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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

. .
Wen I went to get my jeans from the drier, the wern't done, so I had to wear some cordoroi pants. I wasn't happy, but it worked. Got to school, met with friends, talked, laughed because my friend had a batman shirt, etc.

First/fifth period, we watched a show about sharks and how people react with/to them I thought it was interesting (but, I'm a shark lover), and eneryone else didn't think it was so cool. *glares* stup narrow-minded people. We made cells from candy at the first of the period, but other than that, the class had nothing to do with Biology.

Second/sixth period, we started learning about the Romans. I don't much like the Romans, because i really like the Greeks. People wonder why I dislike the Romans and Like the Greeks so much, 'cause they're a lot alike, but thats exactly why I don't like them. They took the Greek culture, modified it in small ways, and claimed it as their own. It annoys me.

In gym, my favorite class ever */sarcasm* we're playing pickle ball. I do not like it. But, we were against teams of people we're friends with, so it was funny. Once,we played rock-paper-scissors to decide who won, then we played the game. Then in lunch, I got food,, ate the main dish, and left because a girl cam. We went to the stairs that we usually go to so we can avoid her hang out, and she walked by. One friend felt bad, but me and another high-fived, and the first friend punched me.

In math, we're solving radicals O.o. it was a section we skipped, so now we're going over it and we're reviewing, but thats unimportant. And thats the end of my B day. I dislike them. I only have six more days of gym left *Dances*! and six of drivers ed as well.

My sister was talking about palmagranits and saying ther were kinda like a romantic food, so she asked whay they symbolized. I was going upstairs but shouted back "They're the food of the underworld!". After a short silence, I heard "... Dang". XD I was laughing. Then she and my eldest sister had a discussion about that myth.

And I am SO frustrated. Listed to Prelude in G minor by Rachmaninoff, and you'll know my mood. My brother is driving me INSANE. He has this condisending attitude, and when I asked him to be quiet at our piano lesson because he was being noisy, he said "I don't have to if I don't want to" and ignored me. I wanted to shoot him. And then he had the nerve to ask me if he could play Kingdom Hearts. I REALLY wanted to kill him. I said no, but had to tell him he could for a half an hour later because he was about to throw a tantrum (and he's 11). *sigh* Him and my sister are SO thick. We (eldest sister and I) told our little sister to go away because it wasn't a good time to talk to us, and she asked "why?" We told her we were in a bad mood and it wasn't a good Idea to talk to us, and she asked "why?" she's 13. They're SO thick. *fume*

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Well, I finally decided to update. Its the first day of school, and its 5:45 AM. I have NO idea what I'm doing awake right now. I think its because my mom claims that I never get up in the morning, and I'm mad at her and so I got up. That sounds right.

Well, lets start with Christmas. It was on a Sunday, and I had to play the Organ in church. But lets not dwell on that. The first two gifts I got were FMA stuff (artbook and calendar), I got a book on symbols, Kingdom Hearts manga 1, Flash drive, my dads old Digital Camera (its REALLY nice), and Cloaths. I HATE getting cloaths. *angermark* Its something that you can get any day, so It doesn't really matter to me. And a purse. My mom got me a purse. that is SO not something you'd picture me with.

Then New Years! I was watching the Naruto Marathon on Cartoon Network. I just wish they did the NEW episodes for the marathon, not the old ones. But, the did a new one after. I also drank 2 bottles of sparkeling cider given to me by someone. One of my sisters was acting drunk when she drank hers, and it didn't help that we were reading RPG cliches. And my sister's friend was over, supprisingly, because we crimped his hair last time he came over. He sorta looked like and anime character ^_^. My sister said he did, and I agreed, then she said to the guy, "be careful, she's about to fall madly in love with you". He chuckled. He's WAY cute though. but he's only 5'11" (my two older sisters are 5'11", my dad's 6'5", and my mom's 6 feet tall. so, 5'11" isn't that tall for us). At 1:30, I finally went to sleep, and we got woken up the next day at 8 for church. NOT fun. I took a four hour nap afterwards.

My family watched Star Trek Nemesis last night, and it had the SADDEST ending. I wanted to cry, because poor Data... I really like him. I think he's my favorite, Besides Jean-Luc Picard. I really like Picard. I'm really not a Treky, I promise (I'm a ringer. Or I used to be...) My dad is, and so he got the entire Star Trek; The Next Generation series, and we all like it now. But we're not obsessed. But it was really sad. I liked it.

And yeah, I really need to make New Year Resolutions. Haven't done that yet. One will probably have something to do with updating MyO at LEAST every 3 days. Hopefully every day. It'll work if I keep getting up at 5:30, but I'm not sure I want to do that.

