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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Its my birthday today!! I'm officially allowed to add one number to my name ^_^. Actually, I don't care. I'm 16. Yep. A sophmore. Yep..... I like it. Anywho, my dad told me this morning that even though the teacher hasn't corrected a grade that would make my F to about an A, He would let me have KHII because its my birthday and I've been excited for it for so long. I'm happy.

So anywho, I got to go now. ta!

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Monday, March 27, 2006

I LIIIIIVE!!!! *uber dramatic music of doom in background*
Hello all of my Minions friends! How goes it! I haven't been here for EVER. Like... wow. O.o. Lots has happened. But, I can't remember half of it. My sister got the game that she was really excited about (Its called Oblivion) and My group in Multimedia is finally getting everything together and is finishing the project. We just have to turn it in now, I think. So, hopefully I can get KHII when it comes out. It ships tomorrow. And I know a store that will have it in by the 29. which is by birthday. But I really don't care. Its just another day to me. *grin*. I'm SO excited for KHII!! I didn't get the chance to finish KHCOM, so i'm probably gunna be confused for a while.... But I know the jist of what happened.

I found out that my multimedia teacher is a MARVEL fan. Liek, ew. And he says DC is for kids. DC is the BEST. And if you know what I'm talking about, I cay kudos for you. And i'm supprised. :P

SO yeah..... Stuff is happening and its all good. Well, not all. My dad is going to be moving to North Carolina (CLEAR across the states from us) for about a year for some job opertunity. I don't think he's moving until august though... But its still kinda scary. well, I'm off now.


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Friday, March 17, 2006

So, I found out from Hana-chan that a guy that I've known for EVER wants me to go to girls Pref with him. I don't know what to say! He has a girlfriend, but I think they've been having problems. And I've never been to a dance before so, I don't know how to ask him if I do. And I don't know what I'd wear and I don't even Know if I can GO. and ... GAH!! I kinda want to go though. I've know this kid since at LEAST 3rd grade. He had a major crush on me 4-7 grade, but then got over it. But he's always only been a really close friend. Like, more than a friend, less than anything else. Gah! Its driving me insane!!!! So I'm going to ask my mom if she'd let me go. I'll be 16 by then. Its so confusing!

Hi. I updated. I might be able to wok on the site, because my dad's in North Carolina XD. I'm evil. So yeah. Sounds like fun. I found a few other AMV's that I'm in love with. One's Naruto, and one's HunterxHunter. I haven't seen Hunter2, so I wouldn't have normally seen it, but its by my favorite person. She's AMAZING at making AMV's. Her name's *inverse* For all those on Animemusicvideos.org. ^_^ Go. See. Love. Worship. Become a fellow Groupie.

11 more days!

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Ch 57
Heh. I just read FMA Chapter 57 and HOLYCOWOMGWTFH?! MAJOR confusion. @.@ Its good. Very good. But confusing at the end. Like @.@ What the freak? So yeah.. G2g

15 more days!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Um... I'm not allowed on the computer for a while. My dad found out my grades and... There bad. XP. I can't get on the GIMP (the graphics editing program that I use), so... Yeah. I'm probably going to be on Haitus for a while. But, I can update in one of my classes. So, Ta!
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Monday, March 6, 2006

So, I just got to class from a celebration thingy that we were having. Our school won State!!!! *celebrates* So, we were just going to have the drum line go through the school, but it ended up being some kind of assembly thing. There was a mosh pit ^_^ So fun. We have the COOLEST drumline cheer. I love it. So.. yeah. The Mark I was talking about in my last post isn't the one you were thinking of, people who know me in real life. Its a guy who you probably don't know. We're having a presentation, so I need to go.

I've been working on my site thingy! I PROMISE!!!!

