. Like... I've been hyper for 3 days strait. O.o I don't now whats wrong with me.
I had the FUNNEST time in school today. And it was a B day, with all my boring classes in it. 5th period we had a fire drill, so we got to miss 10 minutes of that class (which actually isn't all that much, considering the classes are an hour and a half long each), and nothing else really happened. 6th period we kept on matching stuff we were learing about for India with different movies, and saying we should watch them. We got Aladdin, Ice Age, Romeo and Juliet, and a LOT more. Then we were talking about how Cows are sacred to them and they have temples for them, and on guy said "Holy Cow..." XD the whole class laughed for about 5 minutes. It was horrible, but very good at the same time. It was even funnier, because he has an AMAZING poker face. XD i love that class. Then we had gym. And played Football, which wasn't all that fun. But then we went into the Circut training room and listened to Techno remixes of some songs while working out. Which was cool. But then... was Math. I was laughing so hard in that class, My stomach didn't stop hurtin for 20 minutes after. We were talking and laughing about random stuff when this girl said to a guy "Ya know, you remind me of a Child Molester." XD It was SOOOOO funny. WE were all laughing and the teacher was like "... I don't think He's going to grow up to be a child molseter...." Which made it even funnier. But before that, we all went quiet, then started laughing at the sudden quiet. Some girl thought we were laughing at her conversation, and said, "Its only because you went quiet when I said Locomotive." Which made us laugh even more. XD I love school. Its so fun. XD

WEll, I'm going to go up and make apple cider. Its good, even if its in one of those packet thingys. Its sweet, and good. *drools* numy. Ta!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hey The new Theme's up. Its nothing Fancy... But I like it. expecially the paragraph style. ^.^ Its cool lookin. Nice, but Simple. Very good. Um... i REALLY can't remember what to write about. But My arm hurts. It feels like its bruised, but its probably just sore from Gym. And my pinki sp? on my left hand hurts from doing really loud octaves in piano. And I'm sorry if that doesn't mean anything to you. ^.^ ah.... ouch. So... erm... *thinks* Today was an A day at school! That means I got to play on the computer for 120 minutes!! I would have posted, but we were doing this little project where we have to insert an image in another image and make it at least semi look like its supposed to be there and blends well. I think I did pretty good. But... It irked me at how sharp the corners of the kid I put in the picture were. >.< She kinda stuck out more, and I didn't have enough time to fix it. *sigh* Then we were playing with eggs in seminary. I don't like that class much, but it was fun today. My friends and I are allways late ^.^ So I think the teachers are starting to disslike us. Last year I was put in the back on purpose. I was so proud of myself. Then I had english with the funniest teacher. In the middle of an explanation on how to do an assignment, he started commenting on the Air Force Shirt I was wearing as a jacket. Then he went right back to explaining. He told us a story about when his friend and him were going motorcycling, and his friend almost hit a car, and went into this pit with a whole bunch of bolders and tree limbs and stuff. There wasn't any room in the pit, but he came out and hadn't even been touched. O.o it was cool. He explained it better, and it was SO cool. The story had to do with the lesson, we found out after he told us. ^.^ He's cool like that. He tells really cool stories and then ties them into the lesson. Then went to 4th period. And... watched a boring movie about 'Transferable skills'. >.< I hate careers. well... I have a good teacher and a good friend in the class, so its barable. Its actualllly quite fun. With four L's O.o I really didn't mean to do that. But... I don't want to change it. So.... yeah.
I have my own library card!!! YAY!!! *celebrates* We had a new library open near us, and I got a library card~! I'm making good use of it. I already have my number memorized and have placed holds on 2 books (manga, of course). :P its gunna be fun.

Go Here to see one of our puppies new home!

