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Saturday, April 29, 2006

So, I came home, and after taking a shower, I went down to make food. I was going to run a spoon under the sink to get the cold food off of it while the food was heating up, so I turned on the sink. And was sprayed by the hose-thing. XP. Turns off my sister was using it a lot so she put a rubber-band around the trigger so she wouldn't have to hold it down. And she never took the Rubber-band off. So I got sprayed. Fun joy. It was actually pretty funny.

I've been wondering for a little while; How in the name of Hera do people get so many hits? I mean, Elves is #11 last time I checked, and Jigglyness has over 3000 hits now, and It just doesn't make sense. Psh yeah it does. with their drawing and graphic capibilities. I use the word Skills too much... O.o. Oh well. I'll get over it eventually.

So, I'm eating Ramen. Because I went to Elves, and after reading her post, I had a craving for Ramen. So I'm eating Ramen. I haven't had any for a while. O.o A really long while.

So, out of curiosity, how late is it when the MyO day ends/begins? Its 10 over where I am. And if you really care that much, you can now find out where my time zone is. XD. All you stalker-freaks

Speaking of stalkers, there is a girl at school who is stalking me. Not really, but sometimes she would randomly show up in my classes. and then I'd see her in the halls, and how I sit in frount of her in math. But,t he math one is my fault. I befrended her, after joking around that she was stalking me, so I moved in frount of her. We could choose our own seats at the begining of the quarter in math. It was nice.

So, My mom is coming home today. I have mixed feelings about this. Its really nice when she's gone, because the stress level goes down significantly; but at the same time, the only one over 18 in the house currently isn't the most responsible of all people. And she is the mom, and we kinda depend on her. So, I really dunno what to think.

I'm listening to way sad songs. I really don't know why. I just found them, and they were songs taht I really like, so I saved them. They are as follows:

1) Cascada - Everytime we touch.
2) Story of the Year - Anthem of our Dying day
3) Kelly Clarkson - Because of you
4) Chronicles Of Narnia Theme
5) Avril Lavigne - Fall to pieces
6) Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
7) Barlow Girl - Never alone
8) Sum 41 - Pieces
9) Five for fighting - Superman
10) Hoobastank - The Reason
11) Simple Plan - Untitled
12) Green Day - Wake me up when September Ends
13) Simple Plan - Welcome to my life
14) Sarah McLachlan - World on Fire
15) Lifehouse - You and Me
16) Marcos Hernandez - You and Me
17) H.I.M. - Wings of a Butterfly
18) Rob Thomas - Lonely no more
19) Rob Thomas - This is How a Heart Breaks.

So yeah. Not all are sad, but most are. And #16 is the inspiration for the Layout. Everyone say Thank-you Marcos Hernandez. XP Just kidding.

We get to work hard cleaning the house tomorrow. 1) because I feel like it, ad 2) because Our madre is coming home. and... I need to move downstairs now. And holycow this is a long post of random and useless information.

We got a letter from A guy who is on a mission down in Brazil. He got a tape and recorded him talking on it. It was so good to hear from him again. I really miss him. He's like one of the family. He went on a cruise with us once ^_^. It was great fun. So that and my Dad leaving had me crying by the end of school. And my friend that I can cry in frount of wasn't there. It made me feel bad. I mean, I can cry in frount of all of my friends, I just feel most comfortable around her. We're like, EXACTLY alike. The same things bother us, and we like the same things. We even look a little alike. And I'm really close to her (I call her Duo). I would normally go to one of my friends, but she's the one who goes all depressed all the time, and... It just doesn't feel right to go to cry to her. She's a great friend and I love her to bits, but sometimes she gets too emo for everyone's taste. So, I go to Duo. And I feel better. I'm really close to all of my friends, but I can go to her, give her a hug, and cry. Its very nice.

Aaaaand. I'm done. Everyone can sigh in happyness now. XD. Ta!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

I made a new theme!! I'm quite happy with it, actually. The idea for the gradient using for the main post is Jigglyness'es. Because I worship her mad graphic skillz. XD I mean, honestly. Alrighty. Beware rant about theme. I was listening to the radio, and a song came on. The way I do by Marcos Hernandez, and I love that song. The lyrics were really pretty, and I was trying to think about what anime/game the song lyrics would fit to. My older sister suggested Chrono Crusade, and I though it fit. ^_^. So, thats the inspiration and the pic and the text. The color is nothing special, I just used red, and I use blue too much and yellow's too bright, so I went witht green. I like green. And other cool colors. The brushes were just randomly put in there, and it works. XD

And.... I think thats about it. Something really bad happened to one of my friends, so if you could visit her, her blog name is Arisa-Uo56. I'm not sure if she's updated for a little while, because of the things that are happening. So, we love you Uo-chan!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

ladisisid g Ha ha ha.
Well, my dad is officially gone for at least 6 months. My moms with him this week too. *sigh* So, its up to me and my older sister to play 'the Parents' to the two younger siblings. I'm glad that my parents are gone for a week, but some things are not fun. I have to get up on my own (lol), wake my older sister up, and empty the dishwasher. I know, I'm so spoiled. I really don't have to to anything when the parents are here. But we will now that my dad is gone. And I get to play the technical one. Even with stuff that I don't know. Grand eh?

