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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

la din fsa
Wow. Two days in a row. BIG thing eh? ^_^ So, my dog just got a benign tumor removed, and the cut's really ugly. Its weeping a lot and has the stitches in it still. I'm really worried about her, but she's doing a lot better today than yesterday. Yesterday she couldn't move that well, because she was put under when they did the surgery, so she was still out of it. She also got one of her canines removed because she broke it. Our other dog just got her teeth Cleaned XD. But, the first dog had another tumor another time, and got it removed. It was actually at the same place O_o, so she's going to have a scar on top of her first one.

Well, the first year multimedia students just went across the hall to get taught flash. I didn't ever learn flash ;_;. Too bad. But I get to do BLENDER!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!! Yeah. The program I use is called Blender. Its kinda funny, because when my mom was talking about Buying a new blender (our other one broke), I didn't know what she was talking about. And when we were telling her that our blender was broken, I kept calling it a smoothy maker because I couldn't think of what it was called. 8D I'm such a nerd.

So, I changed the type color, because both my dad and Jigglyness said that it was hard to read. So, I made it brighter. I may switch layouts again. I seem to want to change layouts more than I want to update XD.


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