Well, my mom's in a bad mood, and I don't have my practicing done, so I'm getting off before she gets mad at me. so... Ta!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hi, How are ya? (kudos if you guess what movie that is from!) So... without further ... belating, lets jump into my weekend.
So on friday, my friends skipped anime club (as usual) Because its so much more fun out in the halls. Because we can be loud. I went and said Hi to my sister's old and fav. teacher. I said that I had a friend in his class and he looked at me and said. "You have friends?" I was like o.O A teacher? But my sister said he was cool like that, so I wasn't as surprised as if it was one of the more serious teachers. So I was like "yeah, I'm getting over the shock as well. I told him to say Hi to you for me".
"ah. ____ _____, Right?"
"yep. He's my obediant friend"
"yep. Obediant. Well, I gotta go! See ya!"
"good bye."
XD It was funny. Then I went out in the hall with.... 5 of my friends (3 more girls and 2 guys) and played ring around the rosie. We tried to get other random people to play with us, but only one did. One guy said that he thought that we were probably the first people to play Ring around the rosie ina high school. So, one of my friends said, "now that we have beent he first to play Ring around the Rosie, we shall move on to Red rover." So, We played Red rover. Then went back to Ring around the Rosie. We saw one of my teachers, and he said to Nick (one of the guys) "Ya know, You're one lucky guy. How many guys do you know that hang out with 4 beautiful Girls?" The other guy was hiding, but came out, and Y-chan said "and one Gentelman." We all had a good laugh over that. Then we started following on guy. He stepped forward, and we stepped foreward. ^.^ It was fun. He tried to mess us up, but we got back in step. We did that for like... 10 minuets. THen he had to go home, and he had given me on of those sew on Chibi Edward thingys to look at, and he said I could keep it. ^.^ Talk about much happyness. So, we all went home. And it was good.

Then saturday, my friends called me and asked me if I wanted to go over and have a party/hangout. So, against my better judgement, I did. For the first 5 minutes, I really didn't want to be there. but then it got fun. We listened to Monty Pithon (Sp) tapes. We were laughing So much. One time, I was crying I was laughing so hard. THen we got soda. and my friends came over. and we watched Van Hellsing and made Crack jokes during it. Then we watched National Treasure. ^.^ It was funny, There was a small love seat thingy, and me and two of my friends were sitting on it, and then my other friend sat on top of us. We were laughing at the show, and we were tickling each other and acting.... not very strait. It was SO funny. Everything we said sounded wrong. I would give you an example, but I might corupt you. ^.^ It was SOOO Funny. Then My dad came and I had to go home, but my friends wouldn't stop hugging me on the couch. I couldn't get up because the were tackling me. So, I finally got up to hug my last friend, and while we were hugging, My other friends pulled us on top of them. It took us 2 minutes to get untangled. And it was... and interesting position. o.O we were all laughing. So the first thing my dad and My Friends dad said when I came up was, "So you made it." XD it was funny.
Sunday, we only had to go to one meeting of our chruch. Then we went over to our second cousins house. We used to be really close, but he hadn't seen each other for about 4 years, so we didn't talk much. The guy that was about my age didn't show up until the end. So, Iwas about ready to go, So I waved to him, and he commented on my shrit (was wearing a FMA shirt) and asked if i watched the Japanese or Translated version. I was like O.o my 2nd Cousin?!?! SO we were talking about it for 5 minutes, then realised my parents were out in the car. I was happy on the way home. When my parents found out, my dad rolled his eyes, but my mom was glad. She said I should introduce him to my friends. She said something like, "i'm sure he would be gald to meet some cute girls." I laughed, but agreed. ^.^
And thus conludes my wonderful tale. Mark is still downloading the AC, but its only 19.3% done, and I have 10 minutes of class left. so he found out how to pause it so he can log off, but continue it when he logs back on.
So... The theme is almost done. ^.^ See ya!