So, my sibs and I played Harvest Moon all day yesterday. It was SO fun. And kinda funny, 'cause we didn't fight at all. ^_^ It was great.

The sad story that i told you guys about yesterday is Here ->http://ravenswift.frozen-rainbow.net/reads/reads_lifelove_beautifulstory.html. Its SO sad. i wanted to cry. The mainsite is http://ravenswift.frozen-rainbow.net/. I love it there. It has funny quotes, zodiac, some quizes and other random things. ^_^ So much fun.

um... I was going to say something else, but ican't remember. SO ta.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

So, we watched movies that people in the class made for multimedia for all but 13 minutes of class. And the teacher wouldn't allow us to have our computers working. *cries* So I read the Riddle-Master. VERY good book. Its fantasy, so if you like that stuff, read it. Its so cute/sad/confusing/cool/etc. Its really hard to explain. trying to explain it would be like saying that Lord of the Rings is about a short guy that is traveling to throw a cursed ring into a volcano. It ruins the story. Thats what LOTR is about, but its so much more than that. If ya know what I'm saying.

I read the SADDEST story online yesterday. I can't remember the site though, and I don't have it saved on this computer. I'll put it up next time I post. If I remember. Its so sad! I wanted to cry. ;.;

Um... thats all bye.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm Back from Vacation, and in school. Not a good transition. It was SO much fun! Even the rides down and back were happy, 'cause we were listening to Hana's mp3 player and dancing around in the back seat. One time, we stoped to get snacks and stuff, and her dad said that he was going to ask how I was, but I was obviously better then ever. I was SO happy. I was listening to happy peppy songs like Every Time we touch - Cascada, Can't help falling in love - A*Teens, and I am - Rurouni Kenshin, so I was happy. XP like I said a few times before.

So, My dad is leaving in 5 days. I'm SO not excited. I am going to like the week without the parents, but I don't want my dad to be gone for so long. *sigh* I love my daddy.

There are these girls in my class, and the sickin me. They're the preppy-sluty kind. And they keep flirting with my teacher (college student, and he is good looking). Its... odd. If they were to flirt with the teacher I wish they wouldn't do it in the middle of class. XP

I have a song stuck in my head. and I like it. Its Photograph by Nickleback. I love it. the first line is:

Look at this photograph
Everytime I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red
And what the hell is on Joey's head

Its so cute. I love the song. *hearts everywhere* Anyway, I'm going to get off now. Ta!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Goin sleeping.
I'm over CLEAR on the other side of our state (notice how I so carefully avoid saying where I'm located? Its cause of all of you stalker-jerks ^_^) with my good jerkimean buddy Yukina123. Its been weird @.@. I kicked her yesterday. We are sharing a big bed, and she touched my leg. Thats a BIG no-no. I hate it. She is currently watching me type this and making random jerkimean funny comments. She's getting a laugh from all of this. I hateimean love her. We're watching Frequency with Dennis Quaid. IF you know who that is. I really don't, 'cept for the fact that he's the main dude. Yesh, dude. *glares at Hana's comment* Not character, DUDE. I win. Its SO cool.

So, its fun. I'm Going with Vincent V. and Hana swimming Monday. Hana and I got matching swimming suits, that are REALLY cleavage showing. ^_~. Its so funny. So, we're wondering if The GUY BOLD ITALICS AND UNDERLINED CAPS LOCK (don't ask. Hana's being a jerk) will be covering his eyes the entire time. So anywho, I need to go. See ya

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Its been a hectic few days. My dad got called and his boss wanted him to be up to North Carolina by this weekend, but is letting him go in two weeks. So, Its going to be hard. I need to learn a lot of stuff about computers, because I'm going to be the one that has to take care of them, and all the other technical stuff. I know most of it already though... but I'm still worried. My dad is the one that really holds the house together. Without him, I think we're going to kill each other. My little brother knows just what buttons to push to make my mom mad, and my sister knows how to make my little brother miserable, thus making my mom angry. One sister doesn't help much, because she kinda is hard to get along with, and my other sister does absolutly nothing. She sleeps, hangs out in her room, and goes places with her boyfriend. Oh, and she plays the computer. She works, but thats about all she does. She skips school (she's in college), and isn't really around much. *sigh* And I don't get along with my mom all that well. She's more emotional and I like secure places. The two don't mesh really well. I really don't know what we're going to do. He's going to be gone 6-8 monthes. Its not good.

Happier news, I'm probably going to be going on vacation with two of my friends, and one's parents. Its going to be the third or fourth vacation I've been on with one of the friends, and the first time with the other. Hana had to get her parents OK for inviting friends, and Duo still has to ask. I'm not sure if I can go, because of the job thing, but its a most likely yes. I'm so excited! I really hope that I can go.

