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Friday, January 6, 2006

Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I was really tired because I did nothing but do homework and piano practicing (with a break for dinner and a shower) the day before from when I came home from School, to when I went to bed at 10. But, I got my homework done that night, instead of when I got to school!

So yeah, I'm actually practicing an hour and a half daily. And thats not the songs that I play for fun (yep, I play piano for fun. wow). I get most of the songs off the internet, and they're arrangements of game/anime songs. I've been working on a group of Kingdom Hearts songs by a guy who's REALLY good at arranging. I'm wowed by his skills.

So, Its friday, so I'll try to make a layout after piano's done. It seems like thats all I do now, is piano. O.o Its gunna be worse if I switch to the teacher my current teacher wants me to go to. *sigh* oh dear.

Anywho, I'm still unsure of what I'm gunna do for a theme. RikuHeart suggested Mononoke, so I may do that. Still not sure though, but I have an Idea of what I could do.

I really want to go and buy things. I dunno why, and its creeping me out. I've been really opposite of what my normal personality is. I've been really mean, curt, frustrated, and I want to go shopping. O.o Its weird.

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