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Friday, September 23, 2005

Holy cow, I was on this Graphics website that i go to regularly and post comments on updats on, and the webmistress replied back!!! *Celebrating* YAY!!!! I'm happy. ^.^
Anyways, I was going to go see Corpse Bride with my friends today at 3:30, but I have something I'm supposed to do with some other friends so... *cries* I'm gunna miss out on hanging out with my friends (well... some). I can't say I'm too sad about missing Corpse Bride.... *shudders* I hated Nightmare before Christmas. I saw it when I was really little, and it gave me nightmares. And because this is by the same person and is supposidly a prequal... I was only going so I could be with my friends. I have no desire to see it. Even if it has Depp's voice.
I still havent gotten Linux up yet... *shame* <---LOL(inside joke) GOMEN!!! I'll try to get it up as soon as possible. I really will. My dad will probibly make me do it on my own anyways so that I can learn how to do it. He's like that. ^.^ But thats Okay. I learn things better that way.
One of our puppies has been chosen to go to the owner of the Sire. Its the big one. Orca *hears Hana-chan snicker* Yes... Orca *angermark* And you still have that don't you Hana? *sticks tongue out* But, I won't let you use it as blackmail. :P
Hey!!! Mark is making a 3D sword. Coolness!!!
Mark: *grin*
Me: Thats is cool.... And you know how to use blender...
Mark: Kinda....
Me: *glare* Cheater
Mark: *grin*
Me: *sticks tongue out*
Mark: *laugh*
Me: So..... anyways... you guys have been hearing of Mark a lot eh? Its because He sits next to me. and I swear I've said this before.... But I'm too lazy to go see if its int the archives. cause I don't care that much about it. So... ja.
Hoy cow. A week ago (yeah, this is old news) I went to The JR high. Everyone is the same hight, except for like 20 people who are taller. @.@ It was insane. It looked like a sea of people. Seriousaly. Like in all those shows where it shows a lot of people and they're all the same hight except for a few people. It was like that. It was SO COOL!!!
Well, I had bester be going now. See ya guys later!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   So.... yeah...
Anyways... I'm sorry the layout has been like this for a long time. *Bows* Gomen, But I don't have linux on my computer currently, and I can't do graphics unless I have that. ;.; And my dad's out of town so he can't teach me how to load it up. Mayhaps I'll just find out on the internet... somehow.... TT.TT Sadness.
*sigh* There's this guy I like at school (And Hana, If you tease me about this, I will break your fingers, and torture you like Sayid did to Sawyer), and He asked one of my friends to be his girlfriend. The thing is... I'm really happy for her, because she likes him too, and they make such a cute couple. But I still like him. *sigh* Its saddening. But as long as she's happy.... Then its okay. We've been friends for 6 years, and I'm not going to let some guy I've only known since for about a month ruin it. *sigh* alls well.
So, enough of sob stories, I just found out that there is an official Lost magazine. @.@ Like... wow. And a new episode is on tonight!!! The start of a new season!!!! YAY!!!! ^.^
And.... Is there really anything else to talk about? @.@ Hows about some New Ideas for the theme.... for when my daddy comes home... in a week.... TT.TT. I really don't know what to do.... I'm half-way watching my partner make my T-shirt design. I have one of his already. ^.^ I like it. I has Cloud, Kadaj, Yuffie, and Vincent. YAY!!! Kadaj is hot. And really heart-wrenchingly cute when he looks sad/hurt. *drool*
Mark: -_- cut it out....
Me:*sticks tongue out*
Mark:*Laughs and goes back to computer*
Me; *rolls eyes* I want headphones so I can listen to Anime music... I LOVE FULL MOON!!!! Hm.. mayhaps thats what I'll do as a new theme...But I might stick with precious FMA.... ;.; What to do.... *sigh* Yasuo Saitou's and Myco's voices are so pretty... I havent heard Chieko Honda sing yet so... I can't say whether I like hers or not... TT.TT I need to hear the song she sings!!! And I can't say I really like Kana's voice.... If you don't know who I'm talking about, They're Seiyuu's. *sigh* but I really like Saitou-san's voice. *drool* I need to finish the series. I'm on the second to last disk though! YAY!!! And I've seen the end already. TT.TT So sad.... poor Meroko... ;.; But I'm happy for her.
......... erm....... where were we.... AH! Um... I had bester go do my stuff. I rambled. Gomen. Well, Ta!

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Wow. I just had the most WONDERFUL weekend . Like. wow. ^.^ It was so fun. I was hanging out after school with about... 8 of my friends (and one girl I really hate, so I was kinda avoiding her). And then 3 of them left *sad*, and so did the girl I don't like *celebrates*. So me and 5 of my friends were hanging out talking about our soap opera lives (no, seriously. One of my friends's lives is really like a soap opera), then One of them had to leave. So, it was just me and 4 of my friends left. I had to go home, so I walked (all holding hands. It was so funny. We were in a circle) to one the people's street (where all of them were going to hang out), and we parted ways. Got home, and saw my sister (who came over from college for the weekend), and called my friends who were looking for Movie times for the Brothers Grimm. Then they came over and we listened to funny stories of my sister and boys spouting cheese on her. *Laughs* This is what one said to her: "I want to know if the flavor of your lips is strawberry." How's that for cheezy eh? ^.^ Twas so funny. Then my friends hung out for a little while and called up another friend to see if she could drive us to the movie theater. Saw Brothers Grimm (while holding hands. I was SO jumpy. My friends were making fun of me). And weirded people out and talking in weird accents while waiting for one friends parents to come pick us up. Went home laughing all the way because on guy and me were fighting over a friend. It was so funny. Then got home, and slept. Didn't do anything Sat. But on sunday, I went over to my friends house to celebrate for her brother. And while were were in her room there was a HUGE spider crawling across her floor. We both jumped and just sat there stairing at it. Then it moved and we both screamed. My friend ran out to get her brother while I had to watch it (Creepyness!!!). So her brothers came in and took it outside in a cup. *shudders* It was HUGE!!! Then we ate. Then we had pie and ice cream. Then I walked home. Then I went over to my other friends house. Then We hung out. Then I went home. When I went to bed. And thus concludes my wonderful weekend.
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Heh. We're learning the basics about Adobe Illustrator. I can't say I much like it compaired to my graphic program at home. *sniff* I don't have linux on the computer anymore. Which means, I don't have my graphic stuff. *tear* Alls well. I'll just bug my dad. *evil grin* So... I think I've decided my Fav. Anime/game/stuff characters. i think... nope. nevermind... mayhaps...*goes insane*
Mark: heh.
Mark: *grin*
Yeah, so, Mark is a friend who sits next to me.