I've been watching HunterXHunter, and its really good. I like the OVA's animation for Kuripica better, but its still really good. *hearts*. Its so fun. and I love Killua. He's so cute! And Gon is really cute. And then there's the other one... who I don't think is too good looking. wow. All three of those words had to o's. cool. Ha! another one. Anywho, I'm off now.

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Friday, April 7, 2006

Hoy cow
Gug. I'm SO tired. I got like... 3 hours of sleep last night, which isn't good when you get your energy from adrenaline. But.. the reason I got 3 hours of sleep last night is.... *drum roll*

I beat Kingdom Hearts II this morning at 3:00!!!! *dances* It was SO cute. There was one scene where my sister and I were hugging each other and I was crying. I think she almost was as well. And I BEAT it before her. Ah ha. First time defeating a game before my sister, and second game that I have ever finished. The first being Kingdom Hearts I. I... I .... Just cant get over how cute it was. Some parts I wanted to die from all the cuteness. *sigh* wow. But, they pulled a Square soft. :P. Have you ever played a FF game (9 does it), where after you defeat the boss that the game actually knows, you all of a sudden have to fight a random bad guy that is the main bad guy that you never knew existed until that moment. KHII has you fight a guy, fight him again, and again, the some weird building, then when you think its over, you have to fight a random big hard bad guy, the the building again, and then the main bad guy again. And you don't have a time to relax, level up, and save betweent he fights. It SUCKS. And the ending was cute, then a major cliff-hanger after the credits. And now I'm going to get the limited edition stragity guide and play it over again to get the secret ending. I'm so happy. It was SO cute. Like.... Rikuxsora fans would have been ecstatic. It was SO cute. It had one of those 1 liner things that absolutly make the moment. *wipes tears* I'm so happy.

My little sister is the BIGGEST control-freak. I mean... she was yelling at my mom, my mom was yelling at her, and my little brother was crying because she freaked out because of a seat in the car. He got in the car, and scooted over to make it easier for her to get it, but she came around on the other side to the side that she 'likes'. She freaked out and al chaos errupted. @.@ I mean... seriously. And she wanted to have a superhero name, and my friend said definatly no, and after being really angry and sulky, she went up to our room and said "I don't care what your friends say. I'm going to call myself Raven, and tell all of my friends to." Why in the WORLD would she ask, if she didn't care in the first place? I just said that she could call herself Raven, but it would have no connection to the superhero except for in name. :P I hate her at times.

Alrighty. Ventalation over. I'm SO HAPPY!!!! *dances* Squee. I"m going to b on a high for days. 'cept for the fact that I'm going to ned to sleep the second that i got home. *grin* oh well. I want to make a layout about what happened at the end, but It would be BIG spoilers for those who are going to play the game. I finished it in 1 week. only. Got it on a thursday, and I finished it on a thursday. w00t. I win. I'm off now. Ta ta!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Well, I worked on my site. As you SOULD be able to tell. If not, then you have issues. The image is a bit more blurry than it was origionaly, but it happenes when you compress them . Unfortunatly. But, .psd images don't work, now do they? And a lot of the browsers don't support PNG, so can't do that either. XP. Oh well.

So, I'm almost done with KHII. I found where I was in a friends guide book, and I was like... 4/5 of the way done. I'm SO happy. Kinda. I still need to get the limited edition Guide book and play through it again, to get all of the extra stuff that I missed so that I can see the secret ending. and this will be the FIRST game I have defeated before my sister. I'm so proud of myself. But, i can only play it for about a total of 2 hours a day. or less. Less today because I didn't get up early.

We're working on film junk in Multimedia. I don't like it. Mainly because I'm really tired right now. For no reason. And I want to go take a nap. Like 7th period yesterday. We watched a movie on how some people with major stress issues should go see a councelor, and then for about 45 minutes, we got to sleep. We were really watching a show that tells you how to relax, and my teacher said to do what the video says and so we got to lay down, get comfortable, and basicaly sleep. I was awsome. they should have a class like that everyday, I would SO take it. BUt it should be required. Yes. Thats it.

I'm following SO many online mangas. Or ones that are released online. There's one REALLY good one called Blackbird. Its kinda sketchy at the begining, and gets REALLY good when its more current. She doesn't update regularly, so ya kinda have to be patient. Want to Go read it? Go to Ashen-ray.com , West side. Its SO good!!! She's gotten REALLY good at drawing. I love it. *hearts*

Well, I'm going to go now. And... do nothing. Surf the internet, and junk. I wish I had my PS2 and could play it on the computer monitor.. That'd be fun.

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Monday, April 3, 2006

Hello. i'll try to work on my site, but... I'll try. So, I've played a total of about 25 hours on KHII, in 4 days (2 days I couldn't play), and its SO MUCH FUN!!! The graphics, and the cutscenes, and the battle system, and.... AMFG I love it! What REALLY sucks, is my parents decided that we arn't allowed to play the computer in April, so I have to find a time that my mom isn't mad and my little brother and older sister arn't home so I can play it. I may just start getting up at 4. *sigh* But I have the hardest time getting up early. Alls well. I can still work on graphics and stuff, we just can't play computer games. >.< Sucks.

Well, I'm off. Ta!

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