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Monday, March 5, 2007

Hello my minions
Why hello people. I decided that I'm going to stop being dead and update every monday this month. If I do, then I'll... get something from Barnes and Noble. Maybe next month I'll update every monday and another day. And etc. But, for March, every Monday (Which is handy because its acadamy day. Cursed Acadamy day... grr...). So, thus, yes. In case that made Anysense what-so-ever.

So, I just got back into the MM(multimedia) lab from Harassing Talking to my friend before he took a test. The jerk's trying to avoid me, I swear (actually, he's failed the same text twice before, while most people pass it the first time. Its slightly funny. And now, I'm trying to fill out this FREAKING ANNOYING worksheet about "Living Online". Which, of course, is the test that my beloved is taking. Yes, I just said my beloved about my friend.

So, this friend of mine that I'm talking about, is in my MM class, and I will call him... Neo (his last name is Anderson), which is kinda funny, because thats what my sis used to call the guy she liked. Well, that and 'The Bucket'. 'cause, he sits right behind me, and I'm afraid of him or one of the other guys seeing me typing about him. Anywho, we became friends gradually throughout the first two quarters of school, and thanks to him, I'm flirting talking with quite a few guys in the class. There are four girls total in the class, and 18 boys. Which, I may add, is really Fun. At the beginning of the year, I was shy, as I usually used to be (I'm getting better!), and he somehow found out my name and would always talk to me about things and call me over to show me stuff he'd been working on. After a while, we could talk and joke (usually at my expense) freely, and I became friends with two of his other friends in the class. After that, I saw two other guys who like anime, so I went over and started talking to them for a bit, and then became just more social with a lot of people, and now I'm friends with quite a few people in the class (mind you, when I say 'friends', its the 'only friends and school and in case we ever see you somewhere else' kinda friends). And, for a few months now, I've been kinda.. interested in him. He's actually been in my dreams a lot, which kinda freaks me out. He's really funny, nice, and I think he's adorable. I'm just too afraid to do anything, because I don't want to ruin our friendship. I'd rather be friends than having all or nothing. So, I'm not going to say anything. Maybe eventually I'll do something that hints at my feelings, but I'm not sure. I actually found a quote a while ago that echos my feelings:

I don't know whether to smile cause he's my friend or cry because that is all he is.

Anyway, on a less angsty-I'm-in-love-with-my-friend note, I'm having some problems with the layout. I have an idea in my head of what I want it to do, I just haven't been able to make it work. But, I'll keep trying! and hopefully, if it works, you'll see more than one entry per page. But that may not be the best at the end. We'll just have to see.

P.S. Yes, this will be the color scheme. And the background image is correct as well.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

*zombie* Hello people. Hows it going? I'm kinda Really dead this week, it being end of the semester and all. Luckly, next week starts the new semester, and the stress level will hopefully go down. If, that is, I can actually get along with my mom so that home life isn't freaking awful. -_-.

So yeah, Its been a bad week. Started off the week by crying and leaving church to take a shower and a have a nap, and the rest of the week hasn't been much better. I wake up every morning in a bad mood ('cause hey, I hate mornings. Especially in the winter, because I hate the cold), and I've been going to sleep in a bad mood because no one will freaking leave me alone! Gah! The main part of the day has been okay, but it really doesn't help when you go to bed depressed. I talked to my dad about it, and he feels bad that there's nothing he can really do about it. I also really want to take a break from piano, but I cant with this new teacher. So, I've been sleeping most of the days because

  1. I haven't been getting sleep because of headachs
  2. I'm actually left alone when I'm asleep
Ugh. So, Hopefully Next week will be better. And we have Monday off! Thank God! *dances*
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Monday, January 8, 2007

Th New Layouts coming along i PROMISE!! I've just about finished the layout, but I haven't had a lot of time to be on the computer. I didn't eat a lot on saturday, so my body was angry at me, and then Sunday is a NO computer day for my house ('Cause of my mom). So... I'm not actually sure when it would be finished. I may be able to work on it for 45 min. after school today, but I really should be practicing during that time. I have a lesson on Tuesday, so I need to be a bit more ready than I am. Luckly, its at 7:30 PM, so I have a bit of the day to work on my songs. I really need to learn to not put off doing my piano. It'd make life so much easier, but I just DONT. and I don't know why. My attention span isn't all that long, and it doesn't help that I can only practice for so long before my back hurts.

But anyway, I. Freaking. Love. Tech Center. Its SO much fun!*hearts*. I really should start working on my project, 'cause its due at the end of the week (and I haven't started it). They're supposed to be really good projects that you've worked on all quarter, but I, being me, Procrastinated. So, I don't have anything. la Grr. And, there's another big group Project (I Hate Group projects. Single ones are so much better) thats due next week in English, and its about some random author. We picked... the Guy who did Moby-Dick. Thats really all I know. He likes sailing, but I'm not sure what we can do with that *growls* I really don't like the end of the quarter. Its soo frustrating. OH! I also have 25 sketches due on Wednesday, and I have about 16 done. *fumes* And I still don't have my new years resolutions done (not that they're required but...)