OH MY GOSH!!! I read the FMA chapter 51 manga. Oh My Giddy Aunt. Wow. Like... wow. Envy @.@ Hello.... wow... creppy. If you don't know what I'm talking about.... I feel bad for you. *sticks tongue out* I'm not gunna tell you. Mayhaps I'll make it into a background.... hm... @.@ Creepy.

Erm... I had bester get back to my class...ness... ^.^ Ta!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

   Hello. Long time no see.
Hey!! I haven't been here for a while have I? *laugh* Well.. there's a reason for this. I'm not allowed on the computer on weekdays, and on the weekends I'm usually running around everywhere. So... I'm in multimedia, supposed to be working on a T-shirt design for a friend... I mean... New person I met that is now my 'client' ^.^. He's asking me what my 6 favorite anime characters are. TT.TT How am I supposed to answer that.... I'll try to update in MM from now on... so about every other day I should update. I need a sketchbook. Now. >.< For the class.... and me...

GACK!!! *giggle* Gackt ^.^ Thats the bell. Now I go sleep in seminary. I wonder what would happen if I read a book about wicca in there... *evil grin* Ta ta!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

   Jr. High
Went to the Jr. High with my little sevie sister. I saw some of my old teachers. I miss them so much. TT.TT It makes me sad. So I hung out with them for about about 4 hours. XD. That was FUN! And the sevies are so SMALL. @.@ It was like... wow.

Then I went to the high school to say hi to one of the teachers for my sister. Who is up at college. She misses him. He was her absolute ALL TIME favorite teacher, and told me that if he gives me any advice, to write it down and do it.

So, that was my exciting day. I'm thinking about changing the layout again. So, suggestions please.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My sister left for college about a half-an-hour ago. It makes me sad. She was fun. But I get her room and don't have to share with my stupid, big-headed, annoying younger sister. YAY!!! *celebrates* Speaking of younger sisters... She's not allowed on the internet ('specialy msn). I'm the only one who is. My dad turned off the internet. Then, decided to let me have it for graphics tutorials. ^.^ YAY! I'm spoiled. He actually said that... ^.^ I love it.
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Monday, August 22, 2005

I just got off MSN talking to a Good family friend who is in brazil. His english is getting really sloppy. ^.^ Its funny. I miss him. He was really nice. And funny. He was one of the people I got in a shaving cream fight with. *sigh* good times... I swear, We used so much water from having water fights *sigh*...

Anyways, School's starting in a week. I'm excited, but nervous. ^.^ mostly excited though.

The puppies are walking. Kinda. They look drunk. And they squeek. ^.^ And its REALLY CUTE!!! And Hana has a audio recording of me going nuts over them. *sigh* Alls well.....

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I want to go to maryland. For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. REALLY BADLY!!! For all of you who don't know, there is an Anime convention called Otakon in two days... and I REALLY want to go. There are some people who I REALLY want to meet. The VA's of Edward Elric, Duo Maxwell, Chrono(small), Kaname, Psiren, Satoshi, Yusuke, Inu-yasha, Havoc, & Ritsu. Then there's the voice director of FMA, The directors of FMA, Cowboy Beebop and its movie, the line producer of Fma... and .... I WANT TO GO SO BADLY!!!!! *cries*
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Monday, August 15, 2005

My sister (Lee) and I have been staying up late these past few days. Actually, it wasn't really late... just later than what she's used to. She gets migranes if she doesn't get enough sleep. So... yeah... 1st night, we made white chocolate covered popcorn and watched anime, and the second night we were talking in the back of the truck about nothing and everything. ^.^ It was fun.

So yeah... I just got finished watching episode 12 of Full Metal Panic (and I haven't seen any other episodes....) And am eating tomato soup. I don't even like tomato soup. but I've been craving it so.... @.@ I'm eating it.

GAH!!! My little sister is driving me insane!!! Her head is 3x bigger than the galaxy when her friends are over. She just absolutly KNOWS that she is SOOOOO COOL. >.< Its driving me bonkers. She freaked out when Lee was fixing spelling errors on her MSN name, because she wanted it that way. *hyperventalation*

Yeah so... The puppies are SO FAT. @.@ Its unbelievable. We named one Orca. It was just whale, but my sister is obsessed with Orca's so... Its Orca.

And my graphics computer is currently down, because the puppies are starting to walk and we needed a place to put them, and we had to move the computer. T.T It makes me sad...

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