And the new theme... I'm thinking of something. I really don't know what to do. I want to use some girls artwork, but you're kinda not supposed to do that. *sigh* She's REALLY good to. Alls well. Suggestions welcome.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I finally got the new layout done. I started it, and then the program I was using shut down for no reason, and none of the work was saved. I was mad, and went in to play the piano for a few minutes, then came back and started over. After I finished, I needed to go to bed, so I did. This morning, I transfered the file and a pattern I made to this computer that I'm on now (which is the computer i usually use), and made the avi, background image in the post, and fixed up the site a bit. Sorry the layout's so bright, you can turn down the brightness of your screen if its bothering you. Not much I can do about it now that its all finished. But I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I'm thinking its my best wall paper to date ^_^.

Yesterday was the last day of school for the year. We got to go to both lunches in my 3rd period class, becuase the teacher didn't have anything for us to do. All was going well, until 4th period when the teacher brought up killing cats. And that was not good. I was crying (silently, of course) until the end of the period, and a bit after. We had an assembly, and two of my friends found me, and would NOT leave me alone. We went into the class room that we were going to be having anime club in, and stayed in there. I went in the corner and took a short nap, and just thought for a little while. Actually, I didn't really think. I just sat there and stared at nothing, but it helped. By the time the assembly was over, I was feeling well. I then called my dad to bring over a mat because we were going to be playing DDR. We had the anime club party, and it was SO much fun. we had a bunch of asian foods, and I have one of the soft dring bottles. They're really cool, because they have this marble, and you have to push the marble into the drink to be able to drink it. Its SO cool ^_^. I didn't like some of the foods, like the shrimp flavored chips, but most of the food was really good.

When I was back home and on the computer starting the layout for the first time, my friend called, and asked me to just talk for a little while. I did of course, and I soon had her laughing. The said thanks when I had to get off, and we hung up. I then made fun of my sister when she was talking to her boyfriend, and went to bed.

So, there is the past two days. I still need to get my christmas shopping done... Well, I got to go work on my sister's Deviantart ID now, so Ta!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

. .
I woke up this morning, and it was dark. I was going downstairs and fully expecting my kitty's meow to tell me that she's hungry. And then I remembered I didn't have a kitty anymore. For those confused, see my last post. And thank you Rikuheart SO much. It Made me feel much better when I read your post. ^_^ You're a doll.

I'm supposed to be turning in some drawings for a logo at the end of the period, but I have NO Idea what to do for a logo. *sheepish grin* so, I'll have to make somet things up. Goody. I'm also supposed to have read chapters 2 & 3 of a book, which I haven't done. It was a BAD weekend. With what happened on Saturday, and then I was sick yesterday, and I got in a fight with the sister I share a room with. So, I haven't gotten anything done. Its been hard, But I'm still smiling and laughing at school like there's nothing wrong. I'm just like that. ^_^

Well, I'm going to go work on what I'm supposed to be doing.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey guys. I wasn't going to post today, because of things that I will explain later, but I decided to because I havent for a little while. So, I'll try to get the new theme worked on s soon as possible, but Its kinda been a bad day.

One of our dogs got spayed a few days ago, and she's been really out of it. It hurts her to walk, even though she does it a lot, and she can't go on walks, which is making her absolutly sad. She loves going on walks, but she can't for about two weeks. So, our family can't say "walk" because she'll want to go. She can't go upstairs for two weeks, but she does go up a flight of three stairs on occasion. So, thats what happened to our dog.

The think that REALLY made me sad today, is that we had to put our cat, Misty, to sleep. She got diabetes, and wasn't doing well at ALL. She would limp around a lot and fall off things that she usually could do without even thinking about it. Three days ago, she fell off our freezer without any reason to fall of, and she just layed there and staired at my mom. She's been sick for about half a year. She would drink and go to the bathroom so much that she wasn't getting anything from her food, so she was getting really light. We dicided that we didn't want her to be like this about a week ago, but we waited until today because my sister wanted to be there when they put her down. They said that she was struggling because the doctors couldn't find a vien, so it was hurting her. When they finally started putting in the fluid, she started licking my sister's hand. She stopped, and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. Her pupils then Dialated, and they didn' go back to normal. Her eyes stayed open. She was dead. My sister started crying, and when she came home, she locked herself in her room for abou 3 hours. It took me about 15 min. after they came home for the fact that our cat wasn't going to be there anymore to sink in, and then I went up in my room and cried for about a half an hour. I've been really out of it since then, and I really don't want to do anything. Lovely Christmas time, no?

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Hey guys, I'm just coming to tell you that I AM in fact alive and kicking. Just really busy. I shouldn't be on here because I'm supposed to be doing something else *sheepish grin* But, I figured, I havent' been on here for... *checks* about 12 days, And I might as well let y'all know that I live.

