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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

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Short post. :O <-- didn't mean to do that. Oh well. I'm reading this REALLY good book called Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith. My friend really liked it, and she wanted me to read it. Its a fantasy/mideval time story. *hearts* Its SO cool. I love the court Decoration *Laughs histaricaly with friends*. Yeah... It'd make sense if you read the book. I LOVE the Marquis. He's so... classy. But he's still really good with swords (And daggers!!!). And ... Wow. Read it. Now. Especially if you like fantasy/mideval type stories.

We saw this REALLY good trumpiteer (?) and His jazz band last night. My friend and I WEre screaming our heads off. I didn't like jazz before, but that was WONDERFUL. One song was an arrangement of a ballad (I think they said) and it had Clare de lune in it. *hearts* It was SO pretty. And the piano player was OMFG good. Liek, wow. and the sax and the main trumpet person and.... wow. It was WAY good. End of post.

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