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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm getting SO excited For KHII. Its like, all I talk about ((NO DER!)).

Happy belated Single Awareness Day Valentines day!!! My friends and I don't really celebrate it though....

I'm getting sick of the theme already. I thinks its the orange. And how messy it looks. :P I'll change it soon enough. Hasn't been up for a month yet. I think I have an Idea what I want the next theme to look like. Kinda more like a traditional blog site layout. *grin* if you got that.

OMG. One of my friends is doing the angsty-emo-teenager thing. Its Bugging the HECK out of me. *fume* It bugs all of my friends. As one said "I want to hit her on the head with a board that has a nail in it". *fume* Anywho...

I actually Finished Kingdom Hearts. On Saturday. I waited to get The Ultima weapon, and HOLY COW. the Wizards do NOT like to give up their Shiney Crystals. And the Defenders their Bright Crystals. But mostly the Wizards. Anywho, It was fun. I want to hug Riku. Again. Still. He's SO COOL!!! *fangirl screams* Now I have to finish COM. THATS going to be annoying. I need to do Riku's one as well... as soon as I find the GBA.... Dag. But Its a 3 day weekend, so I have time. I hope. If my mom doesn't freak. *sigh* I could bring it to school and play it at lunch..... It'd be fun ^_^. And my friend could help. And I'm off. Thats really all I have to Report Post. Ta!

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