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   I really doh't like subjects.... Never know what to put.
Well... um... Crap... lost my train of thought. Gr... 5 minutes later. OH RIGHT! I found a pic that I'm going to use for a halloween theme. Its not really halloween-like, but its kinda strange O.o I like it. I narrowed it down to the two best ones using my siblings, then I did enie meni minie mo, and ended up with one of them ^.^ I like it its kinda strange.... O.o I think I just repeated myself. but.. I do that a lot so... alls well.
*laugh* Mark was trying to download an Advent Children File, and it needed to take 6 hours. It was funny. He was like "There's no way. 6 hours?" Then he sighed and closed it. And Mark has soft hair. But then there's a guy I know with softer hair. But... yeah. His hair is soft. ^.^ I had a few of my friends touch his hair, and they agreed that it was soft. It was funny. I'm sorry I didnt get to post last A day (two days ago) But.... we were on assembly schedual, so all classes are 70 minutes instead of 90. And we were doing an assignment. I was almost done... *sigh* oh well.
My throat is all gunked up, but I'm not really sick anymore!!! *celebrates* No more sickness for a while!!!
Where we are, we have been in a 'drought' for... 15 years? I dunno. A long time. But this year, we've gotten so much rain, we are our of the 'drought'. The reason for the '', is that we live in a desert. So... it doesn't make much sense. but.. whatever. I'm just gladt that it has been raining.
My sister Wants me to help her fix up her halloween costume. but I really don't know the first thing about sewing. I say that I want to learn how to sew and make cool costumes, and suddenly all my sisters are wanting me to make things for them o.O I don't even know how to sew!!! My mom does, so I just tell them to ask her. ^.^ And then there's the art... I'm trying to get better at drawing manga, and now my sister off in college wants me to draw one of her characters. And she wants me to make an ID for her Deviantart account. Its strange.
OMFG I just saw a fight Scene from AC. O.M.G. I need that movie.
Well, I'm of now. Ta!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

   Mostly better
Yeah so, I'm almost 100% over my cold. 'Cept this morning I wasn't doing to well. Mainly a headache. Its crazy though, I found out that my sister has been having the exact same illnes and she's 1 1/2 hours away. O.o freaky... Anyways. My wonderful daddy re-loaded all my files onto the computer. He was slightly annoyed (mostly joking). I asked if he just copied them from the Hard drive he hooked up to the computer, or if he moved them. He said something to the affect of "I just copied them. you never know what will happen with you." ^.^ It was funny. So I said that I at least learned something, and she shrugged and grinned. ^.^ fun.
So, I'm going to start working on a halloween theme. Dunno what I'm going to do yet, but alls well. ^.^ I'll find something out. or you can give suggestions... (Hint, Hint...)
Well, i'm off to do 'Homework' on the computer ^.~ Ta~!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

   Short post again.
Sorry, but this post is gunna be short. Because A) I'm not supposed to be on the computer; B) I need to practice the piano; and C) I'm feeling so sick right now that I'm on the verge of tears. Like, really. I'm almost crying. My sinuses(sp) stuffed up, my throat is clogged, my lymph nodes are swollen, my back hurts, my eyes are sore, and I'm really tired. I want to sleep.
GOod news is, Linux is up and running, but somehow, when I was moving some of the files, they got erased. Like... EVERYTHING. I have no images, patterns, nothing. ;.; So, my dad needs to re-load everything.
I'm off now. TA!

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

   Happy October 1st!!!
My throat hurts... XP I think I'm getting sick. Maybe I'm allergic to October.... That sucks. I was going to put up a really cool pic from Enduro But, I'm going to wait until Halloween. Because Its a Halloween picure. Gosh I love Enduro's art.... *drool fest* Along with another person I found. I can't remember Their name, and the site is in japanese... dag.... OH GOODIE!!! Stricken's on, and my attention span has just officially run out. Ta!
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

