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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

   la di di da...
So, once upon a time there was this girl who was really bored in her multimedia class, so she decided to surf the web. While going through random graphics sites, she found a Rurouni Kenshin site with an absolutly stunnint layout. She looked at the HTML code and actually got it, thus learning that she actually DOES know HTML to an extent. The end.

Anywho, It is going to be a short post because I started late, and its a shortened class period today. I get to miss 2 & 1/2 class periods tomorrow because of some optional pre-test that I'm doing. Supposidly, it helps you with some kinda big test so.. yeah...

Ha told you it was gunna be short. I got to go now. so, fare thee well.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

The internet's down on the computer I'm usually on. So my good buddy Scott is letting me use his while he talks to mark about games. ^.^ I love this class. And I think its funny that my two friends are guys. I like having guy friends. I dunno why, but its just... different from Girl friends.

The 180th chapter of Naruto was translated. It was so sad TT_TT I was so sad. I was reading the 179th and I was crying. My dad told my sister to talk to me. And I had a dream where my dad gave my two Anime DVD's of when he was young, and they were all about vampires. Which will NOT happen because A) My dad doesn't like pretty much any other country, so he thinks anime is useless, B) He didn't have DVD's back when he was young, and C) He hates vampires, which is kinda funny, because two of my sisters and I like them, and one is obsessed with them. So, what happened in my dream was pretty much the opposite of my dad. But it was cool, and the shows were interesting. One was incredibly bloody (the part I watched in my dream was).

So, my friend and I were talking yesterday on the phone, and we decided that Roy was a fasion consultant. And he designed Robin's outfit, Bruce gets his beauty products from him, Legolas and Frodo help him with his products, and Marth officially doesn't know him. :P I love my conversations with her. And then she read an uber cute fanfic of Batman. There was one paragraph that she read to me and it was REALLY well-writen. I need to read it. Its something about Robin's parents anaversery of their death. and... Yeah. Heart-to-heart with Bruce. I need to read it...

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

I am like... OMGosh happy. Like.. you have NO idea. I'm on the second part of the Naruto manga Series and.... OMGosh I am HAPPY beyond belief. I was jumping around, Squeeling, and talkinglikethisbecauseiwassohappybutathtesametimemadattheseriesanitssodarngood. so. Yeah. I read volume... 28 and am now on to volume 29 *dances*. I should be asleep right now, but I'm so gosh darn hyper I can't sleep so I decide to update because I havent done it in a while.

Okay... Before I ramble anymore, Thanks for all of you who were supportive while I was sick Luvs. *hugs all around*. I'm really worn out now because when i get sick, It kills me. -_- I have a bad immune system. Unlike... NO. I'm not going there. Nevermind. So, Yeah. I get to take vitamins and herbal pills and stuff for that. And I have to take Cod Liver Oil 'cause I have such gosh darned dry skin. But, at least I don't have to worry so much about acne. =^.^= mrow. Ha. Wiskers. Like the three stripes on Naruto's cheeks. What's up with those anyway... I skipped until it was to the fight with Haku and Zazuba. Then I went to the forest of death part, and went from there. So.. I've still read about 12 volumes of the manga online... Soon to be more... ku ku ku... Stupid Sasuke. You ARN'T supposed to laugh. *glares at Sasuke*

Anyways, I need more Naruto. Now. I'm like... and obsessed fangirl. And I'm DYING to see what Sasuke looks in the second part. They've all changed so much. *wipes tear* I'm so proud... So, I'm off to feed my Newly-found Naruto addiction. Ta!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Gah. I have a bad cold. I had to stay home from school the past two days, and tomorrow's the end of the quarter. So, I've been taking Sudafed and Alka-Seltzer plus and sleeping in my sisters old room while listening to anime music and blowing my nose every 2 minutes. Its been nasty. I really hate being sick XP. I have to go and get lotsa homework tomorrow, and take at least two make-up tests. Huzzah. And because I'm not allowed on the computer when I stay home sick, Its hard to get on and let you guys know I'm not dead yet. But, I managed. And I managed to make a new theme with Kakashi and Sasuke. I LOVE this part in the manga!