And I got to go now. Stupid Acadamy *Fume*

P.S. although I'm seeming angry, I'm really actually in a good mood, besides being slightly stressed and having a headache. But, such is life.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Mood: HAPPY!!!
Listening to: Iceman - Caution (Psychedelic Mix)

Ah! I'm still here! I Promise! And a new theme will be on the way, as soon as I stop being so lazy and actually get my practicing done instead of putting it off. So did everyone have a good holiday? I did! I got a Mp3/Video/image player, and have quite a few songs, almost all of which are japanese. ^_^; mainly because I haven't gone through and redone all of the english ones (ya know, put in the data for them?). And I REALLY don't want to. Its just to.. monotonous -If thats spelled right. And another reason I've been gone since Christmas instead of updating with all the time I've had, is because we got a Wii, and Zelda. So... Thats been taking up most of my time. Its my older sister's, but I've been playing it more and am farther than her *Crazy poze*. Thats a Big thing for me, because she always finishes games before me (there's only 1 game I finished before her, and its KHII. And its one of the only two games that I've actually finished), although she really wants to beat this one before me. And its her game, so I may as well let her. She said that I can get to the final boss, I just can't beat him before her. *sigh* Alls well. So, I'll juggle my time.

So, the next theme. With all thats going on with Zelda, It just may be a Zelda layout. But it may not. I was thinking about doing a winter scene, but I'm still not sure. So, its gunna be a suprise!

School's started up again, and I must say that I. am. darn. happy. I'm back on the computer for aoubt 3 hours a day without my mother nagging me. *sigh* It makes me happy. And all the people who are school-only friends I've really missed. *hearts*

So, my sister came home for a while. But now she's gone and its so NICE! I love her dearly, but she's just so... Her. All she talkes about it how she hates things or about her and things that only concern her. Like the guy she's in love, or another guy who likes her and she doesn't know what to do because whenever I'm with him all I can think about is this other guy and I'm so much in love with him I can't wait to get back to school! *gasp* Its so nice to get a break from. Its fun to see her every once and a while, but she needs to grow up and get a clue. Which is kinda mean of me to say, but its true. XD I love her dearly, I really do.

Well, on that too happy note, I'm off. Oh! I found out that these two people at school have been watching this blog and snickering at their sneakyness. It was kinda funny when I found out...

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Monday, November 13, 2006

So, I saw V for Vendetta. and HOLY FREAK i'm freaking in LOVE with the character. And his voice is REALLY nice. Yay for Hugo Weaving. But GOSH. Is Voice is. so. freaking. sexy. in. that. movie. *hearts* He has the most witty comments as well. And there's one like... PARAGRAPH where almost all of the words he uses starts with V. And then there's the classic : "I'm not questioning your powers of observation; I'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is.". *sighs* It makes me happy. GOOD movie. See it if you haven't already. ITs pretty sad though, the people who produced it and the original writers got in an argument and so there are only a limited amout of DVDs that they released. BUt, I'm not sure. I'd get it anyway. Its SO GOOD *rants*.

Anywho, I've also realized just how much of a geek I really am. ITs like, sick. I read RPG game manuals for FUN. I read HTML books for FUN. GAH! I blame my dad. but, he's happy about it. Until we make fun of him. and then he rolls his eyes.

I just totally went braindead. So, I'm logging off now. only not. Hm...

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Arg. I really don't want to update. *pouts (If thats spelled right 8D)* Holy freak. There was this kid JUST barely walking by the (empty) Classroom I'm in and he was STARING at me every time He could see me. It was freaky.

So today was... interesting. My dad wanted to go talk to the school councelor about something with me, and I was crying. I don't think I normally would, but I've been really depressed lately (for some unknown reason *coughmomcough*), and really stressed about stuff. But, it went well, so its all good. My lover Friend, Duo, found some earings at a church she was at and gave them to me. Mostly because she doesn't have her ears pierced, but they're really cool. I like 'em. They're all dangely and crap.

But anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! *blows something up* we were talking about the history of halloween today and it was lotsa fun. And if it wern't for some stupid people, I'd still be in that class. *glares* but whatever. NO, I was NOT bullied, but something else happened. But whatever. HAPPY ALL HALLOWS EVE~!

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Friday, October 6, 2006

La di fdan
So, today I woke up and hit the off button and was totally expecting to go to sleep again for a half an hour instead of taking a shower, but then I couldn't. I was so tired and comfortable, but I could not get to sleep again for the life of me. So I took a shower and then went to school. So, my head is really hurting and I'm totally exhausted, but its okay! I'm going home an napping for a while before doing 2 hours worth of piano! I also can't sleep in tomorrow because I have a history seminar from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for 50pts extra credit which I REALLY need. *sigh* Oh well. It could be worse. Like, I know a girl who's gotten 5 hours of sleep every night since school started (28 of August for us). She's always so tired and has so much homework, probably because all of her classes are advanced placement. Sucks, eh?

So, with the next theme, one of my real-life friends said mayhaps a sango theme because its one of my *coughmanycough* Nicknames. And one of my most used ones. I'm called like... 25 names and respond to all of them (that was a random number btw, I really don't want to count them). Now that I have an idea of the person, I'm not sure what colors XD. Suggestions welcome, or I may just listen to a song and go off that (dunno how well that'll work though..).