So, at the moment, We're doing a lab in multimedia, and I'm trying to copy Takashi in This Picture (he's the blue haired one) and, MY gosh, He's hard to copy. Especially his eye O.o I have new respect for Ferus. *Faints*

It's December!!! And I really need to do my christmas shopping. My mom's Annoyed because I really don't know what I want for christmas. I don't have a list, and she doesn't know what to get me. And for the december theme, I'll have to think of something. Sooner or later. Probably later.

I'm taking my state driving test today, and I'm nervous because I haven't studied at ALL. But I'm done with my 3 ranges, so I don't have to worry about that. And, if you think about it, now you know my age. *grin* Congradulations. *sheepish grin* Sorry mom, But I'm happy at my age, so I don't care if others know. I'm just like that.

So, yeah. I'm off to finish the thingy again (or try to).

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Friday, November 25, 2005

   . . .
Thanksgiving was FUN! Our family was cooking from 10 to 1 (I mad a banana cream pie!), then we went over to our aunts house where we said 'Hi' to everyone. After conversing for an hour, we had dinner. At 2 in the afternoon. Kinda early ne? After dinner, we sat around and talked for a half an hour, then we went bowling, as is tradition. The strange thing is, that 2 days before, I was at the exact same bowling place on the exact same lane (38). It was kinda weird. I got a strike on my first turn! I was happy. So, we palyed 2 games, then went back to our aunts house and ate pie. And my other aunts cheesecake. Its SO good. *drool* I had some for breakfast XD. So, after pie eating time, my family + a cousin came home and watched cellular. It was good. Some unnessecary swearing, but it was good. Then my sister and I watched episodes 2 & 3 of paranoia agent, and 3 & 4 of samauri Champloo. I havent seen the previous ones of both of those animes, so I was kinda confused. Paranoia agent is WEIRD. Its about this kid called Little sluger who hits people with a golden bat while skating on golden rollerblades. O.o its odd. Then from what I get, samauri champloo is about some people searching for a samauri that smelles like sunflowers. So... that was pretty odd.

And my sister's giving me nasty glares because she wants to play her game. and she not-so-sublty tapping her feet. And the flames around her don't help any.... So, ta!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

he he..
Get well soon Hana!

Its been in my quiz results thingy for a few days but.... Yeah. Don't really have anything to type now...

My sister and her friend are coming down here today! I'm excited, and I have to find a guy and tell him that her and another friend are gunna be in a classroom after school. So I'm excited ^.^

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Monday, November 21, 2005

   La di di da...
So yeah... The banner-thing that i made for Hana-chan is on my computer at my house so... I'll put it up when I get home.

I came to school today and the first think I said to Hana-chan was "I want my Pajama's back". I got some weird looks from my friends and one said "and you say I'm nasty", which was the reaction I was hoping for ^_^.

I really don't know what to type about now... And Mark is palying a DDR-like game on the computer he's one. Its cool-lookin. And I'm looking at Powerpuff girl pics. But they're REALLY well Drawn. Go to Bleedman.deviantart.com and you'll see what I mean. He's REALLY good at drawing cartoon characters in his own style. One part of his PPG comic is SO funny. Its not part of the story-line, but They're in a training simulator and Buttercup goes DBZ. Its SO funny XP. I love it.

So, I'm off.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

So yeah, I'm really pissed at the moment. I was with two of my friends at the school play that our school is putting on (one of my friends and I were helping- we wern't really assigned to the play). My friends and I were helping with props, and we had a time we wern't really needed so we went out in frount to watch the rehersal. After a while, a lady came over and told us that if we wern't in it, then we had to leave. So, My friend started freaking out (she has a BAD guilty conscience at times) and so we left, while Duo stayed (she was assigned). So, I was pretty pissed, because we were helping and Y-chan freaked out, and was being really quiet while we were going to our lockers. While we were walking home, Y-chan said that I could have stayed if I really wanted to. I looked at her strange then looked away. So, she started freaking out again and asking "What?". I didn't say this to her, but she was being awfully pushy about us 'needing' to get out of there because 'we wern't supposed to be there because we wern't helping'. This wouldn't get on my nerves so much, but She's been REALLY pessimistic, and I can't stand that after so long. She says that 'at times she needs to get her pessimmism out', but it seems more like 'at times, she needs to get her optimism out' because she's so pessimistic all the time. *sigh* Its really starting to wear on my nerves.

So, now that rants out, Hana-chan's puppy, Kayko, had puppies!!!! So she hasn't been at school for the past little while because she's taking care of them ^_^ happy. So, I'll make some graphic thing for her when I get home. But... I guess something happened. GO to her site to see what.

And I just read the 53rd Chapter of Full Metal Alchemist. And, it was once again an uber cliff-hanger. It was kinda creepy, because there were people crawling outa other people and.... Ew. It was cool looking though.

OH! And I'm going to the opening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. So, yeah. I'm going now.

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