Oh, and I'm not sure if I said this already in some previous post, but my sister came from Logan again for the weekend. And she had more funny stories of her floor. Like, three girls screaming because of a bug and the entire floor watching them. yeah, she has fun in college. But I'm affraid of graduating, because all of my friends want to go to different places. One wants to go to Law school, another wants to go to an acting school in Washington, I want to go with my sister to Logan, and I don't know about the rest of them. *sigh* but I want to go on a big road trip with my friends when we graduate. Which may be difficult because some of my friends are a year older than us. But we'll work something out.

Gah. My fingers arn't working because they're cold. I'm going now, Ta!

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween all!!! ^.^ I'm dressing up as an anime-like character. I have pants that kind of look like Miko pants, and then I put my hair in a ponytail with a clip, and have two pieces of hair free in the frount. Its fun ^.^ And I'm wearing Make-up. And its weird 0.o I never wear make-up. My dad was mad. ^.^ It was funny.

So, I've been reading Naruto online and.... Oh my giddy aunt. I LOVE it. Like.. holy charles dickins, Its AWSOME!!!! O.o Like the part that Sasuke and Kakashi come back after training and... wow. I was laughing out loud because I liked it so much. But... I do these things. Like yelling at books and laughing... ITs fun. So, Don't be suprised if the next theme is Naruto ^.^. Oh my gosh I love it..

So... yeah... Had a loverly weekend.. and watched The Ring 2 without running away, which is really good for me, because I'm REALLY not good with scary movies, and I haven't seen one since I was like... 7. So, Yeah. I was freaked out though at some parts and I was squeezing my friends hands and had a pillow up to right under my eyes. I was scared.

I have a cold. Again. I should be immune because I already got a cold this year... It makes me angry.

Erm... ta?

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I have a test in Multimedia. which doesn't make sense. We hardly ever do anything.... O.o but... whatever.

My friend had a marching band Compatition yesterday. Everyone said that we should have won, but another school did. >.< Stupid school... My friend and her friend were goggling over one guy on the color gaurd of the other school. They said he was REALLY good and really graceful. And Hot. But they found out he was gay. I told her to make friends with him, and she Emphasised the point that he was from another school, and said he was a senior. So.... too bad. But he has a younger brother. And I guy she knows knows him, so I told her to get his E-mail address. XD I don't think she will though... Darn. But she's almost done with marching band, and she's happy. She says she likes it, but she doesn't like to have to do it all the time. Poor Duo-chan. *pats on head*

So, one of my friends and I have been calling each other Richard and Bruce. Richard(sp) is Robins real name and Batman is Bruce. I'm Bruce, and She's Richard. ITs funny, because we have a lot of duo names like that. Like Batmand and Robin, Merry and Pippin, Marth and Roy, and then our names. We used to be called that in all one word, so we were like one person. And we always cringed whenever we heard it, because we would get in trouble a lot for talking. XD I love it. So we were talking about how scary Alfrid was when he was mad, and she said something about sneaking a girl in, then changed it to guy, then back to girl, because we never know what to say. I actully though it was weirder when she said she was sneaking a guy in then when she said she was sneaking a girl in. XP all my friends are like that. We call each other Him, and guy stuff like that, and it doesn't faze us at all. We think its weird to be called a girl at times.

And I have a half hour of class left, and nothing to do. I've already visited peoples sites... hm. I actually got to sleep last night, even though I took a 5 hour nap when I got home. I had a horrible headache, so I took a nap. The I woke up and still had a headache, but I had to go to YW. And I died. This is how:
Over the summer, you and your family went to Lagoon for ward Lagoon day. All day long they begged you to go on the Rocket. You kept giving them excuses not to go. Finally, at lunchtime, they convinced you to ride. Somehting immediatly went wrond and your car was launched off the first bump. You would have survived the crash, except you landed int he kiddy bumper cars. The kids thought you were an easy target.
O.o weird huh? Another one was your friend was chocking on a Fireball, and after you tried the himlich (sp), the fell over and the fireball came out of their mouth and into yours, and you choked to death. another one was where you were at a party and ate Paintballs, thinking that they were M&M's. O.o they were werid. And I had a headache the whole time, so I wasn't too happy. And I had to fill out an Aplication in a class for 1000 points. *sigh* Then I got to go to bed.