So, my dad's been living across the states for six months now (if any of you remember when I was first talking about it), and he finally got a job over here and is moving back at the end of the month. But before that, next week from Wednesday to the following Tuesday I'm going to be up where my dad is. So we're going to go see a whole lota the sites up there. I may also be able to update still, but I'm not sure if I'm going to. He has internet and junk, but its kinda a vacation. Hopefully I'm giong to be drawing a lot of the time I'm up there. I need to practice ;_;.

So, I just came back from an hour lecture in Blender. They're really fun, because there's about 4 other guys, the teacher (also male) and me. Its because its the advanced class, and all the other people are beginners. One of the kids asked what this weird gurguling noise was, and the teacher just half pointed and said "Its the... Gremlins". XD He paused a bit before gremlins and it just made it HILARIOUS. But, now we're starting on animation, and its so much fun *heart*.


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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Holy cow
Like, call in the elephants. 3 days in a row. Whats up with that? And the elephant idea wasn't totally random; I went with my friends to the circus a few days ago, and it was a lot of fun. If kidna cheesy... but, its for kids. I swear, my friends and I were like the ONLY group of teenagers there. XD we're such dorks (just like ya said Jiggly ^_^). But, the main reason why we went was because one of my friends *coughmanycough* Nicknames is Robin (the 1st one), and He was from the circus. So she brough all the batman-related nicknames ('cept Spidy ;P. But he's one of the four) to the circus. It was a lot of fun.

Gosh. The one bad thing about posting everyday, you don't have anything to write about after the first paragraph XD. I've been really tired lately. Its kinda weird, I've just about hit the snooze button and went back to sleep everyday this week. Today was better, so hopefully it was just a little phase of tiredness.

So.. the new theme. What should it be? Any suggestions please!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

la din fsa
Wow. Two days in a row. BIG thing eh? ^_^ So, my dog just got a benign tumor removed, and the cut's really ugly. Its weeping a lot and has the stitches in it still. I'm really worried about her, but she's doing a lot better today than yesterday. Yesterday she couldn't move that well, because she was put under when they did the surgery, so she was still out of it. She also got one of her canines removed because she broke it. Our other dog just got her teeth Cleaned XD. But, the first dog had another tumor another time, and got it removed. It was actually at the same place O_o, so she's going to have a scar on top of her first one.

Well, the first year multimedia students just went across the hall to get taught flash. I didn't ever learn flash ;_;. Too bad. But I get to do BLENDER!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!! Yeah. The program I use is called Blender. Its kinda funny, because when my mom was talking about Buying a new blender (our other one broke), I didn't know what she was talking about. And when we were telling her that our blender was broken, I kept calling it a smoothy maker because I couldn't think of what it was called. 8D I'm such a nerd.

So, I changed the type color, because both my dad and Jigglyness said that it was hard to read. So, I made it brighter. I may switch layouts again. I seem to want to change layouts more than I want to update XD.


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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Holy smokes
Wow, I've been really neglectant (sp?. Lol, I still can't spell worth crap) to this site. Its been over a month with no update. Its just a phase, where I really don't want to go and update. I have these weird phases when I check MyO at the begining and end of each day, and when I just don't want to update at all. And... sadly, its been the last one lately. And i put up a new layout last time so that I would update. :P. I'm so horrible.

Anywho, school's been fun. I have two classes at the school each day, then I go to this tech center thing for the rest of each day. Its a lot of fun. Its a place that high school students can go if they want, and there are different programs like Floral Design, Programing, EMT Training, Cosmetics, and just totally random stuff. I'm In the Multimedia Program, and its SO much fun. I really like it. I'm in an advanced part of the class because I took Multimedia 1 last year. The advanced class is going a lot into 3D art, which is really good because its what field I want to go into. Eventually, the advanced class can either continue with 3D stuff, or go and make a really good portfolio with different fields like sound editing, video editing, graphics, and the sort. If you chose the 3D portion (which I probably am), you can either do short video clips and add sound and stuff, or you can start making games and programing them. Its a lot of fun!

The other classes are alright at school as well. I'm taking an advanced US history class, which my parents tried So hard to talk me out of doing. I've never really been good at organization and studying, and both those things are crutial for the AP classes. So, as my dad called it, Its baptism by fire. But, its been alright. My teacher is kinda freaky, because she's a unmarried female. And... halfway acts like a student. She's also my finincial literacy teacher (financial lit is required in our district). But she's a lot of fun at times. I'm also taking physics, with a really fun teacher. And my last class is English. Now thats a funny class. the teacher is absolutly hilarious.

And, piano has been a pain. I really enjoy it, but I don't like how much I have to practice (actually, I don't think i'd mind it as much if my mom didn't nag to much). But, its a really good thing if I can work hard on it. I'm learning a piece that is 96 pages long! Its a concerto by Beethoven, and at the end of the year I have to work on it, there's a compitition, and the winners get to play with an orchestra. UBt.. I have to get that good first. *sigh* alls well.

And... I'm out. Ta!

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