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Friday, October 6, 2006

La di fdan
So, today I woke up and hit the off button and was totally expecting to go to sleep again for a half an hour instead of taking a shower, but then I couldn't. I was so tired and comfortable, but I could not get to sleep again for the life of me. So I took a shower and then went to school. So, my head is really hurting and I'm totally exhausted, but its okay! I'm going home an napping for a while before doing 2 hours worth of piano! I also can't sleep in tomorrow because I have a history seminar from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for 50pts extra credit which I REALLY need. *sigh* Oh well. It could be worse. Like, I know a girl who's gotten 5 hours of sleep every night since school started (28 of August for us). She's always so tired and has so much homework, probably because all of her classes are advanced placement. Sucks, eh?

So, with the next theme, one of my real-life friends said mayhaps a sango theme because its one of my *coughmanycough* Nicknames. And one of my most used ones. I'm called like... 25 names and respond to all of them (that was a random number btw, I really don't want to count them). Now that I have an idea of the person, I'm not sure what colors XD. Suggestions welcome, or I may just listen to a song and go off that (dunno how well that'll work though..).

So, my dad's been living across the states for six months now (if any of you remember when I was first talking about it), and he finally got a job over here and is moving back at the end of the month. But before that, next week from Wednesday to the following Tuesday I'm going to be up where my dad is. So we're going to go see a whole lota the sites up there. I may also be able to update still, but I'm not sure if I'm going to. He has internet and junk, but its kinda a vacation. Hopefully I'm giong to be drawing a lot of the time I'm up there. I need to practice ;_;.

So, I just came back from an hour lecture in Blender. They're really fun, because there's about 4 other guys, the teacher (also male) and me. Its because its the advanced class, and all the other people are beginners. One of the kids asked what this weird gurguling noise was, and the teacher just half pointed and said "Its the... Gremlins". XD He paused a bit before gremlins and it just made it HILARIOUS. But, now we're starting on animation, and its so much fun *heart*.


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