OH! My sister's coming to stay for the weekend. She would stay because its supposed to be a REALLY big thing (I think its one of the most popular in the state), but she says its just an excuse for people to barly wear anything and run around town. So, she wasn't going to go anyway. And see wants to see her kitty, because she heard how sick she is. But Misty's getting better. She's eating more and meowing more. But she mostly only eats the Tuna fish we give her... but as long as she's eating, its okay. =^.^=

One of my friends begged me to let her come over and see Advent Children, so she's coming to my house after school to watch it. Duo-chan would come too, but she has her last Marching band thing today, so she's going to that.

Well. That was actually quite the post. I though it was going to be short. O.o surprises are everywhare...

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

   *singing Jaws theme song*
I'm BAAAAAAAACK!!!! *sees people scream and run away* -_- thanks... Well, I had a BLAST at seaworld ('cept for the fact that my two younger siblings *mutters incoherent-and not very nice and clean- things under breath*) ^.^ It was all good *insert previous small text here*. So... erm.. It took four hours to get to my aunt in ST. George's house (where we were staying the night). -_- And we were in a truck, so there was no way to lay down. And my back hurt. Ow... But we had Lemonade, So it was okay. But we got there, slept, and went to my dad's second cousin's house. We went and saw their horses. AndtherewasonenamedEliandhewasreallyreallycool andireallylikehorsessothatswhyimtalkingfast likethisanditsreallyfuneventhoughIdontlikehorses asmuchasmyeldistsister. So, then we left and spent 7 bloody hours in the Truck. With my siblings, its murder. 'specially because they fight over the littlest things....
So we got to San Diego. And.... Saw our hotel..... and... watched Teen Titans... and swam in the pool, and talked to people from Montana in the hot tub... and slept... and....
Then we woke up and we went to SEA WORLD!!!!!! YAY (i'm putting both days in)!!!! We saw Sea Lions, and seals, and sting rays (AND I COULD PET THEM!!! YAY!! I LOVE STING RAYS!!!!), and eels, and sharks with REALLY cool pointed teeth, and Dolphins and I got to PET one and feed it, and sea otters, and pilot whales, and manatees, and penguines, and Polar bears, and Baluga whales, and Horses (in sea world...?) and Flamingos, and Ducks, and Commersons Dolphins, and we got to go on an Atlantis ride, and.... it was FUN!!!! I like Sea World. 'twas great fun ^.^
Then we went 7 hours to get to Connie's house (dad's second cousin), and we got to feed their horses. Then we went to glenda's house and watched a Bratz movie. O.o it was weird/cheezy. And... Kinda funny at times.. because how strange it was. So, we drove home the next day (4 hours) and I would have updated then, but I had a major bad headach. And my mom is mad at me for listening to music in head phones while going to sleep (I have ear problems, and its not good for the ears). So my dad has to convince her to let me move out of sharing a room with my sister. *sigh* I dislike my mom. I love her, but I don't like her.
My cat is getting really old and really sick. we might have to put her down soon. She's really weak, and is almost all skin and bones. I petted her last night and she almost fell over. I'm really worried about her....
Heh, sorry to end it on a sad note.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

