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Thursday, January 12, 2006

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Oh dear. I think I'm WAY too obsessed with KHII. I had Dream after dream of it last night. I would dream, wake up, dream about it again, wake up, repeat 5 times. I it was ALWAYS kingdom hearts II. Well, It wasn't actually what its like, but it was with the characters, and I KNEW it was KHII in my dream. It was SO cool. I want that game so badly. So, don't be surprised if my theme changes to KHII next time i change.

Talking about Themes, Thanks so much you guys for saying you like it. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. ^_^ But I really was just trying something new out so... I didn't know what it would turn out like. I think that the animals look like they were painted... But oh well. Looks better than the fuzzy Up-scaled look. ^_^

I Slept from 3-6 yesterday. And I went to sleep really well that night. O.o I think I'm getting sick or something. Maybe I just overdo it at school. oops. *sheepish grin* oh dear. I hope I don't get mono again. I've already gotten it twice. :P 3 years ago, and last year. My mom wanted to homeschool me because she was worried that I'd like pass out. I'd always get tired on weekends in the summer, so she didn't want me to be passing out :P. I think it would have been ok. I like school *is shunned by friends*. i think Its fun *glares from friends*. And I'm thinking of taking summer school, because I want to *friends faint*. So, I'm going now. Looking up stuff about Kingdom Hearts II *hearts*

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