   . . . I never know what to put for the subject....
We're watching a collection of short shows called The Hire. Its really cool. Its about a guy who's hired to do... numerous things. They all have to do with cars though. And going fast. Its cool. and random. And i'm going to listen to Gundam Wing music. There we go. Just communication Type II. And of course I'm wearing headphones. Its a class after all >.<. But its good that the teacher lets us do things like this. I wonder what we're supposed to be doing at the moment..... *sheepish grin* I really need to pay attention. So yeah... Today's Thursday. A Friday in disguise for me. Because Parent-teacher conferences were this week, and we get Friday off. *celebrates*. So, my family is going up to a condo thing we baught into. We get to stay at Really nice hotels for a perdy darn cheap price. And we can go all around the world. currently they are making one in Hawaii. ^.^ I want to go to Hawaii. So, If I don't update for the weekend, you know where I am. Oh, giddyness. I love this song. ^.^ Its so fun!!! *dances in head*
So... Mark (I talk about him a lot.... Its because I sit by him.) has REALLY soft hair. Its fun. ^.^ I like it. Its REALLY soft. Like... REALLY soft. @.@ I like it much. He's currently finding out how to solve a rubix cube faster than he already does. >.< Stupid smart people.
Hm... I really don't know what to write. Probably because I have a headache thats coming. Its one of those "Hello!!! I'm here!!! Don't forget about me!! I'm going to be getting bigger soon! Just wait." headaches.
Dude... the Hire just killed a guy. thats weird. @.@. creepy much. Well... I had bester get going. My dad's home, so I should have Linux up and running sometime soon. But I probably won't get to do anything because I'm going to be outa town. Darn. >.<

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hello. Um... lets just jump into the story telling, shall we?
Okey, Saturday I went with Hana-chan and a friend who I shall call Annie went to a japanese festival uptown from where we live. ^.^ It was WAY cool. and free. which was good. Well, before we were there, we went up by ways of electrical cable train. ^.^ It was fun. But I got bored. And Hana was prepaired, for she brought her MP3 player for me. ^.^ Yeah so... We got there and looked around for a while, then heard the japanese drum thingys... and there was a show. With 2 really hot guys playing the drums. Droolness. So, we hung out there for about a half an hour, then went to a mall because Hana and I were hungry (annie doesn't get hungry often). Got this really weird tasting everyberry smoothy. It wasn't all that good after the first taste. But... we explored for a while and Annie and I got REALLY hyper. We were making everything adjectives. It was way fun. Then... erm... we.... Went to a japanese import store. YAY!!! I bought some silky lavender pajamas. Which I left in Hana-chan's car. So you still have them Hana. Give them back.
So.... then.... we went to a festival where her brother was an important person. So we got in for free and got to do things for free. ^.^ YAY! So... Annie and i got really hyper again and layed down spontaniously on the ground. And I SWEAR the grass was some kinda drug. We were SO hyper. @.@ wow. She has a bubble, and she let us TOUCH her. It was weird. Then we had to go home. And I had 24 oz. of sugar (snowcone) and a carmel apple. And Annie gave me a hug. Which is like, unheard of. @.@ Oh. and on the way home on the train. Annie and I were discussing how all of our conversations are short and sweet and to the point. then there are always comfortable silences.
Back to where we were, I got home, finished the 24 oz. of sugar, ate the carmel off the apple (it was a yellow apple, and i only like green apples), and went to sleep. With all the sugar in me. I don't know how...
So, I woke up the next day and went to church and played the organ. Went home with a MONSTROUS headache and stomach ache, and i was really tired. It was probibly because I did too much the previous day. -_- I hate having poor health. Stupid Mono. I'm still recuperating from that. Curses.... So, I slept. more. yay.
Monday, I taught piano. I fell asleep in a break between students. Usually there would be a student for me to teach, but she switched schools and gets out later. So, I went back and taugh a REALLY INCREDIBLY CUTE girl. ^.^ She's SO Kawaii.... Then taught my friends sister. and she was saying that my friend might have had a boyfriend, but she wasn't allowed to (And this is the friend that Had a boyfriend). So I was like... Really? I had to act like I didn't know anything. ^.^ Then went out and talked to their mom about it, and again acted like I didn't know anything. ^.^ IT was kinda fun...
Now onto sadder news. You know the 6 puppies my dog had? We have 2 left. the rest are sold. TT.TT Its so sad....
well... I got to go. Sorry if that was all over the place. I have to rush to make it so I dont run outa time.

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