   I'm off to see shamoo...
I'm not gunna be here for a while. I'm going to San Diego (sp) Cali. I'm going to go to Sea world!!! YAY!!! I'm excited because A) I haven't been there for about 5 years and B) I'm an aquatic freak. I like water and aquatic animals. ^.^ I'm happy. I can't wait. I should be packing, but I decided to tell all of ya that I wouldn't be posting for a while. A sad thing is, I'm missing a friends halloween party *cries* I like those parties....
Speaking of Halloween, I don't now what I'm going to be yet. I want to make my costume, but.... *sweatdrop* I dont know what to do. Alls well. I'll think of something eventually. I'll probably just be a Gypsie again.
One of my friends *glares at Hana* Told a guy that I'm friends with that he should ask me out. Ya know Mark? yeah, him. He's JUST A FRIEND! *glares daggers at Hana*
Speaking of guys, I was engaged to one for about one class period, then he found out that I'm cheeting on him With My friend Y-chan, and another person. Who is also a friend. And I call her my twin. So... O.o its kinda odd.. but If you were around my friends and me, it would make sense. ^.^ So, He did a sexy pose on the desks and asked if He could do anything to get me back. XD That guy is so funny. He was grading my papers and said "_______ ______? Who's she? Just kidding. She's my wife." And the girl in frount of my turned around and asked "did he just call you his wife?" I was like.... "Erm.... well... *sheepish grin*" XD I love that class. Don't like the subject, and the teacher's okay.. but that guy is just.... Hilarious.
I'm gunna go visit people's sites, pack, and I'm outa here.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just went and saw.... Serenity (I think thats how you spell it...) And it was a GOOD show. See it. The Reavers were creepy and discusting, but the show had the FUNNIEST one-liners ever. Like... Wow. O.o they amaze me. There was one part where they say "Define.... disappear" and my dad and I started laughing at EXACTLY the same time, then my two sisters at the EXACT same time turned to me and asked "What did he say?" O.o it was mind boggeling. But... it was funny.

"Do you know what sin you are?"
"Actually, I'm a fan of all of them" *fighting* "but at the moment, I'm favoring wrath." *stab*

XD i love that part... So yeah. See it. This is a short post because, A) Its 10:23 where I am, and my parents hate it when we stay up later than 9, and B) I'm not allowed on the computer on sunday anyway, so you won't hear from me again. So, TA!

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am like... Uber happy. Like... nirvana stage here. *dances around* I'll explain why in jus' a second... *squee*
Anyways... I was home a total of about 25 minutes at my house before I went to bed. @.@ Woke up late, so I got ready in 10 minutes. went to school, had a dandy time, then hung out with my friends in the "rebelion". ^.^ We don't go to the 'anime' club, because its like a class. They were learning about the different types of ghosts. -_- That just doesn't seem like an anime club. So, we played cards out in the back of the school. Then we played the laughing game. Its where you put your head on each other's stomaches and the 1st person says "ha" once, the second person says it twice, and so on. The first person to really laugh loses. We actully didn't do that, we just played it until we had to go. It was fun. Then, My two friends and I went to one of them's house and wached Advent Children. It was like..... O.o wow. @.@ I'm still in awe. My friend and I had SO much energy afterwards. So I went home, and was watching my copy when my friends came over wearing bandanas over their faces. But I locked the storm door. XD I won. So I came willingly. If I didn't come willingly, then it would have been the second time my friends tied me up to take my to Soujiro's house. So, was at Soujiro's house, and had SO much energy. I couldn't stop walking. We watched Desendents of Darkness Which seems UBERLY shonen-ai. Just the way they talk, look at each other, and stuff. Like one guy gave another guy a hug, and it was just... It was DIFINITLY shonen-ai. It was the slow reach up and... yeah. ^.^ All but me and one other friend saw it that way. Well.. that they said. XD So... Came home because it was 9 and I had had a headache ever since after school. XP So came home, and went to sleep. And... woke up. And watched more advent children. XD I love that show. OH! And I also read the 52 chapter of FMA. *shudders* Envy's so creepy in his true form . *shudders* ew. So.... yeah... Advent children.... That one part after the fight when Dude's phone went off... OMG, that was SO SO SO~~~~~~ Funny. My friend and I were laughing for SO long afterwards. It was horrible. XD I love it. The end was wonderful. I think it kinda hinted TifaxCloud. Which I Think would be cute. They really did do the characters well. They're so hot *drool* wow. well... I'm not drooling over the girls... I promise. No matter HOW I act when my friends and I are hyper, i am NOT like that. XP

O.o that was a long paragraph. I seem to ramble a lot, doncha think? But... alls well that ends well. *sigh* I really like that show....

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