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Thursday, March 2, 2006

So, We finished watching the Bourne Identity in Multimedia. And now we're having a lecture. But, no one pays attention. But he's making us turn off the computer screens. Most did, some didn't. I did. For a while *snicker*. We're learning about making movies. ^_^ Fun fun. Not really. Mark (my buddy) Has this cute sheep thing that walks around on his desktop. Its so cute! And my sister bought the first season of Teen Titans. Y-chan's jealous. *snicker*

I went to the Iredologist (sp). And it was SO cool. He can tell things by looking at my eyes. Its SO cool. THe yellow in my eyes means that I have sulfer in my system. Or something... I get to do on this diet. No tomatoes. They were considered a poison less than 200 years ago. Cool huh? So, they're evil. ^_^ Fun fun. I'm excited to do this. Really. I WANT to feel better. I've been sick for about 3 years. I'm sick of it (eew pun *throws up*). But yeah... Its exciting. He could tell that I have days that I'm good, then days that I crash. I was like... Woah. Dude. thats cool. SO I'm hopeing it works. He studied traditional Chinese Medicine. IN CHINA. @.@ Cool. So. Yeah. Anywho...

KHII is coming out in about... 26 days. *celebrates*

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Holy. There's a guy in my class that I don't know, and just barely saw, and he looks like a girl. I mean... seriously. Its sick. Bleh.

I need to work on the site. I first need to make a Wallpaper... then stuff... and stuff.... and stuff. My obsession is coming out in 29 days!!! *dances* I'm so excited!! And some guy and his sister from my sister's work is coming over to watch Advent Children on our projection screen TV. Ha ha. We have to hook it up to the X-box though. THATS going to be a pain.

We're watchin part of the Bourn Identity in Class. I reallyd on't know why... Something about our new project... I don't get it. but, whatever. And there was darkness. And it was good. ANd I can feel Riku glaring at me. Ha ha... I can't concentrate on anything.

So I was sick yesterday. And am still sick today, but I came to school. I could have come to school, or risk having my friends come over to my house again. So, I came to school. And i'm going to die. Whee...

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Friday, February 24, 2006

. ,., ,..
Ignore the site. I haven't had time to work on it....

Our school had a talent assembly, and there was a piano player who I know who did an AMAZING arrangement. The person who was announcing him said that people would know the song. He started playing some advanced classical-sounding song, then he paused...... And started playing a Mario song. It was SO COOL XD. He made an arrangement of nintendo songs that he learned by ear, and played them. The audience was screaming every time he swiched songs. He got the best reaction out of all of the people who preformed. *sigh* I love that guy. He's Lee's skipping buddy.

I have a piano preformance class, and A) I don't have my recital piece ready and B) I don't have any of my old recital pieces ready. I am SO screwd. Um.... ta.

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Friday, February 17, 2006


Once Upon a December!! *Loves that song* Anywho, I'm in my computer class with a bottle of Juice Squeeze Ruby Grapefruit next to me. Its my friends, but she can't have it in her class, so she told me to take care of it. She told me that I could have some though, so Its not all bad. ^_^ Its so good. I love Grapefruit juice....

I'm trying to work on the layout, but I'm wondering if its worth it.... It'd be so much work, and I kinda like the way I do my Layouts. Everyone's doing these Iframe things, so yeah.... Its fun.

I Got a better graphics card on the computer I use, and I got BLENDER on it. *Beware graphics freak*. And I really need to work on a site.... I mean, seriously. I have so Many names that i want.... But I don't know which one to do. I'm also thinking of just getting my own domain and stuff... I just don't know when I'd update. I might do it in the summer.... that'd be fun.

So yeah, the awsome ramblings are going on. Y'know the friend that I was saying was in an UBER depressing/emo mood? She's out of it (thank the goddess). And she's back in her funny mood. She's the one who gave me the juice squeeze to protect. Its so much more fun when she's happy.

We don't have Anime Club today, because she Admin found out that we didn't have a teacher supervisor. Its like they think that we're going to be doing illigal things. The most illigal thing that we did (I wasn't there) was use a weejie board. That would have been interesting, but my friends and I were being the Rebles. Thats what they actually called us. ^_^ Talk about fun!! So yeah...

We have a major project due this period, and my group and me haven't done anything... *sheepish grin* alls well. We have some done, but we were supposed to make a song, and that never happened. I don't have the software on my computer, so I can't really do anything. And we're just slackers. Only one person has really done anything. I'm thinking of doing a site layout (for the school) just for fun, and to get a few points extra credit. But, I don't know.

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